Kogan Australiasandisk 128gb ultra microsdxc 100mb/s class 10 uhs-I sd card

N Aug 01, 2018


I just received my parcel. As I researched a lot online on fake and original micro SD cards, I jumped behind my computer and tested the micro SD right away. From the appearance, the package and the printing are questionable, plus, the Micro SD that I've ordered supposed to be the black version but I got the different one. Also, when I ran the test software, I have realised the item is not original and it is a fake SD card, unfortunately. The speed supposed to be 100Mb/s or something close to that figure as described in the ad but the actual speed from CrystalDiskMark software is 6.8 MB/S for reading and 2.1MB/S for writing. I have attached the test results as well as the packaging photos to this email. I am so disappointed by the Kogan website. I thought this website is trustworthy and only sells legit items. Anyhow, I am not happy with my purchase and I want my money back asap, please.

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