Keurigkeurig 2.0


I had an original Keurig for years and sent it off to college with my neice and bought a new one in December 2015.

We purchase a Keurig 2.0 from Target in December 2015. Every since I started using it, it is very noisy and clunks when pumping the water and I have had problems with no water coming out, some water and a lot of coffee grounds, too much water. This thing is all over the place. Each time I take it apart, cleaned it completely, unplug and let it reset itself hoping it will work properly. Now, it won't stop pumping the water! I only use it once each morning.

I paid more money for this coffee maker than I paid for my vacuum and it still works! This coffee maker should not be having all these problems after less than two years. I'm about to give up on Keurig all together and just go back to a regular coffee maker.

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