Kmart Storesbethany

B Nov 17, 2017

Ok you have 2 managers 1 is the big boss I guess the the mid level but the big boss her name is Bethany she is a bully I over hared an employee talking about another manager there named Alexis she said Bethany treats her like a dog makes her work when she wants her to work changes her schedual constintley and never lets up and i never met this bethany apperantly she lives away from kokomo indiana but i got to talk to alexis and her dad passed away 2 years ago and since his passsing she has worked every thanksgiving including the one coming up and im think this poor girl alexis works hard and shes always happy to help never gives up on us and i really like her alot so im writing this cause i find your store manager to be a bully even thos alexis was suppose to work 12 to 5 on thanksgiving now its changed and she goes in 3 to midnight what kind of animal takes a poor girl from her family i could never be so cruel im fill really sorry for alexis cause she deserves better

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