Kraft American Cheese Singles 72ct 48ozkraft cheese of america singles contaminated products


I recently purchased a Kraft product and found thousands of hairs right on the cheese in every single container of cheese. I got so grossed out that I had to throw away the cheese. Kraft needs to better handle products in the factory, because there should be no reason why someone washes their hands and then finds horrible hair and stuff in the cheese product. I also saw white threads in the cheese which looked like some type of plastic or string. This can kill people. Something needs to be done about how Kraft Cheese manufatures their cheese. They claim that it is the American cheese, but that's not completely true. It's American cheese gone wrong. Every time I buy this product I find hair within plastic wrap. Isn't it the slightest bit possible that Kraft wraps the cheese in closed plastic that is sealed to protect the cheese from germs and infectious diseases and infections, or better yet put the cheese in a closed container? The cheese sticks to the plastic wrap and the plastic wrapper that is open lets germs on the cheese and allows hair and other things from the air to contaminate the cheese. I say the U.S. government needs to observe the cheese more closely in stores and in factories. I get sick always after I eat this cheese, and I'm never buying this cheese again. It is disgusting and gross and icky and disgusting.


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