Kubotakubota b3350 regeneration problems

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I bought the b3350 new late fall 2014. Shortly after the first few uses it suddenly stopped running, in the middle of a busy street and would not start.
Turns out there was a recall issue with the dpf or regeneration system, that didn't stop the dealer from selling me one. The dpf fails over and over, the dealer tried repairing the problem several times, but said kubota does not have a solution! What??? Now sending back to dealer for like fourth or fifth time, they are not sure what to do yet. They need to check computer for error codes or something.
So the long and short of it, I invested $35, 000 in a tractor that will be in the dealers shop more than I will be using it.
Thanks kubota guess i'll send another payment for a dead horse!


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    willie444 Feb 18, 2017

    I bought a used 2013 3350 with a cab. I started having regen problems very soon after buying it. It would never do a complete regen cycle and kept stalling out. I read some of the complaints about the early 3350 models and asked my dealer about it. He claimed that they hadn't had any problems with the model and all the upgrades were completed. He agreed to take it to the dealership for inspection. Turns out 3 weeks later, they called in the regional Kubota Rep and they installed the upgraded regen system. I have only used it for 9 hours since the repair and the regen light is already on. It ate through an entire tank of diesel in 9 easy hours of operation. I love the cab but this model is a problem. I wouldn't buy it again and it may be for sale in a month if I don't get some satisfaction.

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  • Bo
    Bob Steyer Nov 15, 2017

    Why is the 3350 the only one with a problems ?Mine has 318hrs on and won't regenerate

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    APoreda Jul 03, 2018

    I recently bought a 2016 B3350SU with only 22 hrs on it. with 39.5 hours I can not get the Regen to stop recycling. Can I use the machine ? What do I need to do ? (The paint looks great though !!!)

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  • Ri
    Richtwer Nov 07, 2018

    My 3350 is doing the same thing I didn't no of a recap the service manager is a loss as to what to do it just won't start had 98 hours on it 4 months old

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  • Wa
    waynejohnson Dec 14, 2019

    Kabota B3350 front loader & backhoe Nice size for what my business does when we relocate water with french drains and dig ponds for are out door Fiberglass water features installs, it would be nice to remove snow from my business ass well this year.

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    waynejohnson Dec 14, 2019

    I forgot mine wont start Regen took it over some how it has a nice beep that's very LOUD!!! I had to sub out all the dirt work again cost me $$$ I will see Monday how they treat me? as a business owner I have warrantied every thing I have done with no explanations a lot more than this I hope it gets paid forward my way!!

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