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I used to work for Keller Williams. One of the fastest growing Real Estate companies. They say it's ALL about the people. It's all about a life balance.

It is all a joke. I came across a very difficult deal and the company turned on myself and my clients. Just like that. I asked for help I never got it. I got a kick in the face. No one was there to help me during this stressful time. I had to leave the company because of the way I was treated. I left and continued to try and resolve this situation with the clients. It did not happen. The clients ended up in mediation with no support from Keller Williams. I wanted to be there to support my clients they sent a lawyer to be there with me. (because they HAD too) They ended up hiring a lawyer and then billed me over $8300.00 for it when I paid my portion of E&O insurance for the year.

My clients complained about the service they received on several occasions no one responds.

I complained to the management with no response.

I complained to their corporate office they say it is a Franchise so they did nothing.

I just want other's to be aware Keller Williams Brentwood (northern California)is not what they say they are they did not stand behind me or my clients they were left to fend for themselves. As I was. Anyone who is thinking of using this company should be aware of what could happen to you if a problem should arise.

Agents be careful before you make the move. Unless something changes I would be careful. I have tried on many occasions to resolve this matter they treated me like dirt. A guy who started with them from the ground up was telling other agents and speaking up within the office about how I was treated and he was asked to leave. I do not want what happened to me to happen to someone else. Be aware!

Smoke n mirrors


  • El
    Elizabeth Kennedy Mar 01, 2007

    My experience with Keller Williams would back this up. The office I worked with was in Waldorf, MD.

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  • Pa
    Pat Brun Jul 23, 2007

    I am having all kinds of problems with Keller Williams. I have listed my home with them their advertising is so poor it has been four months and they still have the phone number of the office wrong after three phone calls from us. I would never send anyone to Keller Williams.

    Murrieta - Temecula Branch - they should be sued for false advertising.

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  • Ju
    Julie Apr 08, 2008

    PLease see below on the conversation on the absolutely rude email I received from a realtor because I could get an answer from her. Please read from the bottom up. Just to show show the people working for Keller Williams.

    You have a nice day Andrea. I'm glad you sent me this email. I hope you had a great time in Jamaica.

    Thank you for your time


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    From: Andrea Jones <[email protected]>
    To: Julie Mango <[email protected]>
    Cc: Spence <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, April 7, 2008 11:12:12 PM
    Subject: Re: Property for you - HOLLYWOOD - JULIE


    So am I trying to be nice... I am surprised that someone in the industry has so little knowledge of its workings. It is ok to not do business with me. HOWEVER what is not ok it to EVER take this tone with me EVER. Why would I jump at any offer Julie. You have not signed a Buyer/Tenant Agreement with me! Also you are confused as to what you want and as far as I know don't have the necessary deposit on hand to do business. Real Estate is a business and your sale is hardly worth me turning the key in my car.

    The next time someone puts tongue in cheek and give you a civil answer to your ridiculousness, leave it at that. Since I am the one investing in my Real Estate business and not you, it gives me the liberty to assume who I do business with. Whether the effort is a good return on my time and resource investment. I sent you every listing available in Broward County that fits your dollar value and space specification. To educate you a little more... a realtor is not a chauffeur. Your attitude reflects no knowledge of the industry. Driving to look at properties is the easiest part of what a realtor does for you. If it were not so the time and effort expended it achieving our license would be better spent in licensing us to DRIVE A CAB.


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    From: Julie Mango
    To: Andrea Jones
    Sent: Monday, April 07, 2008 10:30 PM
    Subject: Re: Property for you - HOLLYWOOD

    I was trying to be nice. I really am disappointed you didnt return my email or calls. Errol recommended you. I'm surprised you didnt jump on the offers I had given.

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    From: Andrea Jones <[email protected]>
    To: Julie Mango <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, April 7, 2008 2:01:41 PM
    Subject: RE: Property for you - HOLLYWOOD

    That's ok Julie. All the best.

    Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 10:39:35 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Property for you - HOLLYWOOD
    To: [email protected]

    Hello Andrea:

    I havent heard from you nor your assistant realtor. I also had a listing for a one bedroom for you but I have not heard anything. Anyways, Sorry things did not work out.

    Thank you.


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    From: Andrea Jones <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 9:07:35 PM
    Subject: Property for you - HOLLYWOOD

    Dear Julie,

    I've found a property that I'm sure will interest you. Click the link below to view. Please call me to arrange a time to view it. If there are any other properties that you'd like to know more about, please send me the addresses or listing numbers and I'll be happy to research them and provide you with additional information.

    RNT 8-Photo View (MLX)

    Andrea Jones
    Keller Williams Realty
    Cell: 954-729-9564

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  • St
    steve Apr 08, 2008


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  • Ju
    Julie Apr 11, 2008

    Thank you. I was shocked to hear that message. She really sounds like she had a bad day or her business is failing. Thanks Steve!! Please email me at [email protected] and maybe we can do business. Thanks!!


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  • Li
    lilrussian2004 Dec 09, 2008

    Ahh where to begin with this company..let me tell you my story. My husband and I and our two kids live in NH but we want to move to the buffalo/niagra area in NY for our kids sake. Well our credit is far from perfect and most times we can only get an FHA loan, that requires that we live in the state we buy the house in. So anyways we found this house we absolutely was in Middleport NY the Amzi Bradley farm stead. Everything I always wanted in a home: nice 3 bedroom coblestone historic farmhouse on 25 acres of land with a huge barn for the farm that I always wanted. The problem was the $169, 000 price tag and well we don't live in NY..we asked a Keller william woman named Tammy to show it to us anyhow. Well that same week my husband got a hold of the seller and he said come look at the house if you like it make me a rent-to own offer and we go from there. Perfect we thought we get our dream home, astablish residency in NY and save up for a nice down payment. So next week we see the house and tell Tammy what we want to do; We lease the house for 3 month at $1500 a month and we sign a delayed purchase agreement to buy it fir $169, 000 I(by that time it was down to 159, 000). She told us she would draw uo the paperwork ans email it to us. Well one week later nothing, I email her asking where is the paperwork, we would love to get moving on it. She replies I just don't understand why you want to rent the house and them buy it for more then the asking price. I was floored not only did we explain that for a house of that price we can only go FHA and need a 30 day residency in NY, not to mention we LOVE the home, we don't want to loose it..I was shocked that an agent would even question us on why we offered more. Another week goes by..same thing and another and another. Well I finally managed to get a hold of the sellers agent and she said that the the house sold two days prior to my call..I was devistated! Well I wrote Tammy to tell her how hurt and angry I was that she blew us off for a month and cost us our dream home. She replied with "I did the best I can. The seller was upside down on his mortgage and wouldn't have excepted your offer anyhow" WTF..she hasn't given us a paper to sign in the last 4 weeks or is that trying, second the seller broke even, I checked the recoreds. As fir our offer we offered to pay his mortgage and extra and give him his original asking price, plus how would she know he wouldn't have excepted it..she didnt even try. I tell everyone that this company sucks, we are buying another home now with no land, no stone just a similar age and our current agent is great. I hope Keller williams goes out of bussiness soon.

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  • Ro
    Ron McIntire Mar 23, 2009

    I have read the complaints listed here about Keller Williams because I am actually one of the Top 10 Realtors in Spokane, WA and have been invited by a long-time producer in their office to join their company. While I am not yet sold on the prospect of going to Keller Williams, I do believe that the complaints here are not about the company in Spokane but rather pertain to specific individuals in specific offices. If I receive bad service at a restaurant in California, will I get the same bad service at the franchise in Seattle? I think not. It seems to me that while these concerns are valid with regards to the specific situations, and certainly these things should not have happened, they reflect directly on the agents/offices involved and not on the integrity of the Keller Williams system nationwide. Wishing that Keller Williams should go out of business or using phrases such as "Smoke and Mirrors" is "venting" frustration, but unfortunately hurts agents within the Keller Williams system that don't deserve to have their livlihood and their families suffer from the acts of someone else. Please, keep in mind as you read this that there are good and bad Realtors in every major office and that service comes on an individual level. Hire agents based on their individual reputation of customer satisfaction and you will stand a high probability of getting the level of service that you deserve.

    Ron McIntire, ASR CNE
    Top 10 Volume Realtor, Spokane, WA 2008
    Owner Assist Realty

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  • Mc
    mcwood May 16, 2009

    I would agree that it's certain people that work for Keller Williams, BUT my experience makes me think there's more than just a few bad apples in the bunch. I have had several problems with my agent. Some involve a lot of money and some come from a lack of character and ethics. My agent has no problem lying to me or anyone else to save a buck. He proved to be completely out for himself, not serving the client like I thought was supposed to happen. I can't believe the money his carelessness and greed has cost me. When I went to his Broker over the problems, she responded by basically saying "I hear you're frustrated, too bad I'm not going to do anything about it". I have never had so many and such serious problems when buying or selling a house. I will never recommend KW to anyone.

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  • Al
    a. laughlin May 23, 2009

    the worst mistake i ever made was to use lupe bosserman of keller williams in phoenix arizona. as an agent in my search for a home. this was my first time buying a home and my first experience with how unscrupilous real estate agents can be. Lupe bosserman not only had me falsely signing and pre dating contracts with her to keep another agent from suing her, but also flat out lied to me about the status of a home and how long it had been on the market and then coerced me into offering well over $100, 000 more than i would have had i known the truth about the history of the home and its time on the market. This agent has no morals and would tell a client anything to get the sale.I approached her broker and was told that he apologized that she had mislead me that there was nothing he could do. Lie! of course. i am in the process of trying to find a lawyer who would work with me and take this case on contingency basis. have other agents that had been involved that are willing to testify, and agents with the mortgage company that believe just as i do that her prize for getting me into this home was to get a kick back by the mortgage company on the purchase of her own home bought through the same people. please if any questions or info email me at [email protected]

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  • Sh
    Shanahbanana Sep 20, 2009

    Hello, I am a new licensee who is getting ready to associate myself with Keller Williams. I agree with Ron McIntyre that it is the individual agent you have to consider not the company.

    I am a Christian that will operate my business with good morals and values. I don't believe for a second that this company coaches people to lie and cheat others to make a sale. So far, I have only heard the opposite. No one can make me somehow become corrupt and I will be working for that company so I am sure there are many others like me who also work for them.

    The client comes first! It even says so in my KW packet...there are always a few rotten apples in every barrell.

    Shanah Davis

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  • Mr
    mrmarcanthony1 Oct 13, 2009

    I am currently a staff member of the Keller Williams Realty office in the South Bay area of California. If you don't already know, each KW is independently owned an operated. The problems in these stories seem to stem from the individual agents themselves, and not the company as a whole. We have over 270 agents in our office and of course they can't all be "gems", because they come from all walks of life, and so many different personalities. If you're not a good person, it doesn't matter where you hang your real estate licence, because you're always going to be that same person. If you're looking to employ an agent's services, you might want to check their history before signing on the dotted line. If you're a crappy agent... don't blame the office for your lack of knowledge, experience, or ethics. You might just want to do a little self re-inventing.
    Do you think that putting your opinions here in this little forum is changing anything or do you not have anything else to do with your time, other than to complain about something you don't have to utilize.
    If you don't like McDonalds... go to Burger King... its that simple. Crying about it... is not going to help.

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  • De
    Dean in Tucson Mar 10, 2010

    I disagree with the post above. I believe "crying about it IS useful". First, for the person with the bad experience it's cathartic. Second, they may get some good advice. For the disaffected reader it's useful information that has no other source. For management (corporate or franchise) it's being watchful/attentive/reactive. I can't think of anyone that it's a disservice to; if you don't like what you are reading, that's what you get for reading someone else's mail. Of course the reader has to consider (parse) from the details if the complaint is tied to an individual or endemic in the enterprise. Poor or inattentive management (not saying there is any of that in K-W; I don't know) does lend itself to the failure in recruiting, educating, and where needed saying good-bye to agents who earn that distinction. A company (any company any line of business) that is having "a bimbo eruption" probably is lacking something in management philosophy. A "bimbo eruption" for clarity here is a litany of individual stories that make up a trend stemming from poor service at the hands of male or female agents, and if you don't support the incoming "crying" then you fail to collect what either stands out as an exception or is indicative of the prevailing rule. As a former agent (now retired), educator, and career IBM professional I can share from my experience that a business that is not forcing some level of attrition is just not facing the music because no company hires to 100% perfection. If there is no attrition imposed by the business itself the creeps will creep in and pollute the environment. Left to their proclivities the creeps can be the source of poor custmer experiences such as can be read about here. Dean in Tucson

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  • Wi
    William1 May 03, 2010

    Don't do business with Keller Williams. Keep away from them and tell your family members and friends not to even call this people.

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  • Al
    alexwclark Aug 06, 2010

    I am an agent for Keller Williams Realty in Portland, OR. Our team (The Clark group) which consists of 2 agents, has sold over 1, 000 homes in the last decade alone, and have a combined experience of selling homes in the Portland are for more than 35 years between Peter and I. Our office has more than 150 agents.

    You don't stay in business 35 years by producing bad results, and not living up to expectations.

    I agree completely with Ron McIntire in the earlier post. In every industry there are bad apples. I can not stress enough that the company does not sell your home, nor does the company help you buy a home. It is the agent.

    I could list an agent that has no clue what they are doing in every company I can think of, including Keller Williams.

    Since every Realtor is the CEO of their own company, i.e. The Clark Group, each Realtor is self employed. I am in charge of my actions, training, skills, etc. Not the company.

    Branding an entire company because of 1 seemingly unqualified individual does not make sense, nor is appropriate.

    To avoid running into a bad Realtor in the future, ask some qualifying questions when you interview them:

    1) How many years have you been in the business?
    2) How many transactions do you do a year, over your career?
    3) Do you have any letters of recommendation? May I contact those past clients?


    Over 60% of the people who use Realtors don't ever qualify the Realtor before making that decision. If buyers/sellers would invest some time into really finding a good Realtor, we could eventually narrow the field to only qualified individuals.

    A good Realtor should have the heart of a teacher. They should be willing to spend as much time as required to educate you on the market, provide comps, etc. You should come out of the expirience knowing a whole lot about real estate.

    If you would like, you may email me to receive a full report on questions you should ask a Realtor prior to listing or agreeing to buy a home through them. I will send it to you in email format for free, without hassle, or obligation. It is the same thing I provide to my clients prior to our meeting so they have the tools they need in order to really qualify us for the job.

    In summary, Companies don't sell real estate, agents do. Choose wisely, and you will have a great expirience. Choose poorly, or without consideration, and you may indeed be one of the unlucky ones.

    Email me if you would like that free report.

    Alex Clark
    The Clark Group
    Keller Williams Realty

    ***Please replace the (at) with the @ symbol. This helps keep spam away. :)

    Happy house hunting!

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  • Mo
    Movon1 Oct 27, 2010

    I do not believe the problem stem from the individual agents, but based on "Keller Williams" aim to be number one. I have had a similar bar experience with a a bad agent, Yvonne Avila, Keller Williams Elite, Virginia, who sided with a divorce lawyer, not my ex, to have the price of my home reduced in court. The purpose of the reduction was to facilitate a quick sale so the lawyer could collect her fee from my ex. I have documentation to prove this. When my ex and I finally ask the Keller Williams' agent to remove the house from the market/de-list it, the agent and the company refused to de-list the house unless we signed a ninety day agreement, giving Keller Williams the right to sale the house after ninety days. I suspect that Keller Williams franchises may promote some of this unethical behavior by their agents and subsidiaries in order to remain no. 1.

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  • Sm
    SMKAA May 30, 2011

    Wow! I have read each and every post and I am amazed that an entire company is coming under fire due to bad experiences with real estate agents. If you had a bad experience at two Walmart stores, would you bash Walmart as a copy. Would you assume that Walmart supports poor customer service or would you think that the particular employee provided bad service. Real Estate agents have a responsibility to provide professional services to their clients. They are expected to be ethical, professional and knowledgeable about the state in which they are licensed. If they fall short they should be addressed. However, bashing and entire company based on their poor performance is inappropriate. I work for Keller Williams Preferred Properties in Upper Marlboro, MD and let me state that all Keller Williams franchises are not created equal. Our office is OUTSTANDING!!! We have a dynamic team that works very well together and we are held to a very high standard by our broker and owners. If we do not dot every "i" and cross every "t" we do not get paid. Likewise, as with our company not every Re/Max, Coldwell Banker, Long & Foster, EXIT, or any other brokerage for that matter is created equal. All brokerages have the ability to be outstanding and they all have the ability to be horrible. All real estate agents regardless of their brokerage affiliation have the ability to be outstanding and they have the ability to be horrible. You should expect dynamic service from your Realtor and if they fail to provide such service you should hold them accountable, however your shouldn't condemn the brokerage or assume that the brokerage supports the bad service. If the brokerage is not accountable, they should be dealt with as well. Every single Keller Williams Realty franchise if given and expected to follow the model that was created for the brokerages - however apparently not all follow the model as it was intended. I can assure you that my brokerage follows the proven model to the "T" and as a result our brokerage is very successful and out clients are well taken care of.

    I am very sorry to hear of the bad experiences each of you had with the agents who happened to be affiliated with a Keller Williams franchise. I do wish you the best in your future real estate experiences and I hope that you will allow any agent, that you work with in the future, regardless of their brokerage affiliation the opportunity to provide you with exceptional service without having to carry the burden of your past experience.

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  • Can anyone who works for one of the "good" Keller Williams offices let those of us know who are having a terrible experience with one whom to contact at Keller Williams Corporate to seek help? I'm a Realtor and a buyer who is being screwed over by an agent who is managing an office and the responsible Broker (listed on the CA DRE) is no where to be found. In fact, neither the agent nor anyone in his office will tell me how to locate their Broker: some of them couldn't even tell me his name. The agent himself was not involved in our transaction until I demanded he step in to assist, and then his response was to get angry and illegally cancel our contract -- all this after his office was not performing and causing damage to the property by not taking care of it! This is absolutely insane that my Broker cannot even talk to his Broker! So please, if you know who to contact at Keller Williams, let us know: we'd like to give them a chance to help rectify this and keep the deal together so we don't have to take legal action -- against Keller Williams, and the Seller, Fannie Mae.

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  • Jo
    John Egbert Jul 27, 2011

    I am the homeowner. I listed with KELLER WILLIAMS MCKENNA TEAM in Las Vegas, NV.Was told I was renting to “an older couple and a labrador.” Found out I was renting to 7 people and a pitbull(once I finally went to her office to get the contract). I was constantly told what I wanted to hear. Turns out the tennant was constantly lied to as well. She termintated contract and kept 12 months of her commision after 2 months of poor managment and lack of due dilegence on the contract in the first place (didnt notice that the tenant had changed it before Realtor signed it). Currently seeking legal assistance… Just hate to see anyone else delt with in the same manner. Dont trust ANY realtor without doing your homework!!!

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  • Dr
    Drf0001 Nov 12, 2011

    I purchased property, There was no easement showing, but a drive running along side the property.I ask what about the's your land they have no easement do what you want.Now I'am being sued over this drive, with no easement.Where is my help from Keller Williams, and the closing attorneys.Still hiding in their office.I had to hire my own attorney.At great expense.They suggested one but they never suggested on them paying for it.Like they should be doing.I bought title insurance and pulled the property up on the county site no easement ever showed.Keller Williams should be standing bye us on this since this is something they never disclosed.or found.nor did their closing attorneys.Step up Keller Williams, Not all of us can afford to be sued!!!

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  • St
    stannak Feb 22, 2012

    We has bad experiences with 2 realtors simultaneously in Joplin, Mo. They apparently don't need work or money. 1st realtor we got him involved in a short sale home after my house sold. He did not want to get involved and was very passive and Never followed up. I was working with listing Agenf on my own. I went to school with the guy. I dropped him and switched over to awesome Pro 100. My husband and had our 3rd child and we wanted a bigger home with land. So he used the 2nd KW realtor. We figured she was pissed off when she got word we dropped 1st KW realtor. My husbands 6 mth contract came to an end and she, Connie Shull, never notified us, took the listing off the Internet and went out and had her KW sign taken down!!! Best wishes to her you suck!!! She sucked from the get go and never returned calls or anything to help us.

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  • Ma
    Maryann LaPointe Apr 14, 2012

    DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS AGENT OR COMPANY...UNPROFESSIONAL...I was & I am on disability, I had the worse experience with Keller Williams RealtyAngie Morris, She is the worse realtor & person I ever dealt with & R & M moving co.. These type of people do not care about the customer only what they can get & how much. She referred me to only 1 moving company(I thought she was trying to help me, what a joke. She referred me to R & M Moving company in the tampa & surrounding areas. After the move R & M moving company robbed me, took my belongings & was verbally abusing me. They all took advantage of a woman alone. She is a greedy, mean, nasty, self centered narcassist I have ever met. It is always about her & her spoiled brat daughter, like herself. They were joking & laughing at the time I told them that the movers stole my belongings. I think they alll have a head problem to do this to a prospective buyer, no conciense, & all parasitic narcissists.Gold diggers from decent customers. Get out of business you scam artists.

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  • Ma
    Maryann LaPointe Apr 14, 2012

    Please do not have any of your agents or your company contact me as I had the worse of the worse experience with your company. It could fall off the earch as far as I care.

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  • Ma
    Maryann LaPointe Apr 14, 2012

    maryann lapointe comment:

    By the way, the owner of R & M Moving company, Rose Bornhouser's husband/mover Roland had 5 prior felonies that Angie did not tell me:
    Robbery, burglary of a residence, dealing in stolen property, grand theft of a firearm, & multiple marijuana charges...What type of a person who is an agent, Angie Morris refers me to a moving company like this. She did not refer me to any other movers, only the thieves & liars like herself. Getting a kickback, I am sure. They were all in cahoots scamming potential buyers who are decent not parasites.

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  • Sh
    S.Heart May 26, 2012

    I was a top team leader and saw a major shift as the international leadership ( those at the very top) made their primary goal to be #1 in agent count. It is a numbers game---quantity of agents, not quality of agents. On a local level, I think it creates liability for the local owners when they have many inexperienced (or less than stellar agents) in their office, all in an effort to help the corporation reach #1 in agent count. In the last few years, the corporate motto has become "Total World Domination". My question would be: "at what cost to the consumers?". Buyer beware

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  • Ja
    Jack.N Jun 15, 2012

    Stay Away! Too many "bad" agents spoils the Keller Williams broth.

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  • Da
    Davenport Hoilder Aug 02, 2012

    We recently had contact with your agent, Pam Teller, through the sale of our home.
    I must tell you I am very, very upset about her actions.
    On Friday evening, July 27, our agent who was selling our home went to get the key out of the lock box
    at our old residence.. The key was gone.
    She tried all night long to reach Pam, who did not return any calls or text messages.
    My agent went over to the resident in question Saturday morning because Pam, again, was still not answering her phone.
    Imagine my Agent's surprise to find a house full of people ready to paint and some furniture all ready moved into the dwelling.
    Now, let me point something out very important, Pam gave the seller the key to the house before our closing papers were signed.
    My Agent explained to the buyer that he could not be in the residence.
    He was cooperative and left. My agent locked the house and left.

    Now at this time, my husband is trying to calm himself down and me down. I was ready to tear up the contract for the stunt Pam pulled. She does not deserve a commission. She upset us more than you can imagine. My hard earned money is going to someone who is unethical.

    What Pam Teller did was underhanded, dirty, unprofessional, deceitful, and plan wrong. She knew that the house had not been closed. No paperwork signed. No money exchanged hands.
    I felt sorry for the Buyer as he was lied to by her. I would hope she would be upset if another realtor pulled this stunt on her or is this her standard operating procedure?
    I will be filing a formal complaint with the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. If she were a doctor, I would be filing a malpractice claim.

    If this is a representation of Keller Williams, I know we will never have any dealings with the company.

    Response from Pam Teller:
    Hello Eve,
    I want to apologize to you and your husband for the miscommunication of allowing the buyer to have possession of your home before funds were disbursed and I take full responsibility for that. I understood the funding number and wire instructions had been issued when the buyer closed Friday afternoon and I regret I did not speak to your agent to confirm that. As soon as I received the message from your agent on Saturday morning I did call her with regards to the buyer not moving in until the closing had been funded. It was not my intention to do anything dishonest, underhanded or unethical and I hope you will accept my apology. I truly regret causing you and your husband anxiety and frustration along with your agent having to address the situation with the buyer. Please accept my apology.

    My response:

    Ms. Teller,

    I cannot and will not accept your apology at this time.
    The more I learn, the more dishonest, underhanded and unethical you are.
    Now I have learned there is another party involved. A Mr. Paul Teller?

    Mr Teller was very rude to my Agent, who was my legal representative.
    If I had known he had taken an attitude Friday, I would not have left my grocery shopping to rush over to the attorney's office.
    I was told per your office I had to get a piece of paper signed or the buyer would not receive the money.
    So you went ahead with a closing in which one party was not in attendance and there was no money!
    Still you gave him the key to the house for painting and moving in knowing full well the sale was not handled properly.

    You can try to sugar coat this all you want but the bottom line is you did wrong and got caught.
    This whole episode of working with you has been a train wreck from the beginning. My husband stuck with the deal because he felt sorry for a preacher.

    You have received money from us that is not deserved. You are being compensated for being dishonest.
    If this is your standing operating procedure, you may want to revisit your way of doing business.

    I have reported you to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission for this incident.

    I hope I never have to do any business with you or your team again.
    You have ruined the reputation of Keller Williams.
    When my family goes out looking for houses to purchase, I will very clearly say, "Stay away from Keller Williams."


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  • Ma
    Maryann LaPointe Dec 08, 2012

    I will never ever deal with Keller Williams realty ever in my life, Angie Morrs, bad agent in cahoots with R & M Moving company, Seminole. They all take advantage of a person alone and then rip her/him off, then blame the customer. These agents and movers do not take any responsibility for aything. Read R & M moving company reviews and Keller Williams reviews, this will then tell the complete story. They stand back and all get what they can then scam the customer. These people are just bad and do not care about the customer, all about themselves and the money. Shady characters, stay away or you will be scammed. Believe me, they know the system. They all only want the money, the sale and the belongings then say goodbye and all laugh about it. I am not going to lie about anything but they all know what they did. Parasites to the max, stay away, you will be better off in the long run.

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  • Ju
    just wow Jan 29, 2013

    Me and my wife's first visit to meet with Jason duval about looking to buy house started out with checking out my wife's breasts my wife had to keep pulling her shirt up I did not like first thing that was not professional. Next he kept sending us homes that we told him that wasn't what we were looking for and then the final straw was when we went to go look at a home he said he could not make it and was going to send an a associate that wasn't a big deal then she opened her mouth up and said they were dating and that was it that's not who I want to do business with. Bottom line my wife felt uncomfortable with this creep and shame on this company because it probably has been done before. So if you need a realtor go elsewhere thanks good luck.

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  • Ju
    Juljime Sep 29, 2013

    What did Valerie do to have to pay a lawyer $8300? I did not read in her complaint what she said or did. What can be deducted is that whatever she said or did was bad enough for her to pay up a fine for bad behavior. Any company she goes and works for would have her pay her share. Now to come and badmouth the company for her own doing is bad business. I have been doing business for 21 years with different companies and 5 months ago started to work for Keller Williams in San Antonio and only wish I started 21 years ago with KW. Spit it all out or kindly keep your silence and go sell a house using good work ethics if you have any.

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  • He
    herewegoagn Feb 09, 2014

    In my opinion they are more interested in selling to investors than individual home buyers. Any home that has been listed by KW that I have been interested in looking at have been told it was already pending sale. Really?? It goes into pending before you list it?? Tax records prove investors are buying the property.

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  • Ke

    Every Broker, Agent has a fiduciary responsibility to uphold the state laws with their Department of Real Estate (DRE) I've read about mortgage fraud, Arms Length Transactions, Acting as Realtor on own personal sells transaction, and accepting a kick back from mortgage company in these statements. This is very serious! The broker is liable for the actions that these agents transact under their licenses. These complaints need to go to state departments such as DRE, or Consumer Complaints with the local DA District Attorney for the State or County at no charge to the victimized individuals. The complaints need to be sent to federal level with Franchise Department. This company is prevalent for acting in a negligent manner and yes there may be a few good eggs, but with as many rotten ones this Franchise and Real Estate Agency needs to be under investigation. Franchise laws are even more strict. Keller Williams runs a free for all franchise and should be required to tighten down on guidelines, laws, and conduct to remain in business. I have a similar story of Agent selling property without a Tax Identification Number on a Multi-Unit (used entire complex APN) never subdivided even to this day! Accepted $150, 000 through their Escrow Company, requiring a Non-Refundable deposit to prevent the property from going into foreclosure, accepting funds and then denying that the sales agreement even existed or that Escrow account existed! Not providing appraisal and cleared title policy of Notice of Default and then claiming that loan was not closed to warrant loss of Earnest Money. The funds required for earnest money is usually in the 3-4% range and so down payment is an astronomical loss. This is not hearsay as to proof is in all legal documentation. The loss thickens and is so deep that the damages are beyond measure. A federal class action may be a better solution for individuals with large losses and to ban together with stronger viable case. Commenting realtor's from Keller Williams are only interested in defending their monetary position and means and if the clients comes first these complaints should be viable enough to cause them to want redirect individuals to great realtor's in their area or squash the damaging agents. You can't just brush the issue under the welcome rug at the front door and think that it is going to go away.

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  • Ip
    I P on KW May 27, 2015

    They have an ok training program, but they do lack integrity. I worked for KW City View in San Antonio TX and it seems that all they care about is recruiting new blood (agents) at $500+ per agent. The team leader/recruiter (L.Cutler) promises to give you support, training, etc...but all you'll find is a brain washing session to make you believe the hype. "Don't" join KW it's nothing more than that a hype. Agents pay close to $20, 000 per year in order to use the name KW. Thanks but no thanks. You can also add an additional $1000 per year for office fees (oh yeah long distance calling is not covered by this fee) so good luck on using the office phone to call that buyer in California. Any new agent can invest half of that and develop a marketing strategy. The top lead generating website in the nation cost approximately $ the math. They will sell you on the CAP idea... and all you hear from the others (the brain washed ones) is the rhetoric "if you CAP you'll be at 100% commission". Now to add insult to injury if that doesn't convince you here's the icing on the cake. KW has been sued so many times that the deductible for a single agent "if" involved in a lawsuit is drum role pleeease... $25, 000. So on top of paying your $100 per transaction for E&O insurance you better pray to God you're never involved in a lawsuit while working for KW, however statistics show that if RE is your career/profession is not a matter of "if", but more of when. Now you do the math is it really worth staying with KW? for a place that stacks all the cards against you and makes you pay royalties from every deal like if you owned the place. NO THANKS.

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  • Bo
    Boombaby23 Jul 25, 2015

    Anita Hale is a real estate scam artist working within Keller Williams and her own independent company. I was looking to relocate to the atlanta area to further my career. I was a single mom so I wanted to make sure I went through a reputable company. I met Anita online and we corresponded via email for awhile regarding a property that I fell in love with. We later set an appointment to view the house and thats when all the drama started. We arrive early and shes late! Any good agent would arrive before their prespective client to prep the house. The house had been vandalized and all the appliances had been stolen. She reassured me that this was a good neighborhood and that it may have been a fellow agent. I later discover that it was a inside job and she blames it on me. But that will be discussed at a later time. Nonetheless my young eager self fell for her realtor scam charm and signed the lease. Within the lease we agreed on certain repairs that took an exteneded about of time to complete. Now mind you I met her repair man one and one time only during my year lease. Fast forwarding to the colder months is when the house really showed its true colors. The water heater went out, Ice maker quit, the security light in the front didnt work, door bell stopped, bathroom stopped up. After several coorespondeds with Ms. Hale and her reassuring us that our issues were "Minute" I consulted professional help. In addition she had no concern for my kids that didnt have the ability to take a decent bath without us having to boil water. My car also was broken into twice due to her not repairing the outside light! I hired a plumber for the bathrooms and waterheater, an electrician for the light and ice maker. As a result I deducted this amount from the rent. She does not accept my payment and attempts to EVICT me and my family. I decided to fight her in court and WON she was responsible for all of the repairs in which I supplied documentation for. She then decided to harrass us with countless letters ending out landlord tenant agreement, bringing strangers in our home to view the property without 24hrs notice, she had someone beating down my bedroom door because I wouldnt open it due to me taking an online exam, in which I informed her of3 days prior. Fast forwarding to the move out and end of lease we leave on bad terms and I return the key were she asked me too. I later receieve a bill for over 5k of repairs that is also now listed on my credit. This CRAZY WOMEN SAID I STOLE HER WATER HEATER!!! IM LIKE ME AND WHAT ARMY IM 5'3! She then proceeds to sue me for damages. I seek legal representation and fight her in court AGAIN... YEP I won and she owes ME damages for what she did! She has yet to pay me. She tried to offer me lower than the settle amount just to degrade me. BEWARE OF KELLER WILLIAMS SCAM ARTIST ANITE I HALE... Our story is still being continues after 3 years!

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  • Re
    Realtor in SC Aug 28, 2015

    I'm a Realtor in SC and have had bad dealings with KW agents
    Recently one agent took my buyers offer to their seller and said no other offers were in (she said this 3 times )
    Next day I have a call from the listing agent with KW saying my seller rejects your offer and another offer came in at midnight my seller has taken. Seller will not be countering your buyers offer, I was furious and said this is unfair to my buyer and. Not ethical. You said you had no other offers in when we presented ours and the other offer had an advantage over ours since that other agent knew our offer.
    This same LA with KW on another Real Estate dealing coached me to present a higher near asking price offer to secure the bid and she is not allowed to give any info on bids
    My buyer had no chance to present a higher offer to compete and today that sale closed in MLS and guess what ???
    It was a buyers agent listed as selling agent on the same team with KW
    Unfair advantage to my buyer client when that listing agent is trying to help her team mate win their bid.
    Also KW agent lied and said she was on vacation and couldn't meet seller to present our offer then tried to put our offer off til the end of week when she said she would be back from vacation
    Then next day she said she had met the sellers with both offers. How did she get back so quickly from vacation??
    She was waiting on her teammate to get his offer in obviously

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  • Ke
    Keren Rueda Apr 08, 2016

    Be aware! This people are unethical and deceivers! We never contacted them and they never presented the buyers of our home, but in a deceive way the represented the buyers and at the end made us paid them 3% of our house selling price. We never even met STephanie Drewry the realtor of this unethical company that deceives people! Please be aware when you are selling your house and this people are in the middle!

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  • Ad
    Adam Cole Jul 25, 2016

    I know how hard it can be to find the right place for the right price in the greater Houston area, so as a tenant I want to help my landlord and any future tenants out as much as I can. Having said that, this is still my home for the time being... I am cleaning my new residence and moving through the night because it is hot in Texas in July and I work. On Thursday, 6/22/16, at 7:30pm, I heard keys jingling at my door with no knock, as my dogs would have erupted if there had been, and thought that since I had not been notified of a showing that evening, they it was probably my next door neighbor. I went about my way getting ready to go out... Then I got a voicemail saying an agent was at my door and could not get in. I called them back to explain that I had not received any notice, that I was not decent, my dogs were home, and that the place was a mess. The lady told me that she would inform the agent that it was not an appropriate time. Remember, it was 7:30 on a Thursday night, and I hadn't been informed.

    Well I felt bad for whoever was looking for a new home, so I quickly got myself dressed, and opened the door to explain the situation and let the people in my messy home. Embarrassingly enough to admit, I had been cleaning house and preparing to move stark naked. 😳 Again, this is still my home, although I respect my landlord and would like to not see them lose any money on a vacancy on my behalf. Everything up to this point was apparent miscommunication...

    But the second I opened the door, agent Amanda Ramirez of Keller Williams in Clear Lake began yelling at me, saying that they've "been waiting, and this is very rude." I tried to explain that I didn't get a notice for the evening visit, but that I had received one for 2:30p. I attempted to tell her that I had dogs in the unit, and the place was a mess, but she continued to speak aggressively towards me in the doorway of my own home. There was no rationalizing with her, so I turned my attention to the young couple to apologize and explain the situation to them, and that I would allow them inside, but to please ignore the mess. That I was doing this out of the kindness of my heart, because I know they're in a stressful situation looking for a home. Agent Ramirez was so aggravated, that she kept yelling at me that I couldn't talk to her clients, and got on the phone with I don't know who, telling them I can't talk to her clients. I honestly thought she was going to try and physically get me to be quiet by covering my mouth. I guess whomever she was speaking with told her to put the key back in the lock box, because she hung up and no sooner did she tell me to move so she could put the key back, she reached between my body and arm to put it back. I honestly thought for a second she was coming at me due to her swift movement my direction and her body language, not to mention the tone of voice she had used since I first opened the door. I raised my arm, and relieved myself of the very close quartered encounter with your agent. As she left I asked her what her name was. She turned and screamed her name from the ground level and told me to google her, while grabbing her name tag and showing it to me, which obviously I couldn't see it from that distance. I honestly at that point didn't know what to say, but I quickly noticed 3 of my neighbors with their kids in the pool where they had watched the whole thing unfold from the time of Ms. Ramirez's arrival on my doorstep, which is right over the pool. They asked who that was and could not believe the level of professionalism displayed by the agent, and when I went down to he pool 5 minutes later, one of the neighbors returned to the pool from her unit telling me that Ms. Ramirez was still out in the parking lot with her clients talking negatively about me. Now I know one agent does not represent the whole lot, or even the company itself, but I am a young teacher with a goal of buy my first home in 24 months, and I honestly can't see myself picking up the phone and calling Keller Williams with the current taste in my mouth, or using your services one day when I hopefully start flipping houses, but that really isn't why I am contacting you today. I'm doing so because I support free market enterprise, and I love this country. I just want you, what I'm sure is a great company, to know who is working for you. Thanks, and God bless!


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  • Jo
    Joyce D Mar 12, 2018

    Gyimah Kyei maybe new to KW realty, but he made an appointment and didn't keep it, which was a big inconvenience for me. He called through the main number, so I had to search the web to find his number. I called him & he said he'd call me right back - no apology for not coming. He never did call me back.

    None of the other realtors from KW were so rude as Gyimah Kyei, but I have received calls from realtors who've already looked at my special house and didn't member my name when it came up again on a list of for-sale-by-owner. If they spend so much time on the phone, how will they have time to actually sell my house?

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  • Kw
    KWSucks Aug 16, 2018

    "Dealing" with KW:
    House #1 purchased in 2016 in Portland, OR - the day after our offer was presented, listing agent for KW held an open house, even though there was a "competitive" "offer". "Lucky" for us no further offers were presented.

    Almost two years later, house #2 offer in Vancouver, WA - less than 20 hours after FULL PRICE offer presented to KW listing agent, get a Zillow alert on the same house having an open house the next day. Apparently the "other" "offer" that was on the table wasn't good enough either...

    See Red KW signs, run away. Ethics, not important. Fake "competitive" "offers" on houses on the market for months that just happen to occur the same day. Gibbs Rule #39: There is no such thing as coincidence.

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