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AVI Foodsystems Complaints & Reviews

AVI Foodsystems / relocation of a employee

Jul 22, 2019

So coming into work this morning, I found out the devastating news you have transferred the best Chef we had to GAP! :( To bring in a guy from Gap who was clearly not favored. Why bring him here? Why replace what was perfect for something that is worse? Makes no since!! You will be losing...

[Resolved] AVI Foodsystems / charging

Feb 03, 2019

Someone from the company has stolen my card information and I keep getting charges from them. This is the second time it has happened. I'm reporting this issue to my local authorities because I don't actually live in Warren, Ohio which is actually more messed up. Beware that your rude...

AVI Foodsystems / unethical behavior

Sep 11, 2018

The new receptionist "debra" or "Debbie" is very VERY rude. Every time i call for my company she acts rudely. We have had requests for machines to be fixed and they have never been reported to the driver and it happened on several occasions. In my opinion, because we told her superior...

[Resolved] AVI Foodsystems / campus food

Aug 18, 2018

I pay $6, 000 a year to eat AVI Foodsystems' food. It is 100% not worth it. Throughout the course of the school year, I lost a lot of weight, obtained stomach issues and breathing problems. That is coming from a girl who started at 110 pounds coming into college. There is something that i...

[Resolved] AVI Foodsystems / product has mold

May 30, 2018

AVI FoodsystemsHow my wife orders two chicken bacon ranch sandwiches and one of them, the bread has mold on it... Like how your employees did not see that??? And we tried to call back and got no answer. The driver did not call to let us know he was outside. If I wasn't sitting outside at 2 a.m I might...

[Resolved] AVI Foodsystems / cashier

May 22, 2018

I work at RJ Reynolds tville location located in Winston Salem North Carolina. The cashier that work 3rd shift has been charging different prices constantly I have bought many things from this kitchen it self an been charged different prices. Last night I bought a 6.72 salad which I wa...

[Resolved] AVI Food Systems / Vending machines not dispensing product but taking money


I have been visiting the location listed below for a period of 3 months. During this time I have used AVI Food Systems vending machines for coffee on 5 separate occasions. At each of these times I was just trying for a cup of coffee or a Cappuccino only to get a cup of what was warm...