Kubota Corporationsvl 95-2s

J Aug 01, 2018

To whom it may concern, i own 2 SVL 95-2s machines. Both machines have been inane out of shop multiple times during the last few months. Mostly for electronic issues, programming, a/c cooling issues, over heating, etc. Once I take the machines in to shop its a month to month and a half before machines can be ready for pick up. Here recently i have been told one machine is ready each time i go tp pick up machine the a/c is still not working properly. So therefore more down time that i cant use my equipment to work, at no point in time have i been offer a machine equivalent to mine to be able to keep working. I would like for be able to receive a loaner machine to be able to continue to work thus pay for my equipment that is financed by Kubot Corp.

I have spoken to the manager at Lawnsdowne Moody in Splendora, Tx about trying to get a loaner machine to be able to work. Finally after 2 weeks of me complaining, i was giving a small machine with no a/c. Without a/c i can not work because we use Mulcher attachments in our line of work.

Recently my newest machine completely shutdown in the field, there is no unknown time line as to when it may be ready. I would like to receive a loaner machine to be able to keep working . otherwise my clients will go else where.

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