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S Aug 19, 2019


I sent an email to Justfly and been ignored. To date no reply from the company

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From: "smith pulido"
To: "[email protected]"
Sent: Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 9:54 PM
Subject: Complaint [protected]
To the customer service Manager

I called just fly today and spoken to Jinky ( customer svc) and Supervisor Tresh.

I told them that on Aug 8, on my way back to the US my itinerary showed
that my flight has 1 stop From Cebu-Nagoya-Atlanta ( see below)

Unfortunately, when I reached Nagoya there was NO flight direct to ATL
So I was put into Delta flight 94 to Detroit instead. Then I was told from Detroit I will have to look for the plane that will take me to ATL afterwards.
Bottom line is, the flight I booked via justfly was misleading as it has advertised only 1 stop Cebu-Nagoya-Atl
where in-fact there were 2 stops Cebu-Nagoya-Detroit-Atl

Looking at the itinerary below ( I received from justfly) There is no stop over in Detroit, should I have
Known it I will not book this flight as it cost me more to travel 1 stop. But for convenience
I paid extra believing that I booked a 1 stop flight ticket.

This is definitely not a best practice for booking companies such as justfly
This is misleading passengers buying the wrong ticket.
End up I have to go so much anxiety in Nagoya and Detroit looking for my next flight connection.

I had to go through the process and disembark the plane in Detroit get my checked in bags and rechecked
them again. This whole journey just caused me so much time, money and anxiety and my health! which
I could have avoided only if jusfly has been fair and honest from the beginning!

During the call I made today, I told the supervisor (Tresh) over the phone that I demand a compensation
for the extra money I have paid for this ticket, the anxiety, lost time and trouble I went through.
Unfortunately, I was rejected and was told that I booked a ticket with 2 stops. Tresh told me that in your system
It clearly stated that I have a connecting flight to detroit. What in the world? It will be now my word against yours but I believe
This email trail below speaks the truth, it never say I have a flight connection in Detroit.
The email I received below only showed 1 stop during Aug 8 flight which is Cebu-Nagoya-Atl.

I felt cheated by justfly, whatever it is that happened here, I am clearly the victim!

I am giving just fly a chance to live with your promise of good customer service and honor my request out of good will .
Pls handle my complaint professionally and don't make me lose my trust in you!
Otherwise, I will assume this company cares No other more than the profit that it made by misleading people and therefore needs to
be reported to the regulatory board.


1 Stop
Flight 27
Terminal I

12:31am Mon. Jul 08 Atlanta, GA (ATL)
4:00am Tue. Jul 09 Seoul (ICN)
Airline Confirmation: HTU6PM

4h 30m Layover in Seoul
Philippine Airlines
Flight 485
Terminal 1

8:30am Tue. Jul 09 Seoul (ICN)
12:00pm Tue. Jul 09 Cebu City (CEB)
Airline Confirmation: HTU6PM
Total Trip Time: 27h 59m
See Baggage Allowance Details

Check-in with Philippine Airlines

Cebu City, Philippines (CEB) to Atlanta, GA (ATL) 1 Stop
Philippine Airlines
Flight 480
Terminal 2

9:10am Thu. Aug 08 Cebu City (CEB)
2:30pm Thu. Aug 08 Nagoya (NGO)
Airline Confirmation: RPPEGA

4h 40m Layover in Nagoya
Flight 94

7:10pm Thu. Aug 08 Nagoya (NGO)
10:22pm Thu. Aug 08 Atlanta, GA (ATL)
Airline Confirmation: RPPEGA
Total Trip Time: 29h 52m
See Baggage Allowance Details

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