Kiwi.comunable to get a refund with (kiwi guarantee).

I've made this booking 11/09/2019, yet when i went on my flight the 6th of October, Easyjet airline denied me from boarding to their flight claiming that i don't have a visa to the UK .. and when i told them am there for transit only and my destination is to Seattle and its online a connection they said its not their problem and they cancel me off the flight while i was there ! and that happened around 04:40 AM and my flight was suppose to be departure around 07:05 AM and when i asked for alternative option they said we don't have and you can call our support ! if you want, which i did and they wasn't helpful at all which am gonna list on all reviews website there is with a claim on them!. so i called Kiwi from the airport to tell them my situation and they told me to contact the immigration office to confirm my situation if they are right about their claim ! which i did and they told me since i have US visa am allowed to transit in the UK ( which i did before back in January ) and when i confronted Easyjet supervisor at the airport she said " we know but our policy is different " and when i said its not my fault here and they should look for a solution she said am sorry but i cannot help you.
however since i missed that flight i missed the one after with Norwegian Air UK which leaves from London to Seattle and i didn't contact them yet since i had to rush and seek another flight going to Seattle and paid 551 Euros to book ! and now i have a return flight with both Airlines from Los Angeles to London and from London to Amsterdam and i have no idea what is going on and i would like to make changes and see if i can get a refund since i paid for extra luggage as well and wasn't even be able to board !.
i hope i was able to clarify as much as possible the situation here and for further info am more than willing to offer ! am gonna list this case as well on other review websites and follow it from there !.
lots of regards,

that's the mail I've sent to and waiting for their response on it !
i never been so frustrated in my life and over priced in my life like that i had to pay for everything including 1 luggage just to be able to take my cloth cause it wasn't included and yet i wasn't able to be boarded yet i was before transited in UK but Easyjet wouldn't allow me cause they have different policies they say ..
and now am holding on Kiwi to do something about it since they said their guarantee doesn't cover visa issues !! however i would like to refund what i can now and change my return flight which is in the 24th - 25th of November before i fell into the same trap and get nothing in return!.

thanks for reading.

Oct 07, 2019

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