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My name is Dominique Washington. I'm a very loyal customer who's shop at the stores nearly every week and have done so for over a decade. I love that the prices are affordable and I get more for what I spend.
I'm contacting your office in reference to the Kroger store here in Memphis TN address 2835 Kirby Parkway Memphis TN 38119. As of the last few months I've had numerous problems at this location. Before that every thing was perfect.
I've got into altercations with security due to my nieces and nephews who I'm caring for. Mainly due to them running and getting lost doing what kids do but I make sure I address them each time letting them know they can't do that. All of the local Kroger's have free fruit for the children so I bring them in often to get fruit mostly when we're low on food. No one has said anything about it. I sometimes send the oldest two in and would tell them to chose one fruit for themselves and the others. Each time I send them in I'm literally parked in front of the entrance waiting just in case they have an issue. Everything was fine at first until I've of the guards approached my vehicle stating that they were inside playing with the carts not doing what I told them to do so I went in to o address the situation. They know better. When I came in he stated that my daughter and nephew were running around playing with the carts and said they couldn't do that so I spanked her on her hand and made them both leave.
A few days later I came back to do my usual shopping. I noticed that the guard followed me to every isle and would sometimes walk ahead of me then turn to stare at me in this odd way but I continued to shopped. It got to the point where I started feeling harassed so I asked him if there was a problem. He stated that the manager didn't want us to come back to her store. I asked why and he actually said it was because I spanked my daughter and I shouldn't have done so in public so we couldn't come back. I replied that I would speak to her because I didn't understand why she felt that she could ban me for something like that.
I went back to the store four days later and did the same thing as usual shop and allow them to get a piece of fruit but I was met by the manager and the guard. She said I wasn't welcomed in the store because she heard that the children were constantly stealing in the store and that my nephew came in and opened of of the chicken containers and walked around the store eating the chicken. The guard also repeated the same thing and even said that was the reason along with me spanking my child. He to said people told him in the store since he wasn't at work that particular day. Of course I asked the children did they do such a thing and they admitted opening the chicken because they were hungry but stated that other than that they haven't stolen anything before that incident.
I asked the manager if I could see proof that they were actually stealing since each of them stated that that's what they heard but she refused saying it was irrelevant I felt it like it was relevant because as she stated their stealing and me spanking my child was the reason we were banned from the store. I asked to see the proof several times but she refused. I didn't understand why I couldn't see the tapes. Thus the reason for this complaint . I've never taken a thing from this Kroger ever. I have no knowledge of the children stealing either. This Kroger is literally walking distance from my home and it'll be inconvenient to drive across town to visit another store.
To make matters worse one of the guards accused me of soliciting money from customers at the fuel station claiming I went to each car begging but this was not true at all! She claimed I was slumped over in one customer car begging. That was false! I went to the fuel station to await my cousins arrival so she could help me with gas since funds were low. I told her this and even had my cousin pull back up to show I knew her yet she still insisted that was what I was doing! I need a full investigation done or if the comps isn't willing to do so then I see no read for me being banned. I understand the children were wrong and they will not be entering that store with me. What can be done? Please get back to me ASAP!

Thank you
Dominique Washington


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      Aug 03, 2018

    Nice story for your literary class! Either that or u one bad mama!

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