Kenya Airwayscustomer care and handling difficult situations at hand.

L Jan 23, 2018

This would be my second time to travel with Kenya àirways. I am highly dissappointed . I boarded from London Heathrow and my destination was Lusaka. I arrived Nairobi on the 10th January at 5:00am flight number KQ101. My connection flight was KQA704 at 13:40.
I had expressed the urgency of being in Lusaka soon due to compassionate ground. I lost my brother on the 6th so my reasons for travelling was to pay my last respects. The burial was that morning of the 10th at 10am.

I had asked if I can be put on an earlier flight which apparently had empty seats so I could make it to the funeral on time. The attendants were ALL very laid back in their reactions. I was sent from gate to gate because nobody could make a decision as to wether I could change my flight. They kept insisting I should stick with my original scheduled flight later that day which would arrive at 17:35 which meant I would missay my brothers burial. (Which I eventually did)
They did not consider me for compassionate reasons at all.

On my return today 23 January going back to London. I was encountered with another issue at the check point. As I went to board flight number KQ100 at 08:45am I was told I will not be going on this flight because my settlement visa which is stamped on an immigration status document was not acceptable. Their main reasons was that the document was laminated and they were not going to accept that. How is this so? I have been travelling with the same document for years and have never been told this. My question was then why did they let me through in the first instance? Why does the Heathrow immigration let me through all the time? The past 2 years I have actually travelled twice and not once was I questioned.
All these events have reprcussions. I need to get back to my 3 children whom I left in England. As it stands I have to pay out for childcare I have not budgeted for . My employer was expecting me back to work today, 23 January . I am emotionally distressed by all this and find Kenya airways' customer care appalling. I will never ever use your airline again. You are not compassionate to your customers and have a very laid back attitude.

Unacceptable and I demand an apology for my distress and claim for all my loss of earnings I will incurr.

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