KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayuticketing system

S Jul 09, 2019

I would like to complain about the KTMB ticketing system... My question is how do you sell tickets in the first place? Do u have limit of ticket purchase for one person? Each and every time whenever I want to access my KTM app for ticket booking, your app really sucks.. Sorry for being rude here but thats the truth... My app just hanged and buffer for half an hour to book ticket via online... This is ridicilous... Then why encourage people to book tixcket via online or app?? Its very difficult to do so as i need to book tickets for my work in Singapore... Or is there any way for me to book tickets to travel for a month? I need solution for this... Not one or twice... Many times I had encountered the app issue for booking... And suprisingly the tickets sold out within 30 mins... Are u helping those people out there to book for them in advance??? Its just puzzled... I need explanations why I unable to book the ticket on the time.

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