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Let me introduce myself. My name is Morris Hammond I grew up here in Ridgeland, ms. I Played high school and college ball here. I also worked at the Madison Kroger for 5 years during this time. So I shop at store 494 3 to 4 times a week. My Kroger points are about 30 to 60 cent off gas everyonth. 99.9% of my grocies ate Kroger brand because its quality and afforadable for me and my family.
Ok so, as usuall on friday I was purchasing my family dinner as I do 3 times a week, my kroger account will verify that. I had recently recieved a new credit card and it was in my vehicle fir a week so.the sun deformed it to where when I try to use the chip on it it doesnt work sometimes. I first went threw self check out and I could not get the chip to read. The young lady at self check iut was very helpfull she tried it twice and said it just to bent. Si, she suggested that I go threw the check out line so the cashier can manually input my card number since it has a wave in it from the heat. I said ok great. Im at the employee checkout and she tried to input it but the register wasn't taking the number. So at that time the manager Nita Taylor was bagging my few items for dinner. So the young lady who was checking me out just could not get my card to work. The managers Ms Nita Taylor ask me was it my card. So im not only baffled and livid by her comment. Then she commence to say it policy to ask if it my card.
First I do not get hair cutts but 6 months at a time so my son can have his. I do not buy nice things so Im able to feed my family. Now if I was white she would have been breaking her neck to fix the problem instead of causing a problem. I told her I come here 4 times a week and my stepson works here and I make sure he is on time fir work.So is it policy to ask black customers when there cards do not work at the moments is it theres. Which is what she said to me.
I coach 7th grade madison county basketball team, I also have a college degree and its no crap degree. I have worked so hard all my life to provide and be man of faith. But when I come across people like Mita Taylor its changes my emotions about people. What am I suppose to do, its like because of the color of my skin automaticlly makes people assume the worst or criminal and I never had so much which as a ticket my entire life. In which that means I have follwed the rules my whole life. And for me spending what little money I have four times a week on kroger brand name everyweek its more than just hurtfull its degrading in front of other customers. So is it policy for your managers to ask black people who card is this upur card and the casheir doesn't know how to input it? Im so upset and discourage. It really hard to keep your faith when even people of your color just automaticlly assume that you a criminal because of the color of my skin. I could have told here to use credit card tender. I hate this happen my emotions are alot diffrent now. I really hate this it makes me want to move but this is where I grew up amd have had some great memories. And this is another one I can share with my family.
For the record you dont know who your customers are or who they know. And your manager judging me by the color of my skin is down right wrong and rediclious.


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      Aug 03, 2018

    Race has nothing to do with it! With that spelling and verbiage, how did u graduate college?!

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