Kubotafront tires on tractor


With less then 2 hours on my tractor the left front wheel come off the rim. I called the dealer and they advised to just put it back on, which I did. Well from here on out the tire would go flat over night and when using the tractor the tire would go flat quicker. I spoke with the dealer again and they advised to bring it to their shop, which is 1 hour away. They took the wheel off the rim and put it back on but this time they sealed around the rim. Came back home and within two days I had a flat tire. Called again and they advised to bring it back down, well another 1 hour trip. Thinking they would do something right then I was told to come back next week to get it. Well a week later I went to their shop and they tell me the tire is across town at a tire shop and I had to go and get it. Talked with the tire place and they advised that the rim was bad but they put a tube in. Well a $20, 000 tractor now has a tube in it. I called the dealer and they advised that's all they can do for me. Now I make a compliant on kubota sites and within a few days I receive a call saying the dealer is going to take care of the problem and they would call. Well I had to call them 3 weeks later and they gave some excuse and still no replacements. Now the other tire keeps going flat because of the same problem. Have called kubota main office 4 times and still no one will take care of the problem. I guess it is time to talk with the ohio attorney generals office. Very bad customers service.


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