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cheese packet has a hole in it.

I recently purchased a pakage of the new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Homestyle. I opened the bag and pulled out...

does not care for employees

Company does not care about employees. Supervisor Danielle Mennon is by far the rudest, most incompetent...

offensive tv ad

The TV ad that shows parents trying to frighten their children is beyond disgusting. Threaten children with a dark pit full of snakes and leave them there for one hundred years to sell "adult" jello. What were you thinking! Your Old English Cheese is one of my favorite things in the world and I will Never buy it or any other Kraft product again. Do you not realize that there are *** people out there who will think it is okay to try frighten children into good behavior because they "saw it on TV". What is wrong with using the word angry? I cannot believe I had to mark a Pissed button to write a negative comment. Grow up and act like adults!

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    Jeffrey Granberry Mar 06, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I find your use of the ford "frigging" in the Miracle Whip commercial concerning artichoke dip to be completely disgusting and totally inappropriate. I really thought Kraft Foods had more class than that. The commercial was aired during the week of

    Please remove it.

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premium saltines; no longer premium

Premium Saltines have so much breakage now, poor flavor, that like New Coke, this Nabisco/Kraft icon is going away if not corrected. I have tried Saltines too many times to keep finding awful crackers. I now realize this is the new cracker, despite the original looking box and my memories of childhood eating soup with my family. The brand image makes people buy with their memories. But that wears off. I now buy Kroger (their much better than the current saltines-and less $$ too).Kroger brand which ironically used to look like the Saltines are so much better. Only because Saltines have become so bad. every cracker in a sleeve breaks.Multiple lots/multiple codes. Kraft/Kroger have crossed qulaity paths. The store brand is actually better ! Saltinbes quality gone (more than down), Kroger to the bank improving. Nothing like a recession for customers to try something else. The store brand (well Kroger is so huge with their own manugfacturing( they are "a Brand"). Why would Nabisco/Kraft do this to themselves. Sales numbers have to be down. Complaints up. And the risk of not getting customers ever to return.

No wondere Private label is winning. Why would Nabisco hurt the beautiful blue box image.

the selling of expired meat

I purchased a pack of Oscar Mayer Kraft Foods Honey chopped Ham, and was preparing to put it in my salad, and discovered that it was expired. I purchased the lunch meat from Certified Warehouse grocery store in Joliet, IL, on Richard St. I was wondering if there was any type of reinburstment for the inconvience of having purchasing expired meat. i bought the meat around 6:30p-7:00p off of my link card. The upc is [protected].

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Just made lunch for my friend and I and after eating half our meal we noticed small maggots attached to the...

foreign matter in juice pouches

I have 6 young Grandchildren and until recently purchased Capri Sun for the children when they visit, which is often.About a month ago, the children were over and had been drinking the Capri Juice pouches. We poured a pouch into a cup for my infant Grandson and quite a bit of black foreign matter was in the see through cup. We poured open a few more into a cup, and each one had the foreign matter in it. We were very concerned as the older children had each had at least 2 pouches and we were quite scared, not knowing what the black foreign matter was and if it was in the juice the older children had already drank.. I called Kraft Foods, it was after hours and there was no option to leave a message, so I immediately sent an email. Thank the Lord the children whom drank the juice showed no signs of illness, and thank the Lord we had poured juice into a clear cup for the baby, and noticed it!

Because it was a weekend, I waited until Monday and received no response from Kraft at all, I called Kraft directly. I spoke with one Rep who really could have cared less about the situation, I asked if she wanted the juice pouches to investigate and she said only if I wanted to send it back. Obviously, she was not a bit concerned! Shortly afterwards, a :higher up" called me back and made arrangements to have the juice pouches picked up so they could send it to a lab.I requested a report on what it was, and they assured me they would send one. She also sent me a refund for my recent purchase of the juice and some free Peace Offering - "Kraft coupons". I was not at all concerned with the refund or coupons, I just wanted to be sure whatever it was my Grandchildren could have drank was not dangerous. I waited about a week after no response and called back and was informed it takes 3-4 weeks for lab test (in which I was not informed of upon my original telephone call) More concerning, now that I had to wait that much longer to worry if the children's health may be in danger. She told me it "could be mold, that is not harmful" Whose opinion is that? I have a Grandchild with severe allergies that could have affected him. I asked her if SHE would like to drink mold, and she answered no. Well, how can she make a statement as that? So blaise, they are! So, I called again today (after still not hearing back from them) Juice was picked up from me on 12/29, today is 1/31, at least 4 weeks and still no word from them. I spoke with a Rep who stammering, informed me the Lab results came back on the 17th, and she would give me a verbal, I stated I wanted the verbal and had requested it in writing, and she said "they should have sent you a report" on the 17th, they did not and we will see if they ever do. Regardless, she evasively told me it was "burnt particles". I informed her I was very unhappy with their Customer Service and how this was handled, if it is even true of their findings, (I have no proof), if it was something serious, goodness knows what could have happened to my Grandchildren. She really could have cared less. I felt it important to let anyone who cares to know of this - it thankfully was not a dangerous situation but had it been, results could have been disasterous for the children, if foreign matter in juice was something that made the children ill. Their concern and Customer service was totally unacceptable! I would want to know, as a Consumer. I know my Children, Relatives and myself will NEVER purchase their product again.

stale corn nuts

Bought a bag of Corn Nuts from a local store Diamond Shamrock. Could not enjoy them because they were not...

won't melt!!!

Just got a box Kraft Velveeta Cheese (used to use it on burgers, dogs, crackers, scrambled eggs grilled...

carving board chicken

I purchased Oscar Mayer Carving Board Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast. I was intensely salty! There was no way even a person who really like salt could eat this chicken. Someone needs to know just how bad this really is. UPC #[protected]. If there is anyone checking on this and more formation is needed please contact me. I have to through out the meat but I kept the container. Any information or help would be great.
Thank you,

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    pobarjenkins Oct 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Return it to the store you bought it from. Bring the container and the receipt. You may have just had a bad one.

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  • Na
    Nana1955 Dec 13, 2010

    I have a complaint about Delifresh Mesquite Turkey Breast ...9 oz size... UPC 0 44700 03070 7 ... We normally love this type of sandwich meat...However, tonight several of us were spitting it out... We weren't able to chew it up! I don't know if it was FAT...or what it was... it is supposed to be fat free... but there were "strings" that I pulled out of the meat... NOT the quality that I am used to getting, but guess I will throw it in the trash! 1/29/2011 was the date on it..but the quality was what wasn't up to par!

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 13, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Nana1955: You should also return it to the store of purchase.

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  • De
    DecorGirl Jan 25, 2011

    Gina, I completely agree. My husband just bought some of the turkey and I was shocked at how salty it was, I could barely finish 2 bites of my sandwich. They also include nitrites in the ingredients list(among other things) and there is just no need for this. Just goes to show, you must read the labels carefully. Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meats: FAIL

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unidentified object in box

I purchased a box of Kraft Foods Reduced Fat Wheat Thins on September 15, 2010 at Kroger Food Store in...

opened cheese packet

I was about to cook your Mac & Cheese and when I opened the box the cheese packet was open. The cheese wa...

it's a shame that big companies have such little regard for the people who are responsible for making them a success

At Christmas last year I purchased a box of Triscuit Thin Crisps for our local supermarket. That evening we...

I discovered a nail inside the cheese while chewing

While eating a slice of kraft delissio pizza I discovered a nail inside the cheese while chewing. I called the call centre to voice my complaint and all the company did was apologize and offer a voucher for the price of the pizza. I dont think that is fair or acceptable and I am looking to pursue other options to voice my complaint.

  • Re
    R .E . Starr Mar 19, 2011

    I would like to comment on your Jello brand. I feel that it boarders on verbal child abuse . I think that your marketing department used very poor judgment on this commercial . I'm sure that this has been noticed by many that did not take the time to address this to your company .

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Dear Kraft, I purchased multiple boxes of your Mac and Cheese, which I buy often. The noodles in the box had dramatically various lengths. Every single box I made did not turn out in a preferable way. Some noodles were hard, some were too soft, it was just a mess. It frustrated me that I wasted money on multiple boxes on your product. I was hoping that you would send me some coupons or something that would make up for my financial loss.



  • Hu
    Hurley114433 Jun 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer this a joke? Seriously. Is it?

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  • Sh
    shepmom Jun 24, 2010

    I've never met someone who measured macaroni before. WOW!

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ranch flavoured crispers

I purchased a bag of Ranch flavoured Crispers and they taste like vomit and Cigarettes. I am very disappointed because I love all the other flavours and this one was a total let down. And now I'm concerned I ingested maybe a bad batch or something. Maybe tweek the taste so it's not so bitter?

buying cadbury was the worst thing that could ever happen to me

I found out a few days ago that THIS company (maker of the horrible creation: CHEEZ WHIZ) has bought the blissful cadbury! Buying cadbury was the WORST thing that could ever happen, I used to nightmares about Cadbury chocolate being fused with Cheez Whiz and now, to my dismay, it has happened. Cheez Whiz is so disgusting, it's not even CHEESE, Kraft cannot call it 'Cheese Whiz" because it would have to CONTAIN some particles of cheese in it but it doesn't. I am pretty angry as it is but if the Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs or Mint Cadbury Chocolate Bars get tweaked in any way shape or form I will lose my temper.

bone fragment

First, we keep a well stocked freezer of these pizza's for our Saturday night I don't have to cook...

6 comments Oshawa Food

horrible tase of their buttermilk ranch

Im writing becuase im a lover of Kraft buttermilk ranch dressing i buy at least 10 bottles a month, but now that u have changed the taste it tastes horrible. It takes like sandwich spread. I started buying the large gallon size of buttermilk ranch and now walmart dont even carry it anymore i've tried several stores they only carry the original gallon ranch but not buttermilk and the smaller new bottles is terrible, so now im online trying to find the original Buttermilk Kraft ranch.

sauce taste like hot sauce

I must say I am disappointed with Kraft Hot Barbecue Sauce. A couple of years ago, this was the best barbecue sauce. People would always ask me what kind of sauce I use, I would gladly say the best, Kraft hot. Now, I am disappointed because this product no longer have the great flavor it once had; now this product taste like Hot Sauce. I found a bottle of Hot Barbecue sauce I had approximately two years ago, the thickness and flavor is amazing.

I would like to know if there is anyway possible you guys could return to the old recipe for Kraft Hot barbecue sauce?

thank you,

Dispointed in Lufkin texas,

bobbie adams

  • Bo
    bobbie adams Feb 03, 2010

    sorry for the misspelling of disappointed.

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  • Cr
    Craig Newman Nov 29, 2011

    Kraft has changed the formula. It is similar, but not the same.The older version has a red label, the new one a white label. The old was superior to the new in all ways. If I had known this was coming, I would hace bought 100 bottles and stored them.

    Craig Newman

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  • Cr
    Craig Newman Nov 29, 2011

    Kraft changed their fromula, for the worse. The old style came with a red label, the new one with a white label. The new version is just not as good as the old one. This is a real shame. If I had known this was coming, I would have stocked 100 bottles of the original.

    Craig Newman

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