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Paid off our kubota tractor via monthly autodraft - paid every month in full for 4 years. Confirmed that there was nothing we needed to do to cancel autodraft (confirmed in writing by kcc jan 2010) once the final pmt was made. Received payoff contract and a small overpayment refund in feb 2010. The following month mar 2010, kubota drafts our account unauthorized for another monthly payment. Contact kubota - they have no record of the draft so I have to contact the bank, get all the doc and fax it over (since they're not yet in the 21st century and can't take a. Pdf document). They tell me they will send a check in two weeks. Really??? They can do an unauthorized fraudulent draft in 5 minutes, but have to manually cut a check and mail it to return my money??? Finally get them to cut the check and am told they will overnight it, but that has to go thru their internal process which can take up to a week? It is going to take them a week to get a csr to go get the check and put it in an overnight envelope? Unbelievable!!! Do not sign up for autopayment with kubota credit corporation unless you want to keep paying them every month even after the loan is paid. Oh, and don't bother asking to speak to a supervisor (he's not in today) and there's nobody else for you to talk to - no escalation process - take it or leave it.


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    Holly Meyers Sep 19, 2017

    I paid off a Kubota ATV for a client as he was not able to. I am a lawyer. His equity was my fee. I have been waiting two months to get the title. I have heard every excuse in the book. "It will be mailed the first", "give us 10 business days". Finally yesterday a woman tells me " we did not tell you the truth, it was not mailed, has not been processed. It will be this week." The reason? "We only have one person doing that job ". Seriously ? Is this how to run a business ? Buy a Kawasaki, these people are terrible...I am still waiting, and have paid thousands...

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