Kogan Australiafaulty 50" 4k tv - still not collected still waiting on my refund

M Jan 11, 2019 Review updated:

Hi there,
I am contacting you as i have had a gutful of your inferior email customer support, and you have no person i can speak with on the phone and no person to person customer service.
We purchased a Kogan 50" 4K television on December 13, 2018 and have had a number of issues with it since the day it was delivered. Kogan order # F42BVJM4.
To start with the tv was delivered whilst we were not home, the driver left the tv out the front of our house, amazingly it was not stolen. After contacting Kogan customer service they told me nothing could be done to investigate this matter which is utter rubbish - refer your ticket 6999279 - Kogan email response received Dec 22, 2018.
The next issue we have was poor picture quality, where we received another Kogan response Dec 24, 2018 and Dec 26, 2018 where we were advised the picture quality was good from the photos i emailed to Kogan, how could your team possibly verify true tv picture quality via emailed photos.
The next issue we have is Netflix freezes at any point where the only way we could unfreeze Netflix was to unplug the tv from the actual power point as the tv would not respond to any buttons pressed on the remote control. We were then provided a link and instructions to follow to rectify this issue from another Kogan response Dec 28, 2018 . The file we downloaded from the link provided by Kogan did not work, instead we kept getting error messages that the file type was incorrect.
We were also advised at the same time to download a firmware update as we also experience an issue with free to air catch up channels would freeze, which we followed the instructions exactly, and repeated this process 3 times, yet was again told by the tv that it was the wrong file.
Jan 1, 2019 we received another Kogan response advising to use a smaller capacity USB stick to download the firmware update file onto, which we did but again the same errors occured.
The next issue we experienced was the remote control became very slow to respond and very unresponsive, even when directly in front of the tv. We tried several sets of brand new batteries but this makes no difference. We received no response or acknowledgement from any emails sent to Kogan about this matter.
Almost from the first time we emailed Kogan about all of these issues it has taken 2 or more days each time to receive a response, and from Dec 27, 2018 we have requested a replacement or refund. After the firmware update files failed to rectify the freezing issues we insisted on a full refund yet it took another several days before we even received instructions to return the unit.
I then had to send 2 more follow up emails requesting that we wanted to return the tv and wanted a refund before we received authorisation to return it.
Since Monday Jan 7, we have a had a green line down the right side of the tv screen.
This product is a lemon, nothing short of a poorly manufactured product.
My wife and i are disgusted at the poor lack of customer service from Kogan, and the fact that its been 3 weeks and we still have a faulty tv and the tv is still not collected.
Earlier in the week we booked the tv to be collected on Friday Jan 11, we were told it would be collected between 2-5pm, instead Allied freight arrived shortly after 9am where we were still in the process of packaging the tv for return. The driver said he would return, the driver did not return. I then contacted Allied who advised they would return today, Saturday Jan 12, again Allied have not showed up.
I am fed up with this appalling lack of service, for goodness sake i just want my money back.
I have advised Kogan customer service that if this tv is not collected on Monday Jan 14, and i do not have my refund in full by Friday Jan 18, then i will be escalating this matter to the department of fair trading in Australia, and also applying for compensation for all my lost time, undue stress and hardship and inconvenience.

I sincerely hope that whoever you are that reads this can get this matter sorted before such lengths need to be taken, all over a simple matter of collecting your own faulty product and refunding me my money.

Regards Matthew


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