Kogannew 4k agora tv ceased working within 6 hours.

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I purchased a brand new 4k Television from Kogan. In less than 6 hours of it operating the TV screen went completely black, leaving us with nothing but audio.
Kogan's response to this is after four days of exchanging emails with questions is for me to fill out a form, follow a series of instructions as to re-packaging the item ( Because they accept no responsibility for damage in transit, if it's damaged that's my problem - No responsibility seems to be their motto ) and ship it back to them so that they can ascertain what is wrong with it and carry out any repairs.
How disgusting.
I purchased, in good faith, a brand new TV from Kogan that was essentially dead on arrival. They now want me to wait for them to collect the item, assess and carry out any repairs, and then, when that is done, to return to me what is in fact a reconditioned TV, not the brand new product, which I paid for in good faith.
Any other self respecting retailer would have apologised for the inconvenience, provided a brand new TV, and collected the rubbish that they originally provided.
But Kogan are not any self respecting retailer. I was given the distinct feeling that this is not out of the norm for Kogan and that in fact, what should be an embarrassing situation relating to the quality of Kogan's products, is a mundane occurrence that its staff are well versed in dealing with because of their frequency.
I am so outraged by this event, and the arrogance and contempt of this company towards a customer, that I have lodged a formal complaint with fair trading.
Be warned, do not buy any television products from Kogan as they are, as is obvious through my experience, and after now seeing many other similar complaints regarding Kogan and their Televisions, of extremely poor quality.
Remember!! Six Hours!! A brand new 4K Television that didn't even last Six Hours!!
Remember, I paid for a brand new 4K Television that will in reality be a reconditioned, refurbished television.
Remember!! I will be without a brand new TV for weeks whilst they arrange to collect, assess and repair it.
Six Hours!!!
And Kogan think that this is all fine!!!


  • Bu
    Bune Nov 02, 2017

    I had a similar experience with Kogan warranty service. Also a brand new 4K however mine had colour verical and horizontal lines when first switched on. Contacted Kogan “service’ and a similar long winded process started like send us an email telling us more, send a photo of the problem send a photo of the box etc. not together but one request after the the other several days apart. Then came the “our service provider will call to arrange pickup”. They didn’t i had to chase them a week later. Kogan said give us a day and a 90 minute window to pick it up. The service provider in contrast picked a day to suit them a week out and wanted a 7am to 12 noon period to pick it up but they didn’t turn up in that time frame. Contacted Kogan again who was very defencive about this agent so another 5 hour pickup window was arranged another week out and now several weeks from taking delivery and same story no pickup by 12 noon even though i rang the agent the same day to say i have to go work at 12 so it needs to be picked up before that. Not sure if they did turn up at all that day but the agent certainly hasn’t contacted me. I have now referred the matter to the ACCC and NSW Fair trading.

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  • Pa
    PaulClovelly Jun 12, 2018

    Same story as the above. I got 9 months out of my television (I must be one of the luck ones!) and then it was completely dead. Contacted the help desk, took photos, packaged it up for collection but the courier never arrived. For some reason it was cancelled. It was 2 weeks and a huge amount of emailing before the courier finally collected the television. In the meantime I had to go out and buy a replacement television . Another couple of weeks and I had to chase Kogan for an update. Yes they agreed the television was faulty and they would replace. Given that I had already bought a new one, I asked for a refund but of course that was denied. When I received the shipping info it turns out that the replacement is a refurbished unit and only the remainder of my original warranty - now 2 months thanks to Kogan dragging the chain - would apply on the 2nd hand, refurbished unit. Help desk have now shut down all communications with me. I too have referred it all to NSW Dept of Fair Trading.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jane Oct 24, 2018

    We purchased a SMart 4K HDR television that won't display at 4K with HDR.

    Their answer? It sometimes does, so that is not false advertising. Heap of shit mob, passing inferior products off at inlfated prices and providing no after sales service. Have complained to the ACCC and going to take it to our MP. Freakign false advertising and getting away with it.

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