R Sep 06, 2018

I was shopping at Kroger (I55) Jackson MS around 2:00 pm today, Thursday September 6th. I thought that I might make only 2 or 3 purchases - one which I had dwelled on for a few days because it was on sale - a Kroger brand sunscreen lotion. I bought two half gallon Kroger brand Orange-Pinapple juice at $1.99 each last night from the same location. I also have liked the Kroger brand Chunk Light tuna in oil and have purchased a dozen or so cans in the last two weeks. I like the Kroger brands that are good for me and don't cost me so much. I usually buy the Kroger brands over the other national types because it has been what I am used to and I realize that it not only is cost effective, but helpful to the store as well.
I had a telephone conversation with a Kroger representative today about a problem I had in the store on I55 Jackson MS. He suggested that I take it up with the Sheriff. The Kroger representative explained that he did not note that I had done anything wrong. he felt that the problem in this case - a bag problem (I wear a backpack while shopping) that the Officer had with me and not the management who has never notified me that it was an issue. I don't own a vehicle. I walk, ride the bus, or bicycle. I'll be fifty years old on September the 11th. I've been shopping Kroger brand products for more than fifteen years.

My mom owns a vehicle and I don't. Therefore, at checkout, I use her phone number for the gas savings passed her way [protected]) - Delores S. Smith).

Thank you,

RaSul Tahir Hijaz El

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