Kroger's.comthe rude manager

B Aug 15, 2018

I just had a baby and it's very hard for me to move around or get around so finally my mom said she needed to go get food I went with her. Well I stopped shopping at Kroger in first place cause of all the bad stuff from before well yesterday topped it off. My mom gave me blue rain check not a green one but blue. To use well it takes me about an hour Maybe longer cause I can't move well and I had my baby with me. My mom goes first she had problem with the lady with her rain checks but used them my turn i give her my rain checks she was nasty old lady not nice at all goes get manager Pam btw this is Kroger's on Smithville Dayton Ohio. And this lady was beyond rude to where I left everything I mean my babies formula and diapers food all of it over some 99 cent stuff that I wasn't even really worried about but I will not let someone talk to treat me that way so my mom calls corporate and make sure that the blue rain check don't expire and they don't well then I called and all I get from this is I'm sorry she treated you that way. Really I will never ever go to another Kroger's if they allow there workers even their managers treat you that way. No no no. My mom and I will never shop here again I'd rather go Walmart yea they may cost a little more but I wouldn't have to walk for an hour in so much pain for nothing as I did at Krogers. Then corporate didn't do anything but tell me I'm sorry like really. I'm in alot of pain today because of all the walking I did yesterday cause I had to leave all my stuff I had to go to Walmart and get it all over again. But all I get is a I'm sorry there's nothing we can do about this. Well there's something I can do and that's to let everyone I know know about this and post it all over the internet to let everyone see how badly Kroger's and there team is.

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