KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayustudent i-card application

I Jul 14, 2018

Dear KTM, I have paid on my student i-card on 31 May 2018, and until now which is 15 July 2018, I still haven't receive my card. I have made payment of RM35 on it and now I cant use discount price since the card still haven't received. I really not understand that I have paid and it almost waste me 2 months!! Why I still haven't receive the card and I keep pay the original price! The purpose of applying the card for us is that we are student and need discount. Then now KTM does not send us the card, what's the meaning that we apply ?? The terms and condition there also mentioned that "CUSTOMER WILL RECEIVE WITHIN 20 days", and now i have waited for almost 50 days. Please be concern and efficient for this issue please.

student i-card application

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