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I filed for unemployment insurance in January, 2021, was approved, and began receiving payments. I received two payments. After this, I stopped receiving payments and instead got a message that said "No weekly claim has been processed for this week. If you filed this weekly claim more than 7 days ago, please telephone the Unemployment Contact Center for assistance."

I tried calling that number daily, 3, 4 times a day, and the que was always full and I never got through. I continued filing every week, but continued getting that same message. I continued trying to call, and did not get through.

In February, 2021, the message changed from the above to "Payment for the week has been temporarily suspended because of a question regarding your eligibility. A determination notice will be sent to you." I continued trying to call the provided number and kept getting the que full message (after many minutes of spoken information that had no relevance to me, which was frustrating in itself).

In June, 2021, I finally got through to an agent. He took my information, he clarified my dates of eligibility and advised me that back in February, there had been fraud associated with my account, which is why everything was put on hold. He told me to go in and update/upload my information to the main KDOL page, and he stepped me through that process. He asked me to take a picture of my Social Security card (front/back) and Driver's License (front/back) and send those through the system to KDOL, he stepped me through this. He told me the problem would be taken care of, I should receive all back pay, but don't expect it in a week or two. I then heard nothing for several months.

In August, 2021, I got through to another agent. She advised me that the case had been elevated to the fraud department and that I should expect a phone call from them, after which we could proceed further. I heard nothing from KDOL after that.

In January, 2022, I got through to another agent. He advised me that his records showed that they did indeed receive my SS card and DL information and it looked clear. He told me there was still no record of an attempt for the fraud department to contact me for investigation, and that it is just taking a long time.

At this point, this is completely unacceptable. Using software as old as KDOL uses, it is no surprise at all that they were hacked and so many people became the victims of fraud. But then to not contact those victims, let them know what's going on, and just leave them in total limbo is absurd. To have a phone number that is busy/full que 99.9% of the time is also ridiculous. To then have spoken messages on that number that drone on and on about information that is irrelevant to me (rather than just making the information another key press if I want it) makes me feel like the agency is going out of its way to NOT help people, but to encourage them to hang up and give up on their claims. Finally, to put the most vulnerable people on indefinite hold for receiving any kind of payments which are legitimately due them - is evil. I am sure there are families who could not feed their children, people who were evicted from rentals, etc. etc. because of the complete inadequacy of this agency. This is intolerable.

I wish that the thousands (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of claimants who have found themselves in this dire limbo could form a coalition and bring a class action lawsuit against KDOL, because there are damages caused by not receiving unemployment payments.

But in the meantime, I just want all my back unemployment benefits, along with the covid additional payments that have been legitimately due me for over a year now.

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Mar 07, 2022 7:17 am EST

Hi. Similar story here with a twist. Did you open up a FB page? I'd like to join if you have. I am seeking advice, resources, and anything that would help me as well. Thank you.

Jan 18, 2022 9:26 am EST

I have witnessed the exact same experience, step by step of your story, with the KDOL system. It seems like the only fraud going on is within KDOL itself. Today is 01/18/2022. I have yet to be able to get through to an agent, never received my benefits as I received the same error you errors routed me to contact customer service...hold que always full and no option of waiting on hold. I've emailed them, doesn't help. No response and no way to contact anyone. I've since reapplied and tried changing my address since I moved. Errors doing that on their website as well. Verified the address was entered correctly according to USPS. It was. Still error messages. So now my mail will be going to my old strangers. Way to go on battling fraud KDOL. You're the biggest part of the problem!
KDOL has had plenty of time to correct the website issues and hire enough staff to handle the call volume but they have not done so. Two years is beyond unacceptable to wait for assistance in a time of need. I'm now at a point of speaking to an attorney. The creating a FB page. It's time to get this class action lawsuit going.


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