KTM Berhadpoor service at setia jaya ticket counter

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Ktm commuter staff is rude and does not apply efficiency in their services. I encountered a particularly rude staff, md ali a week ago. He ignored the customers queuing at the ticket counter and decided to talk to his colleague instead. Therefore, I initiated and greeted him a pleasant 'hello' but was rudely replied.

What he said to me was exactly as follows : "if you want to get your tickets faster, use the ticket machine!", in bahasa melayu

This week, the same staff sneered and leered at me as I approached the ticket counter to obtain the train ticket. His cynical attitude is what that reflects the standards of services provided to the customers. I have been using the ktm commuter for the past 3 years and this is the first time i've come across such rudeness and sarcasm from their staff.


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      Aug 16, 2011

    I have to say, most of their staff "makan gaji buta". No effort at all while working. SAD.. really. They should totally improve their efficiency. If KTM Berhad wasn't the only train Company in Peninsular M'sia they would be K.O by now...

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  • P
      Sep 23, 2011

    Being a Malaysian for the past 32 years (as far as i can remember), what i learn and heard since childhood that malaysian people (Asian) were well known as the most courteous due to their culture and their nature. BUT the TRUTH is really shocking. I am 6 months pregnant and i am using the KTM service everyday to work from Serdang to Mid Valley. And im speaking for all here... There's a lot of times where people just don't care even they saw you and your big belly standing. They don't even care to give a sit. And the heartbreaking is, the woman couldn't care less .. sometimes they just pretend to sleep or just motionless. Its really scares me to see what our people have turn to. The man has lost their sense of sympathy. Never will i know this scenario if i didn't use the public transport (i.e KTM). I scare for the new generation, how could we expect them to be aware about all this small deed if the adult (parents) showing an opposite example. And for the KTM service, maybe they could do their part not only by sticking a sticker on the wall of the train but also by showing an example. The KTM staff should be more pro-active. Because until we show an example other won't even bother to do. It start with us. I fear that one day, the people in Malaysia would lost their sense of humanity due to selfishness. And looking around being the vulnerable person now, i'm sad to say that our people have the potential to be SELFISH, RUDE and MANIPULATE. and that would make us no different from others. Our next generation are the result of us now.

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  • R
      Sep 02, 2015

    I agree with them. I am a Malay but I find the Malay woman manning the counter should be removed. Firstly because they look so masam when attending to the passengers buying tickets. Kepong Sentral station and KL Sentral stations should put infont young and smiling faces boys instead of girls. These counter should have a person yang tahan kena tanya dan sedikit pandai to answer questions because KTM cars are late of schedules and they doesn't know how tired we are waiting to reach our workplace

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  • D
      Jan 25, 2016

    Why does KTM employ all the laziest staff! Move like a turtle, missing in action at the counter, berborak-borak instead of serving customers, eating at the counter, & don't know how to calculate to give back the correct change. When ask them to do their job properly & faster, they act like you are the one wrong and they cannot be scolded!!! What kind of attitude is this.. or does KTMB source their staff from the kampung?

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  • S
      May 27, 2016

    I read all the comments above and cant agree more with what has been said here..and to make matters worst now not only on the PRICE HIKE to more than 100 percent, they are releasing train 45-60 mins per trip..this is utterly unacceptable..not only you are burdening the people with the price hike, you are not even providing good service..delays sometimes are acceptable but when you are releasing per train in bet 45-60 min its not acceptable..i hope KTM BERHAD will take prompt action and reduce the time as it was promise before that per train is 15 mins..if no action taken promptly you guys dont even deserve to use that slogan of yours..this is frustrating..govt encourage people to use more public transport but how to use it when the circumstance and service is like this..

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  • I
      Aug 25, 2018

    KTMB shoulde be disband and replaced with more useful and responsible company. Government take note

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