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I used to shop at the Signature Kroger in N. Richland Hills, Tx. Kroger used to be very competitive. Not anymore. They eliminated the 10% senior discount given for Kroger brand items. Kroger Bran Flakes was $1.89 a box for years, they are now $2.29 (Wal-Mart has them for $1.89 a box). I applied for and received a Kroger credit card because the discounts were amazing with Kroger's THEN pricing. Pricing has increased a lot, so discounts are not so amazing anymore. It's probably of no consequence to Kroger, but I no longer shop with you. I get much better deals from Wal-Mart. Until you reduce your profit margin, I suspect other people have noticed your sharp increases and are finding better deals elsewhere as well. It used to be that no one could beat Kroger prices, even Wal-Mart...not so anymore.

Mar 22, 2019

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