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Cancel order

Hi I want to cancel my order I do not see this option on your site you can please cancel the order and refund my credit card. As i decided to buy a diffrent watch. Im sure that we can resolve this issue. the order has not been shipped yet. Your a great company and im looking to buy more watches soon.
Order number : [protected]. I also wrote you an email([protected]

Thanks and have a nice day

[Resolved] Order [protected] not yet received

Hello, I bought a watch from Creation Watches on 29 November 2019. It has been almost a month and the tracking code has been stuck on transit status for 14 days. It apparently has been shipped but has not arrived in my country. I tried e-mailing Creation Watches but they have not replied at all about this issue. This feels fishy and very shady. No customer support at all.


Order was received after a longer than expected shipping time.

[Resolved] Took payment then received an email stating the watch was out of stock - no refund

Order no. [protected]

Company took payment - 4 days later had a response saying that the item was out of stock - email stated I could re-order another watch or request a refund?
Have sent in excess of 10 emails but no one ever responds. Have rang the uk customer service number but no one ever answers - answer phone messages left but no one calls back.
Have eventually had an email response (1 week after purchase date) stating to reorder the replacement item but they haven't refunded me?! Again we now have complete email silence?!!!
I have now had to get PayPal involved as again no one answers the customer service number or responds to emails?!
The online chat on their website is useless and always says there are no agents available?!
Worst thing is is that I stupidly re-0rdered the replacement watch so am now nearly £800 out of pocket with no watches and now no one responds?!
Absolutely shocking customer service - avoid at all costs!
I will now also be contacting my credit card company to log a complaint and see if there is anyway I can get my money back.
Worst company ever!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Oct 30, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We regret for the inconvenience caused. We have run out of stock the watch model you ordered, we have cancelled your order and refunded you from our side. Please check at your end.

    If you have any query please contact us on [email protected]

[Resolved] Product not received yet.

Hi there, please see the details below. I am still waiting for my Casio G shock. I emailed you on 9th of...

[Resolved] Casio watch

SO DISAPPOINTED!! This was my first time.. and last time.. purchasing from this website. I ordered 2 watches and one arrived damaged and not in working order. I contacted customer service asap and their response was to bring it to a watch repair person and pay to have it fixed or pay for shipping to return it. I could not believe this was their response! I allowed them numerous opportunities to provide more appropriate customer service but they refused. Needless to say I will NOT be purchasing from them again and warn others as well. Total waste of my money!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Jul 29, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We have 30 days watch Return or Exchange policy and also watch has one year international manufacturing warranty. You can send the watch back to us for repair. We will keep in touch with you in regards with this concern.

    If you have any query please contact us on [email protected]

    Best Regards,

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[Resolved] Seiko watch - lost/stolen? - no tracking data no response


I have ordered a watch from creation watches with Order No: [protected] on Feb 19th 2019.

The watch reached me on March 14th with a ridiculous customs duty imposed (80% of the watch cost), hence i refused the delivery of the watch and immediately informed creation watches that i am returning the order.

To my surprise, when i checked the tracking information of the order after couple of day - It showed 'DELIVERED'. How and when- no one knows, at the time when i returned the package the postal guy clearly recorded the written statement as "Delivery Refused".

I asked the postal guy how many days does it take for the package to return to creation watches, for which he replied 2 weeks.

Today is 22nd April, more than a month since the watch was returned. I contacted creation watches many times in tis time period and the only reply i got is - "The watch hasn't reached us". The tracking information shows " Item Delivered".

I have a feeling that the watch is lost and creation watches is not refunding or giving me a coupon to buy new watch.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Apr 26, 2019

    Dear Naveen,

    It is true that most of time we get blamed for import duties that are levied by the importing country. As explained on our website, the shipping fees are paid by us but Import duties (if any) are always the responsibility of the buyer. While we regret that you had to pay import duties. Please note that in most cases import duty gets triggered based on value of the item being imported. Some fee is usually charged by all these courier companies for handling the clearance. We have no control over this.

    We have raised the inquiry with Sing post, will inform you once we get any update from them.

    As a compensation we will give you good discount on your next purchase.

    If you have any query please contact us on [email protected]

    Best Regards,

[Resolved] Fossil watch (fs5325)

Dear sir or madam, It has been almost 10 months that I purchased a fossil watch from Creation Watches, but...

[Resolved] No refund/ no watch/lack of response

Dear All I ordered watch from Creation Watches however i never recived it detailed description in below...

[Resolved] Watch arrived broken - customer service non-existent!

I purchased a watch for my husband's 65th birthday this year in October. It said free P&P worldwide but thi...

[Resolved] Order cancelation

I bought a Casio analog digital watch today on your Creation Watches website and made payment through PayPal...

[Resolved] Customer service

I have been trying to communicate with Creation Watches, they have not helped at all. They take longer than a week to respond each time, have not progressed my issue and I still have not received my product.

If you have to deal with their customer service be wary of the poor quality and ability to help should any issues arise.

This has gone on for 30+ days now, with me trying to reach a resolution but I am out $100 on a product, they will not accept responsibility for their mistake and have demonstrated a lack of understanding for making things right.

Do not deal with this company.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Dec 19, 2018

    Dear Customer,

    We always try to give best service to our customers. Sometimes reply gets delayed.

    We regret any inconvenience caused, will take care in future purchase and try it never happen again

    If you have any query please contact us on [email protected]


[Resolved] They sent me a watch box with no watch inside

I bought a Seiko SNK809K1 and paid extra to have the original Seiko box. Order number [protected]. After over a week they dispatched the parcel on the 13/11/18 and sent me a tracker number and the parcel turned up really quickly on 17/11/18. I opened the parcel and yes I had a Seiko watch box but it was empty, they hadn't sent me the watch. The dispatch note showed that the parcel they sent out weighed 0.15kg but the box and watch should weigh 0.24kg and with the extra packaging it should be around 0.25kg. I photographed the note and sent it in an email to Creation Watches but total silence from them. The experience from ordering to getting the parcel has been really difficult and I wished I had done more research on Creation Watches. I am one of the moderators on the r/watches subreddit of and when this has been resolved I will be detailing my experience with Creation Watches in the forum

They sent me a watch box with no watch inside
They sent me a watch box with no watch inside


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Nov 21, 2018

    Dear Martin,

    Our watch shipment policy is currently in line with ground realities. What we mean by that is; the customs of various countries, tend to levy import duties on watch in a box because they assume it is a new expensive watch. If on the other hand, we dispatch watch and box separately, we notice that they usually do not levy any import duty on either consignment. This works out to your benefit.

    Our whole intention is to bring to you, the top branded watches at factory prices – that has been our motto right from the start. We hope you will continue to patronize us.

    Best Regards,

[Resolved] no item no refund since 1 year!!! - lack of contact

I ordered watch 1 NOV 2017 now is nov 2018 and I didnt get watch and no refund customer service stop...

lack of clarity and help with shipping address issue

I purchased a watch on October 19th and was provided a confirmation email with a tracking number. I realized I needed to alter the shipping address and immediately reached out to customer service.

I received a generic email, was advised to contact the shipping company (who told me to speak with Creation Watches) and have not been able to get in touch with someone that will help me at Creation Watches.

To top it all off, the tracking number they provided me isn't showing a product status and the shipping company has not received the package on their end.

I really just want to adjust the shipping address, but I can't get anyone from Creation to help me do this.


  • Creation Watches's response · Oct 24, 2018

    Dear Customer,

    We have send address correction request to our courier partner. Please do not worry, SingPost will update the record and ship to your provide address.
    SingPost may at times deactivate the tracking for technical reasons. Please rest assured that you will receive your product shortly. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Tracking is working now.

  • Updated by rwoo · Oct 31, 2018

    Raul, I was in contact with one of your colleagues and I had outlined numerous times that Singpost nor Canada Post could change the address except for your team at Creation Watches. After being assured that it would be going to the address I wanted, it didn't get changed.

    This is disappointing because I've been bounced between Singpost and Canada Post, with no help or proof of fix on Creation Watches end. I would like to have this resolved as soon as possible.

  • Updated by rwoo · Nov 24, 2018

    Its been a month since Creation Watches response, they have not done anything to resolve this issue.

    Dealing with this company has been a nightmare despite their website's claims of "Unbeatable Customer Service".

[Resolved] broken watch dissapeared into repair centre

I bought a Seiko SKX007 from Creationwatches but the watch lost two minutes per 24 hours. I took to an authorized service provider who told me the watch is without warranty since creationwatches isn't an official retailer. I ask Creation Watches about it and they tell me to send them the watch at my own expense. I have now waited 15 weeks and there isn't any indication that i will ever get my watch.

Every few weeks i get a mail asking to wait just a little longer and i wait but it seems the words of Jason and Sally at Creationwatches aren't worth anything. These people are ruthless scammers. I don't recommend doing business with them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Oct 18, 2018

    Dear Georg,

    Apologies for delay but we have asked repair center to send working watch back to us. Sometimes we receive repaired watches but not in working condition from repair center hence we always check the watches before shipping out to our customers. We strive to provide best service to our customers, we regret any inconvenience caused. Thank You.

    Best Regards,

customer service

30th of april 2015 i purchased a seiko prospex baby tuna from was fast, but it stops there. after sending the watch back for warranty repair due to moist inside the watch in august 2015 i got the watch back a few months later in the same condition(moist inside casing). After sending the watch back for a second warranty repair they have been unable to deliver a repaired watch back to me. in late 2017 all communication was stopped, no replies on my mails, no phone number to call, i have even left jason a few messages on his facebook page without any replies. so here i am, over two years after shipping my watch in for repair and it is still not repaired. extremely poor customer service. where a serious company would have sent me a new watch, or money back...theese guys take your watch and shut down all comunication.

  • Updated by kim_h83 · May 22, 2018

    my order number was 10121459, and RMA was sent in and watch sent in for warranty repair in kallang pudding road, singapore after instructions from jason on mail. gets me furious thinking that i´ve spent over 200dollars for a watch 3years ago, worn it for a couple of months and sent it in for warranty repair and the watch is still not back home. totally unacceptable for a big company like creationwatches!

orient mako 2

I ordered an Orient Mako 2 watch from Creation for my Fathers 60th birthday gift . I ordered an orient presentation box separately, as the postage option I selected did not include the box. Seemed odd but still a good price so I went for it.

I received the watch and box quickly. The outer packaging and Orient cardboard box were in perfect condition but the actual presentation box was in terrible condition and looked like it had been wet at some point and was now disintegrating with black dust every where including all over the watch.

No problem I thought, I'm sure creation will sort it and send me a replacement box. I sent them pictures and explained the issue. They have refused to send a replacement box and have given me two options. Either send the watch (which I want to keep) and box back at my expense or accept $15 to buy a box from an Orient distributor in my country.

I emailed back to say according to Orients website there are no centres in the UK and after lots of searching the only place I can find a replacement is on eBay for £40 I also let hem know how disappointed I am with the condition they sent me my purchase in and their customer service. I have had no reply.

So all in all a completely unsatisfactory experience and a watch I can't really give as the nice gift I had hoped.

I would advise anybody who asked to steer clear.

orient mako 2
orient mako 2
orient mako 2
orient mako 2

  • Updated by Matt E · May 02, 2018

    02nd May update:
    Creation have now contacted me and said they will send a replacement box. I will update the complaint again if and when the box arrives in good condition and without import duties.

[Resolved] no refund 6 months!

Guys, if you are in the market for a watch, I suggest you to stay away from this shop. I've purchased ska371...

[Resolved] go here if you want to lose your money and your item.

Read this before you shop with creation watches.!
Guys, if you are in the market for a watch, I suggest you to STAY AWAY from this shop.

I've purchased SKA371 end of August 2017 (order #[protected]).
And I never received my purchase.
It was lost somewhere during shipping with Sing Post. Not a big deal, happens every day perhaps.
As you know, If the item is not received - it belongs to sender and he has a right for compensation.
So normally, the shops refund you once it happens or send your purchase again.

But not creation watches.
Instead of this, creation watches simply keep replying with "we're doing our best working with sing post. Please wait for update". Customer service is answering as some kind of robot.
5 months passed, guys. No money. No watch. No refund. Nothing. Only endless wait without any result.
I suggest you to stay away form this lawless dealers. Don't risk your money here.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Feb 15, 2018

    We apologies for inconvenience caused, we have process with SingPost once it get completed will refund you soon.

[Resolved] customer service and misleading advertisement

I regret dealing with, I purchsed an Invicta watch, order indicated 10-14 days delivery via DHL Express to Canada, time past and I contacted and they updated the order 3 weeks later saying it as sipped via SingPost and will deliver 3-4 weeks, I am now close to week 5 and not yer received.
This company is purposely misleading customers with the information provided prior of ordering.
Their customer service is extremely poor as it seems like an automated machine answering the requests, you will never get an straight and clear answer.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Creation Watches's response · Jan 24, 2018

    We always try to give best service to our customers, we regret any inconvenience caused. The Countries where we offer Free DHL Shipping, the order total needs to be greater than US $75. If the total is less than US$ 75, we will send the watch by SingPost. The SingPost shipping usually take around 3 to 4 weeks to deliver the watch but we regret for late delivery, we are working with SingPost please be assured the watch will arrive soon.

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