Kubota Corporationdefective/inoperable equipment - kubota paldain-bradco-model #svl95-2shfc

H Sep 06, 2018
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Please be advised my company purchased (2) Kubota SVL95-2 from International Iron. These were purchased in 4th quarter of 2016 and first quarter of 2017. Within two months of purchase, one of the Kubota's required repairs due to cutting off and failure to restart and only would restart after sitting for an extended period of time. This impacted day to day operations as the equipment remained in the shop for over 30 days the first time it was taken it to the dealer who provided feedback with the inability to duplicate reported issues. Within 30 days of the equipment pick up, it again, was required to go back for service and remained in for over 90 days. This has caused a significant burden to the company and required deadlines, employee burdens, etc. This has been an ongoing challenge and the dealership has closed for business and no longer services the Kubotas, therefore, we have acquired an alternate dealer as Mike Stanley with the Kubota Corp. Since May 2018, we have been without the use of the equipment, however, payments are still required as per contract. The issue remains for both Kubotas and imperative that immediate resolution is addressed as the warranties are running out sitting without resolution and my business greatly impacted. I have acquired rental expenses to ensure deadlines are reached accordingly. Please consider this notice legal counsel will aggressively pursue the defective equipment and warranty for inability to utilize either machines for day to day operations. In addition, loss of revenue and Attorney fees will be sought. I have remained patient and for supporting information from the dealer should be contacted by your company for historical information as per this complaint. His name is Dan with Ridge Equipment [protected].

This is an urgent matter and requires corporate involvement ASAP as this will be aggressively pursued by a loyal, but disappointed customer.

Thank you in advance for you immediate attention to this matter, please feel free to contact me at [protected], or via email at [protected]@comcast.net.

Harold Breeding
BAC Trucking/HJ Breeding LLC.

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