Kay Jewelersshipping time and updates

I placed an order for my wife to surprise her for our anniversary on September 28, 2019
And the order was accepted and funds were deducted from my account. The shipping on the order says 2nd day business shipping which i believed to be a speedy process especially since the website said that orders would not be processed ( money taken from my account) until the order is ready to ship. Well the money was taken from my account and no shipping information was released and the order has still not arrived even after the money was taken. After patiently waiting for my order for a week and still no package, I contacted customer service and after being hung up on by the automated service ans finally reaching a representative I was informed that my package would not arrive until october 17 which is definitely after the estimated time i was expecting to receive the order. The website specifically said that orders would not be charged to my card until they were ready to ship. Well my card has been charged and no package in the time it should arrive in. This has been a very unpleasant experience buying jewelry for my wife and I do not or will not recommend using Kay in the future. I would expect faster shipping times especially shipping an order in the same state when the company headquarters are located less than 1 hour awy from where i live. 19 days is a long time to wait for a package especially when the website offers 2nd day shipping once the order has been processed.If i had known it would have been this long i would have arranged to pick it up to avoid this untimely situation. Your shipping department can do better than this and should do better especially when buying jewelry online from a supposed reputable jeweler.

Oct 07, 2019

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