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Taiwan, Nov. 5th 2008

My name is Andrea Cacopardo. I bring to your attention this issue because I believe your company would not accept such behavior from its employees at any level and does not follow this kind of policies that are strongly lacking any business ethic.
I am currently living in Taiwan and I am going to move to Malawi for work. I am moving there and so is my family which includes a pet, a Golden Retriever of 5 months.

I came to know that Kenya Airways is pet friendly and I was happy to finally find a company that could transport my pet to Malawi with ease and without worries. That was what I thought until I contacted Kenya Airways representative in Taipei, Ms. Jen.
Besides being completely incompetent in the matter, I was astonished at what she said and she proposed during several phone calls.
But let’s come to the facts.
I first contact Kenya Airways Cargo for information about shipping the dog through a Cargo Company which cost NT$ 46.000. This is through a Cargo Company, which means that the pet does not need to be accompanied by the owner as by regulations.
However, Ms. Jen decided (going against regulations) that the pet, even if shipped through a cargo company, has to be accompanied by the owners. In few words, Ms. Jen blackmailed the fact that if the pet will ship with Kenya Airways via cargo through a cargo company the owners have to fly with Kenya Airways too or the pet won’t be accepted. I was planning to fly with Kenya Airways anyway, being the best way to get to Lilongwe from Taipei, so no harm done even if I was not happy with the tone assumed by Ms. Jen.
Besides this, though, the ticket from Taipei to Lilongwe for a person is NT$48.000, as confirmed by a travel agency in Bangkok and from my employer which bought two tickets already at that price for the same route.
However, Ms. Jen (and I am surprised that such unprofessional individual can work for Kenya Airways and be in a position of responsibility) says that the ticket for two people traveling is NT$58.000. So, in few words, Ms. Jen first forces us to travel with Kenya Airways because we ship a pet via Cargo (which should not be mandatory being the pet shipped with a cargo company and not as extra luggage); and second, she charges NT$10.000 more than the regular fair for each ticket. At this point, I would not be surprised if Ms. Jen, and I am not afraid to make such accusations, would pocket the extra NT$20.000 herself.
I personally feel tricked from a person that is blackmailing me for shipping my dog.
To complete the whole story, and to make you aware of how incompetent and careless is Ms. Jen, I was astonished to hear her saying that she is making us a favor, (wow! This woman has guts! She tries to trick me and blackmails me and she is making me a favor??? she over-charges me on the passenger tickets, and she is making us a favor?!) and to conclude she stated that the pet might die during the trip?????????? Are we serious????????????? I do not want to believe that such person not only can work in your company but that she can even speak on the phone with customers. I am outraged and I will pursue any mean possible to have this straighten up.
It is not acceptable and even thinkable that a customer receives such treatment.
As a consequence, I had to delay my trip due to this incident.
As a result, and thanks to Ms. Jen, I won’t ship my pet with Kenya Airways (since Ms. Jen stated that my pet might die) and I will never travel with Kenya Airways and I will make as much rumor possible about this incident.

I hope this complaint won’t be left unheard as it usually happens.

Best Regards,

Andrea Cacopardo
Ph. # [protected]
E-mail: [protected]


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      Aug 22, 2011

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to express my deep sorrow and shock at the behavior I was meted out by Kenyan Airways staff at Dubai Airport. I had a 14 hour long transit and they simply said that they cannot do anything to help me. No hotel, No business lounge and no Meal coupons even.

    While starting my journey from Harare I was told by Kenyan airway representative that I will be taken care of at Dubai and this was re confirmed me by the Kenyan airways staff at Nairobi. But when I came to Dubai they acted in way that they had nothing to do with it.

    I got a ticket from Islamabad where there is no Kenyan airways office. I went to Harare from Islamabad via Dubai and Nairobi. The stopovers were small so I did not have any major issue but only some delay which is a norm in Kenya Airways.

    Now on my way return I had 4 hour long transit in Nairobi and 14 hour long transit in Dubai. I expected that Kenyan airways will atleast do something about it but they simple refused to co operate in any form.

    My name is Usman Hassan and my ticket booking number is RP/HDQ1B/HDQ1BPAWYPZ/6HBB/2746182

    I am a frequent international traveler and now I have a firm resolve never to travel with Kenyan airways. I would also raise this issue at as many forums as possible to make people aware of this not concerned behavior of Kenyan airlines staff at Dubai meted out to its passengers.

    Best Regards,

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      Jul 21, 2018

    On 18th July I, along with my family had boarded flight no. KQ210, Ticket PNR no.WS45QK, which took off almost on time. While on the runway, we could hear a sharp and unusual sound coming. The sound continued even after the flight was airborne. After almost 30 minutes, the pilot announced that there is a problem with the engine and they are talking to the company and trying to resolve. After about another 30 minutes, we were told that the problem could not be resolved and they will fly back and land at Nairobi airport. We were sitting in the flight clueless and worried as we had another connecting flight which we were sure we were going to miss. After reaching Nairobi, we were informed that the aircraft is not in a position to fly and we shall fly in another aircraft and that process took another 2 hours. In the process, the flight was delayed by more than 6 hours. In Nairobi, the flight attendant said that we'll get all the help in Mumbai and they'll help us and rebook our connecting flight.
    After reaching Mumbai, when we were waiting for the baggage and it was not coming, we went and enquired from your staff and then only we could know that our luggage has not been intentionally loaded at Nairobi and they have no idea when that will come. So, we were in Mumbai airport without our luggage, with a missed flight connection, stranded helplessly at almost 10 pm with no help from the staff from Kenya airlines. Now we had to stand in a queue for another 1.5 hours to fill out a form regarding the lost luggage which had all our clothes, vital medicines, home key, identity cards, toiletries and other important belongings. No one from the Kenyan airlines staff helped us saying that they have not received any information from the airline- not a good enough answer! Now in the middle of the night without luggage, we had to book another flight (which were very expensive as they were last minute) and stay in the airport for another 5 hours.
    Here, I have the following complaints/questions:
    1. Don't you have proper inspection /clearance system in place before it is placed for loading? if it is so, how could a defective aircraft, which was having a problem from the very beginning can be allowed to be airborne? Who would have taken responsibility if something would have happened while the faulty flight was airborne for almost 2 hours?
    2. It clearly shows you have no concern for the safety and security of your passengers.
    3. In flight, only morning breakfast was served and thereafter no food was served. We had landed at 9.30 pm, but neither some snacks or dinner was served. We were on the flight for almost 12 hours and were given only one meal (breakfast in the morning).
    4. It is not understood, when we could be transferred to another aircraft, then why not our luggage? There was no information till we were waiting at the belt for our baggage in Mumbai. This was intentionally and purposefully done.
    5. The Kenyan airlines staff was so rude and uninformative. They had no knowledge of what was going on and how they will help us.
    6. Who will take responsibility for the harassment and losses we had to suffer due to your neglect.

    Kenya airlines must take responsibility and give us due compensation for the delay in flight, delay in baggage delivery (which we still haven't received) and for us missing our connecting flight. Due to the negligence and carelessness of Kenya Airlines, we had to spend so much money for boarding and lodging at Mumbai, high airfare, due to last minute booking, we had to buy a whole lot of items of daily needs including clothings etc.. At the time of making the report for missing baggage by Kenya Airlines staff, it was promised that the baggages will be home delivered within 48 hours, but till now I have not received the same.
    You also, have to reply for your carelessness & negligence which could take our lives.
    We need an immediate reply to this mail along with adequate & equitable compensation. If we do not get a satisfactory reply within the next 24hours, we shall be free to escalate the matter to the appropriate authorities.
    Rajib Kumar Lalwani

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