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JustFlybooking ticket from seattle to sacramento

I tried to change my ticket for other day like august 21 but she booking for September 21 and right now I am waiting for she return and finish the process and the othe problem is I payed more for one ticked only for change the day I don't understand it is disrespect. A stupid company that they don't know respect your clients. And now I need waiting 5 business day for they give me part of my many back.

booking ticket from seattle to sacramento

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    JustFlydidn't receive flight confirmation info

    I tried to book a flight from Huntsville Alabama to Pittsburgh, PA fir Aug 24th through 28th. It appeared that the booking didn't go through. I tried again and the same thing happened. I decided to book through another company since I didn't receive confirmation of the booking from Just fly. I found out today that I had been charged for a booking that I thought had not gone through, when it had. I have no confirmation from Justfly for the ticket. Had I received it, I would not went to another website. I some with a customer service representative today. I told her I never got the confirmation. I had to cancel the ticket and paid nearly $400 for nothing. I've used Just fly before, but will not use it again. I will post my problem online for future clients.
    Angela K. Collier

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      • Complainant20091 May 23, 2018
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        It is unclear, which data you had submitted to the agent in your possible booking

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      JustFlymisleading customer service

      “I booked a ticket with justfly.com. It was a "call in fare" so it could not be booked direct from their website.
      I did check with the carrier airline website directly and there were extra charges for baggage and meals. It was $1078 on the airline website with a seat selection, 20Kgs of checked baggage and meals. It was $962 on justfly.com.

      Booking the flight was cheaper on justfly.com and the phone operator/saleswoman confirmed multiple times that baggage and meals was included with their price and on all international flights-- She confirmed that the meals and checked bags were included three to four times. She also seemed like she was really anxious to book the ticket almost like she would get commission. I suspect this is why she misled me.

      I got the booking registration and guess what - it was $100 dollars more for one checked bag under 20KGs! Still not sure if the international flight contains a meal. If I wanted to pay the higher price I would have booked directly with the airline.

      I called the customer service line and they wasted another hour of my time. I asked them to review the phone recordings where the saleswoman repeated over and over that the price included that check-in baggage and meals. Not sure if they did this but it took a long time on hold to get their final unsatisfactory determination.
      They indicated that the terms and conditions on their website contains some info about paying for baggage so this was their authority to mislead me on the price over the phone. I did not use their website to book the "call in fare". They also told me to contact the carrier airline directly.

      They offered to cancel the entire reservation, which is totally counterproductive. I insisted that they should be providing the service that was represented by their phone saleswoman. I even waited for a supervisor and she had no solutions.

      All of the customer service agents did not speak very good English and they also liked to talk over me frequently on the phone.

      Totally frustrated, will never use their service again, and you will probably see this post on other review sites and maybe the BBB website too!!”

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        JustFlywrong ticket & horribly disappointing customer service

        My booked a ticket from Houston to Incheon (May 15) and from Incheon to Houston (July 1). After I went to Incheon, and during my trip in there, I received an email from justfly that I needed to change my flight ticket schdule. They told me that my flight from Incheon to Houston on July 1 has been cancelled. I called to Justfly and changed the ticket from July 1 to July 2. For this procedure of rescheduling, I had tons of things to complain, but I will pass that in order complain the most important matter.
        On July 2, I went to airport and showed my itinerary which justfly issued by email. But the code shared airline, Asiana in Incheon International airport, told me that my ticket had a problem. According to them, while justfly gave me a more expensive flight ticket, the airline -- Air China -- that I was supposed to use gave me a cheaper one. Because of this difference of seat class, Asiana couldn't give me ticket, and that way, I could not help but missing the flight. I immediately called justfly on the spot in the airport, and one of the supervisors promised that I was supposed to receive a new ticket on July 3rd and I was supposed to received an itinerary email from justfly. AND I STILL HAVEN'T YET RECEIVED ANY EMAIL FROM JUSTFLY UNTIL TODAY, JULY 30. I am an instructor of TEXAS A&M and I am teaching summer, so I could not help but getting a new ticket which made me spend far extra money.
        I'm officially complaining this matter to SUCH A HORRIBLE JUSTFLY, and would like to get compensation from them.

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          JustFly — extra charge for a change of a flight

          On Tuesday, 11 July 2017, I purchased a flight w/ a to/return flight. I noticed on 13 July that the return...


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          JustFlyworst ever experience

          I cancelled my flight Qatar airways dated june 11 booked through Justfly.com which was via Doha due to Qatar crisis and before cancelling that i confirm with the agent of Justfly whether my flight is affected by the situation and will i get a refund. He told me that the flight is affected and they will email the airline for the refund. That was my first call on June 6, 2017.
          After giving them so many calls and each call of almost a hour. On 22nd June hey told me that airline has responded and your refunded will be processed. They are just waiting on the exact amount.
          and to my surprise when i called them on July 2, 2017. The agent told me sorry you ill not get any refund because the airline tagged me as 'No Show' and the flight was not affected by Qatar crises.

          This was my worst ever experience with any Travel Agent.
          1. They give wrong information
          2. Long waiting on call
          3. They lied.
          4. Zero Customer service

          i will just say beware.

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            JustFly.comjustfly is an absolute scam!!

            I had the worst time with JustFly and I don't recommend them to anyone, they are far the worst to deal with.
            I decided to use them only because of their super cheap prices. I felt that there was something funny, because their prices were TOO cheap, but anyway decided to book my ticket. I paid for my booking and they took my money right away. I realized that there was something wrong when after an hour I checked my mail and saw that there was no payment confirmation or e-ticket. I contacted JustFly and they said that I'll get everything within 24 hours which was the most ridiculous thing ever, but I decided to wait till the next day. Nothing came.
            After that I have contacted them numerous times and got noting but empty promises. My flight is next week and I still don't have my ticket! I can't even cancel because they don't allow me to do that.
            When I contacted the airline they said that I have to deal with JustFly.
            Stay away!!! JustFly is an absolute scam!!

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              JustFlyair booking

              British air cancelled my flight and booked me on another with different seats times and aircraft. They have a very good customer service policy that allows full refunds to passengers when this happens but because I booked through justfly I could not get a refund. Justfly does not honor the customer service policy's of airlines. They kept my money and would not refund it. They would not talk to British air like British air asked. They just kept the money and were beyond rude about it. And very dishonest blaming it on the airline. The airline tried everything to get my money back. Never never book through this agency. Terrible rip off and terrible customer service. Expedia said they would have honored British airlines rules. Expensive lesson

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                JustFly.com — aerial tickets/ outrageous customer service

                On February 1st I booked reservation for international flight on April 17. Confirmation number - [protected]...

                JustFlycancelled flight

                Booked a flight with JustFly and received the most terrible service ever.
                When I arrived at the airport I was told that my flight was cancelled. Airline representative said that JustFly responsible for notifying passengers about the situation. No one from JustFly contacted me and I arrived to airport, wasted my money on taxi, wasted my time, had a lot of heavy baggage!
                I was super angry and immediately contacted JustFly, but they only said that they were sorry for all the trouble. I demanded a full refund and also told them that I'm going to hire a lawyer and sue them and I will do that.
                I was never so angry before!
                And the worst part was that it was business trip which was important for my job and I missed it because of them! I will never use JustFly again and will do everything to get my money back.

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                  JustFlyavoid this company at all costs!

                  I wanted to cancel my flight and contacted JustFly via phone. I booked a flight via their service and asked them to help me with my cancellation.
                  Customer service rep said that I have to pay a cancellation fee and when I paid he asked me to wait on hold. He came back to me 15 minutes later and assured me that flight was successfully cancelled, but it wasn't.
                  When I found out about that and contacted them again I was put on hold for over an hour and then disconnected. When I tried to reach them they ignored me. Terrible service, they are highly unprofessional and dishonest. Avoid this company at all costs!

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                    JustFlyservice travel, airline reservations

                    I paid for a flight thru Justfly.com.
                    i thought it seemed like a nice sight and a good price on my flight. i even paid for insurance in case of unforeseen things happening.
                    Well, Hurricane Matthew happened.
                    We had no electric, no phones, no radio, no communication.
                    The insurance covers this.
                    I called and waited on line for a long time. Calling repeatedly. they are in another country, maybe India from the accent. I asked for their address, they don't know their address and they refuse to give my money back, meantime they have all my information and i'm out over $440.00

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                      JustFly.comunethical behavior

                      I booked a ticket with Justfly.com. Unfortunately I had to cancel a ticket due to emergency surgery. They told me with a Doctors note they will rebook me. I sent the note and they acknowledge. I called them every day since last Monday spent a minimum of 2 hours on the phone with them to hear to call back later. They refuse to rebook me or refund my portion of the trip. It is impossible to get a supervisor or anybody on the phone who can make a decision. Now they say there is no availability and there is nothing they can do. . At this point I'm exhausted. My ticket no. is: 016-[protected]
                      the reservation no. is:
                      I need my portion of the flight: USS 1, 073.95 USD refunded.

                      Oh I did not mention that they forced my husband and kids to fly the day after my surgery otherwise we would have lost over USD 4.000, 00. We wanted to rebook everybody for a later flight by they wouldn't allow it even it was an medical emergency. Now I'm here home alone trying to catch another flight to join my family for the rest of the trip.

                      I researched and found several complaints on the Better Business Website stating that they are fraudulent.



                      I strongly believe that people need to be aware of this company. Can you guide me towards an agency where I can file a formal complaint and start further investigations in the unethical behavior of this company.

                      unethical behavior
                      unethical behavior
                      unethical behavior

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                        JustFlybeyond ridiculous!!!

                        I have ordered two tickets for me and my wife via JustFly website. When I received the tickets I saw that they were incorrect, not only the time was wrong but the departure date was also incorrect. I immediately called JustFly customer service and explained the situation. Since it was not my fault I expected to get everything fixed, but they said that it was not possible. The first person I spoke to was terrible and did not want to do anything. After several calls I finally spoke to someone who seemed more adequate. The person said that they can fix everything in a moment but I have to pay some extra money for the service. When he told me how much it will cost I was shocked! It would cost me more than I paid for the tickets!
                        I said that I'm not paying anything and demanded my money back. They just hang up on me and that was the end of our so called conversation.
                        Not only we had to buy new tickets from another company but we also lost our money thanks to these scammers!

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                          www.justfly.comthe company took 4 charges and 2 of them weren't refunded

                          I have purchased 3 tickets for family vacation from www.justfly.com. After I indicated my credit card, it turned out that the company has taken 4 charges, and 3 of them didn’t go through. But these charges, which didn’t go through were pending, and I thought that they would refund them, but nothing has happened. I have spent a lot of time to return this sum, but unfortunately this company didn’t want to return my money.

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                            • Updated by Ccastaneda · Oct 16, 2017

                              copies of statements are attached

                            • Kt
                              K Tijani Aug 12, 2019

                              I purchased a flight ticket, visa and insurance on justfly.com . The visa company CIBT visa lost my visa and shipped it out on the wrong date, causing me to cancel my flights and wedding. In a total debt of $6000.00. Now justfly will not return my money for the flight. CSA insurance is a fraud and won't refund my money for the flights.

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                            • Si
                              Sineady Jul 27, 2019
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I tried to view my dead mother's obituary and just fly ads actually prevented me from clicking on it. Talk about extremely bad taste

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                            • Am
                              AMJ2156 Oct 28, 2018

                              Website does not explain fees for fees and unable to use booking discount. When talking to customer service, suggest price holding. When realizing there was an unadvertised fee, I called back and was told there nothing they could do and she hung up on me. Very poor service and very unhappy!!

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                            • La
                              Lana O'Neal Sep 11, 2018
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Our flight was changed and we were NOT notified.. We want refunded $80.00 in cab fare and a hotel room of $150.00 I have receipts Date was October 20, 2017

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                            • Cc
                              Ccastaneda Sep 10, 2018

                              The two charges were on 10/4/17: 1) Union bank debit card for $154.68
                              2) Coast Hills Fed. Credit Union $154.68

                              Just fly booking number [protected] Person: David A Guzman this is my cousin. I would like the Union Bank debit to be credited $154.68. I do want this one way ticket to remain active to depart 12/1/2017.

                              I have copies of the charges

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