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P Jan 09, 2020

In the summer of 2019 I booked a flight with from Vancouver to Toronto return, leaving Dec 23, 2019. Since I was travelling with my wife and two children, one four and the other nine months, I made sure the flights were nonstop!
I paid for my nonstop flights, received my itinerary and thought everything was fine. Days later I received my itinerary from Flair Air, it stated that my return flight from Toronto to Vancouver had a stop in Calgary! This is not what I booked through Justfly, my Justfly itinerary clearly shows that my return flight is nonstop! But just to make sure, I called Justfly's customer service. The young lady was very helpful, I explained to her the situation and she was professional. She reviewed my itinerary and assured me that my flight was nonstop from Toronto to Vancouver.

We had no issues flying to Toronto but on January 2, 2020 when we arrived at the airport to return back to Vancouver, the airline ticket attendant told us that our flight is stopping in Calgary! To change crew, re-fuel and pick up passengers (we later learned).

I'm not one to complain about much but this is absolutely unexceptionable! I'm using and trusting this website and I believe what I'm reading is true! A nonstop should mean NONSTOP, end of story!

I called Justfly customer service and explained my case! The woman looked into my concerns and returned to the phone irritated, she explained that the flight only had a 55 min stop in Calgary, We didn't have to re-check in and it was normal.
I've been on plenty of flights that have done that but I always knew that prior to purchasing my boarding pass, I have never purchased a ticket that stated the flight was nonstop only to learn 30 min before take off that it's actually a one stop! That's not acceptable and I nor any of my family and friends will purchase anything from Justfly in the future.


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