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G Mar 14, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased a Samsung S8 Mobile phone and it was delivered yesterday to Gordon M Cooke 53 Lucinda Avenue Wahroonga NSW 2076.

The phone is FAULTY. It has a colourful line right down the screen. I spoke to Samsung at Macquarie Shopping Centre and they confirm it was faulty. They said the phone probably needs replacing.

The phone has not been dropped or damged in any way. As soon as the battery was charged the line appeared. He said there is a misconnection probably at top of phone.

I need to return the phone to KOGAN for repair/replacement. The Samsung sales rep. said you would email me a form to fill out and return.

Could you email to: [protected] with instructions.

Thank you.

Gordon Cooke
[protected] (M)
[protected] (H)


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    Teresa re kogan Mar 25, 2019

    I too purchased an S8 phone from Kogan on Jan 25th 2019. I had extremely poor reception and Samsung said since the phone does not have the RCN logo, it does not comply with Australian communication standard. I have changed network provider 3 times and still Kogan is saying that the problem is my area. How can that be when I live in the inner suburb of Sydney and my old S5 works perfectly? It has been 2 months of hell. I just want my money back because who knows what problems the replacement Kogan offers is going to have. Apart from going to Department of Fair Trading, what can I do? Very dishonorable attitude from Kogan.

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    Teresa re kogan Apr 02, 2019

    Kogan can never be Amazon if it treats its customers so shabbily. Beware, Kogan share holders.

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    Teresa re kogan Apr 02, 2019

    Kogan gives all online platforms a bad impression.

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