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flowers were never delivered!

Very poor service. I have tried to send some flowers to my wife, but she never received anything and these thieves keep claiming they were not responsible for that. When I ordered from justflowers I contacted them and they promised to deliver the flowers on a certain date. So I called my wife and asked about the flowers and she said that there was no delivery. We waited and waited and the next day called justflowers and they said that they have no idea what happened and where our order was. I asked for a refund but they refused and said that is was not their responsibility. Do not deal with this scam organization!

  • Li
    Liccy Clavell May 09, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I still waiting for my flowers or my refund of 99.47 no one is taking responsibility this look like a scam to me . I order my daughthers flowers for mothers day, never got them deliver . Now no one answer my calls. I will report this case to BBB . Rockville md

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stay away from this place!

I ordered some flowers from JustFlowers and they were supposed to be delivered for my sister’s birthday. Total cost was $70. Flowers were delivered on time, but unfortunately went a neighbor’s house. I received a call from my neighbor and I went to his place to pick up the flowers. But when I saw them I was shocked. There were just random flowers in an ugly vessel. I returned home and called JustFlowers. They asked me to send them pictures and I did. Later I was told that they cannot offer me a full refund or an exchange, but they would give me $5 as an excuse. Just avoid this company! Completely ridiculous!

they will take your money and never deliver the flowers.

This is a group of scammers and they only want to rob you! They will take your money and never deliver the flowers. When you try to get a refund, they refuse to do it and tell you the flowers are going to be delivered later. They also will keep you on the phone on hold for hours! And you will never find out what happened to your flowers, so don't even try. I'd say this was the worst experience in my life! I was promised same day delivery, and that the flowers would cost $60. But they charged my credit card and took $95! And flowers were never delivered. I was very man. I spoke to different agents and they all told me different stories. They all lied to me every time I called. Horrible company!

phone calls

I have received 4 phone calls from this company in the past 2 hours. Every time I pick up the phone to answer, the call hangs up as a missed call. They are calling a business line and interrupting meetings with clients. I am, and have been on the "do not call" list since it's inception (and have updated my registration regularly). I cancelled my landline because all I was getting were calls like this - I cannot have this type of interruption at my business.

substituted item

Horrible customer service. Fraudulent information posted on web site. Do NOT order from Just Flowers. Ordered a pink Hydrangea to be delivered next day. Credit card charged at time of order. Called me 30 hours later (5 hrs from when it was supposed to be delivered) to say I had to pay $40.00 more to have a hydrangea delivered or they can send a Peace Lily. Refused to upgrade the order more than 10.00 or credit me for inconvience of not sending plant I wanted. Asked to speak with a Manager or Supervisor and of course there was not one available. I tried to explain to "Bella" that had they called me the day before I could have canceled my order and used a different company to get what I ordered or something similiar to what I wanted but since they called 5 hrs. before I needed it delivered I had no chioce but accept the plant offered. I asked her why do they have 200 plants on their website when I only have one option for delivery and she had no response. Delivery was in a large city with multiple florist, no reason they could not find other options for me to choose, Bottom line if you want them to choose your arrangement call them. Hoping the plant gets there today and Manager calls me on Monday as I requested. I will never order from here again.

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poor customer service

I ordered flowers for Mother's day on May 6th to deliver May 8th. They weren't. They couldn't even manage to deliver them the 9th or 10th or call to tell me they weren't delivered. I called on the 11th and was told they'd have to contact the "local florist". I was put on hold then told the florist wasn't answering, they'd have to talk to them, the flowers would deliver that day and they'd call me back. Three hours later I called again. Same story but they added "maybe the driver was in an accident". After a total of six hours since my fist call I called again to demand a refund. Got the same story. When I said I refused to wait any longer they put me on hold again to call the "local florist" but first had to tell me "maybe the driver was in an accident". She came back to say the order couldn't be cancelled and a refund given because the flowers were "on the truck". When i pressed the woman to promise me that what she was saying was that they WOULD deliver she had to admit that was not the case and that she hadn't even talked to the florist. While we were still going back and forth I got an email response to a complaint I'd made that morning. The email stated that my flowers had been delivered and they hadn't been contacted by the florist regarding any delivery issues. With that blatant lie in front of me I was finally given a refund. The customer service number is a call center in another country. The whole thing felt like a scam. They refused to tell me the name of the "local florist" and I suspect they use some big warehouse. The sort of place that turns up at a company with roses about to die and say "my boss put too many roses on the truck" and sell them cheap. And not sure what they think goes on in America that involves our roads being cluttered with flowery delivery trucks that have been "in an accident".


Just Ordered a star gazer lily plant from them this week. Paid extra to have it delivered on sat from the kids for their mom($19.99 vs $14.99) ... Was called and told ups doesn't deliver on Saturday ?? I told them yes they do. So now they want to deliver on Tuesday for mothered day?? Wtf? About 1 hour on the phone to resolve this. They want my " permission" to change delivery date. I say no and we are at an impasse. I say okay and I want comp for it. I get $5. Tonight at 5:30 I get a call that they don't have my order do they have " permission"to send something else? I said no. They don't know what to do. I said cancel my order and refund my money plus the comp for my time and frustration. They can't do that A manager will call me... NEVER ORDER CROM THEM!!
And the online delivery is $10.00 less than the phone order price?!'


  • Md
    mdigital Sep 27, 2010

    Scammed my mom $90 to purchase $15 of Mums that we could have bought at the local gracery store.
    They didnt even get the right flower. Upset her through the entire funeral.

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  • Ha
    harbir Sep 27, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst experience I ever had. The flowers were supposed to deliver before 1.00 pm(Paid extra for express service) but didn't happen. I had to cancel the order without a refund. They will not refund you even you didnt receive the order.

    Never ever order from

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  • Dr
    drakon Dec 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ordered flowers 2 may to be delivered to my 90-year-old mother for mother's day. They still have not arrived (as of 14 may).

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  • Ju
    JustFlowers Jan 13, 2012

    We apologize for any misunderstanding that has occurred here. If you have your order number, we can have our senior customer service manager contact you with an agreeable and acceptable resolution.

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  • Au
    Audrike Aug 30, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was trying to give my Daughter flowers for her birthday... not only did this group fail to deliver this on-time but they did not provide my money bank and had to force them off from my bank. Later that day they called my Daughter and asked how where the flowers that she received.

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product quality and customer service

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Unfortunately I assisted my 85 y/o mom to purchase flower...

can't cancel an order

This is a copy of a letter I just sent: alvin, just Order number # I have had a horrendou...

company lies

My son ordered flowers to be delivered to his Valentine ON Valentine's day. Just Flowers was happy to take his order and his money, saying they would be delivered on Valentine's day. At about 8.00 p.m.on Valentine's day they notified him that "due to the high volume of orders on Valentine's day (duh), they would not be delivering his order until the next day." My son told them he just wanted to cancel the order for the obvious reason that it was for Valentine's Day, and also that the girl he was sending them to would be out-of-town for the next five days and wouldn't receive them anyway. He was on hold for hours on Valentine's day and they never answered. He e-mailed them on Valentine's day telling them to cancel his order and not deliver the next day. They never responded to his e-mails and delivered them anyway. Of course, the recipient of the flowers was not there and the flowers were dead when she returned home. We continued to try to contact them by phone and waited on hold for hours and hours until someone answered. All he could say is that "the flowers were delivered", which we already knew. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was transferred to "Dean". After explaining our situation and after he confirmed that my son had sent them an e-mail on Valentine's day to cancel, he said that they would refund 100% of his money and he would have his money back in 1-3. That was on the 18th of February; it is now February 28th and he has not received a refund. I called today and waited for 50 minutes on hold until someone finally answered. After explaining the same situation again and being told "sorry"--again--I asked to speak to Dean. Dean answered and apologized profusely and told me that what he had told me was "reversed" by his manager. He was sympathetic and let me know that he felt a refund should be offered but was told he could not honor that by his superiors. I asked if I could please speak to his manager and he he connected me to "Jason." Jason was anything but helpful, respectful, or professional. He continually interrupted me and talked over what I was saying. When I told him that his own representative had guaranteed a full refund, he said "there is no guarantee". He said it would not hold up in court---really? I never mentioned going to court. He was a patronizing, rude buffoon!! As a company, I told him they should be concerned about customer satisfaction and upholding the word of the people that represent them. He continued to be rude and disrespectful. My son is 17 years old; this company is the biggest rip-off. They took over $80.00 of his hard-earned money, with the guarantee of delivering them on Valentine's day, and they did not. After e-mailing them to cancel the order, they delivered anyway--THEIR mistake. And yet, they refuse--after telling him that they WOULD give him 100% of his money back--to honor that. This company is corrupt and does not deserve the hard-earned money of anyone. Stay away from doing business with such ignorant jerks!!

  • Di
    dimaree Nov 22, 2015

    Same thing here. I was guaranteed by justflowers that flowers would be delivered to my niece on sunday November 22nd, 2015 and was phoned at 3:26pm on the day to be told that they couldn't deliver. I won't be using this company again. Don't make guarantees if you can't live up to them.

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  • De
    Dean Anderson Sep 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They tried to call me today, after my complaints on a screwed up order and failed partial delivery.Cost me $138, and $50 plant delivered while $30 box of candy didn't make it.They first wanted to credit me $5, then said order was correct and did not include candy.I rplied with photo of smaller plant and am telling everyone to check their complaints on-line and avoid this company., Just

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  • Al
    alakmonok May 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had the most unpleasant experience with my order. I will never order flowers online, not with justflowers for sure. totally overpriced, online pictures are misleading, the most modest and relatively cheapest options are looking very cheap, you are better off getting flowers from the local florist. that's what I was told by the person who delivered my order. he was chocked that I paid $77.00 for couple of carnations and roses, it did not looking anything like the picture, you could get better roses for $9.99 from the gas station. they refuse refund, when florist who delivered agreed it should be returned and took the flowers back.

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  • Us
    user1676827 Jun 02, 2017

    we're a brick and mortar florist and refuse to process orders for sham companies like "justflowers" - they've called numerous times over the years and we've told them we're not interested. so now, for the past year they call our phone number multiple times a day just to harass us, if we pick up, they don't say anything. but they call over and over. complete and utter lowlife dirt bags. not the kind of people anyone would want to associate with.

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I would warn everyone no to use this site

Users beware. I would warn everyone not to use this site. Their business practice is not professional. I ordered a “european garden” flower dish arrangement from a web site called flower on saturday morning at the web site phone number [protected]. I should have realized something was wrong when the operator (Girl) came on line and said the company name was just The operator told me they would be able to deliver the flowers before 6 pm that day, so I made the order. The flower dish arrangement came to a total cost of 49.99 plus tax and I thought there would be a delivery fee of 10 dollars. I did not know about the other charges until they sent me an e-mail showing 2.99 handling fee and 18.98 for shipping or service, for a total of 71.96. The operator also gave me a different number to call, [protected], opt 3 if I had any questions. I called our family on sunday and inquired if the flowers had cheered them up and I was surprised to hear they never got any flowers. No flowers were delivered. No one called me from just flowers to let me know what was going on, they had my number. Not professional. I called just flowers on monday morning and after waiting on the phone for a while, the girl told me that no florists were available to deliver flowers on the weekend in the fairhope, alabama area. Monday morning I called three florist in fairhope and two in foley and they are open on saturday. The just flowers operator apologized for the delay and they could still deliver the arrangement today or tomorrow. I said, no, thank you. The order needed to be there by saturday and you did not do what was promised. Cancel the order please. The just flowers operator told me she could not do that without a manager approval, but would put a credit out there for me to use at a later date, maybe for thanksgiving or christmas. I told the operator, no thank you. This business is more interested in keeping the money than providing the service which was promised. I will never do business with this company again. I called my credit card company and I am refusing to pay for flowers which were not delivered. I would warn everyone not to use this site. Users beware.

wrong flowers

On Thursday 05/31/2012 at 10:55 PST, I placed an online order for my daughter’s birthday. I ordered the White Grandeur which has her favorite flowers Lilies this is the description of the order: (White Grandeur A splendidly pure and stunning arrangement of all white bursts with floral beauty and sweet scents. Assorted lilies and other fresh flowers create a gorgeous medley of fragrant blooms, making this an ideal gift!) Here is the picture of what I ordered.
No where on the order does it say roses, mums or daisies. Here is the picture of what my daughter received. The quality of this arrangement is no where close to what I ordered. There is more baby breaths in there then flowers.
I have made several calls to your company to have this matter resolved and your staff keeps giving me different stories to why they could not deliver the lilies. One excuse was the florist doesn’t deliver lilies for birthdays’, another was in order to get the flowers there on time they had to substitute, if that was the case they should of called and emailed me, at least I could of picked another arrangement or something.
I also asked the rep if I could just get a full refund and she said no, that she could give me a coupon and a $5 credit. When I paid the $59.77 I expected to get exactly what was advertised, giving me a credit of $5.00 and a coupon for next time is not comparable. I told the rep that does not make up for the fact that she received something I did not order. Then the rep told me that they had to call me back and said if I wanted them to resend and I told them I just wanted a refund they said the could not do that, that they could refund ½ the cost since some flowers were delivered.
They will resend the arrangement even though her birthday has already passed and our special mother/daughter tradition has been broken. By resending the flower arrangement still does not make up for the fact that a company you used tried to send me a cheap arrangement that was mostly made up of baby breaths, mums or daisies, and three roses at my expense.

Today, Monday June 4th I was guaranteed that the new arrangement would be delivered but, the flowers never arrive. The manager never called to confirm that the arrangement was being delivered until I called at 3:30 to see why they did not arrive yet. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with!


Flowers were ordered around 11:30 pm, Monday 7/25/11; confirmation received that the flowers would be delivered to Hogan’s Funeral Home, Highland Fall, NY 10928 the next day before the viewing which was at 2:00 pm.

Tuesday 7/26/11; I called in the late afternoon to find out why the flowers were not delivered as scheduled (FIRST DISAPPOINTMENT). I stated this was an embarrassment to the family and questioned why they had not been delivered. I spoke with a woman who apologized and said their computer systems were down and the local florist never got the order. She assured me they would be delivered to the funeral home the next day in the morning.
After speaking with my family who advised the flowers should now be delivered to the family’s home since no one would be at the funeral home anymore, I called back Customer Service to provide them with the proper family address. They told me the flowers would be delivered Wednesday, 7/27/11 no later than by 3 pm. The agent I spoke with was apologetic and offered to call a member of the family to express apologies for not delivering the flowers the prior day. However, that call was never received by the family! (SECOND DISAPPOINTMENT)
Wednesday, 7/27/11; At 4:05 pm I called Customer Service to find out why the flowers had not been delivered as planned by 3 pm and they told me they would be delivered. I asked to speak with a manager and was connected to Aaron Delon. I reviewed the details of the matter with him, and he said that the flowers were on the truck for delivery. Delon offered to call a member of the family and apologize, and he offered to call me back in one hour to discuss the matter further. He did neither! (THIRD AND FOURTH DISAPPOINTMENT)
At 6:45, I call Customer Service and was connected with a manager named Faith. I reviewed the details with her so would understand why I was calling to cancel the order because the flowers delivered so late after they were ordered for the funeral were no longer meaningful. She stated the flowers were delivered at 6:00. I told her that my order was placed with the understanding that they would be delivered for the funeral occasion, and I did not agree to such a late delivery. She said I was still responsible to pay for them. I asked her if I they delivered the flowers a year later, does she expect that I still pay for them. Faith said “YES”! She was relentless and insisted that I would have to pay for the flowers (FIFTH DISAPPOINTMENT). Finally, Faith actually said that if I wanted a refund, she would have to have the flowers picked up at the family’s house the next day! Can you believe that!? (SIXTH DISAPPOINTMENT)
Never in my life have I had an encounter a customer service person, no less a manager who is supposed to have the authority to please the customer, who has no interest in satisfy the customer or wanting to compensate the customer for their ill doing.
I work for a large company who orders flowers and other items for employee occasions, and have communicated to them, NEVER to order from “JustFlowers”. I have also contacted my credit card company and we will be disputing the charges.

  • Ju
    JustFlowers Nov 15, 2011

    We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you with this order. We have a 99.9 percent success rate in getting orders executed and delivered but unfortunately our filling florist had somehow let your order slip through the cracks. Our customer service manager still offered to have your order delivered with an apology note and a discount and you had accepted and we in turn delivered your order. We received the chargeback from your credit card company and accepted it since you were unhappy so you in turn have had your order delivered along with your money back. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding and we hope that we can serve you in the future.

    Just Flowers Inc.,

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rude service

I ordered a floral arrangement for my aunt's visitation and funeral. The arrangement sent was a trying to resolve the issue, I called and emailed several times. Every time I called I was always put on hold for upwards of 12 minutes. I received several calls from them as well, and every time I was asked for the invoice # and put on hold again, even when they called me all through easter holiday and even when told I was on cell and on roam the agent would put me on hold. They called me constantly asking my # then they tell me that the florist sent what I had ordered and I had no claim. Fortunatly I had a picture and when I sent it to them whole tone changed. The arrangement was not even close to what they said it was. But they still called me asked for my number and put me on hold. They were on the most part defensive and showed very little understanding of the fact that these were funeral flowers. I don't want any compensation just letting others know this is not a reliable company

  • Ju
    JustFlowers Oct 28, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    First off, we would like to apologize for lack of empathy shown towards you in this difficult situation. We have a team of managers standing by at all times ready to take your call and resolve any outstanding and existing issues that need to be dealt with here. Please allow one of our managers to resolve this situation in any way can by calling our toll free number at 800.777.1911 and we would be glad to offer any assistance needed here. You are important to us and we would like to fix this for you.

    Just Flowers
    [email protected]

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  • Mo
    mommytime Jan 30, 2012

    I ordered flowers for a birthday to be delivered on Jan 27 - it is Jan 29 and they have not received a delivery. I have called justflowers and after being on hold for a LONG period of time KYLE said they needed to call the florist and would call me back on the 28th. Of course I did not receive a call so I called back today and was told again they would need to call the florist, I said this was unacceptable and asked for a refund she again sai they needed to call the florist, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they were all speaking to customers (should be a clue) so I told them I would hold...I am currently still has been 20 minutes so far. Bottom Line - This company is not reputable DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

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  • Do
    DONNAK2158 Nov 15, 2013

    DO NOT USE Do not care
    I picked two arrangements for reasons of my sisters favorite color and the other was favorite flower. This order was for her wake and Funeral service. I walked into the funeral home to see a ugly bouguet. This was not what i ordered. I dont carry a camera to this type of occasion. Thankfully I asked around and someone had picture of flowers. I spent over 230.00 dollars, this company offered me $33.00 dolllars back. What is wrong with this picture, I asked for a full refund as they cant FIX this mistake. They stand by their florist who obviousely just throw something together. The florist had enough time to reach out to me through Just flowrs to express the regret they cannot fill this order. This was a funeral for a close member of my family, this cannot be corrected. Satisfaction guarentee is useless with this company. I can stress enough to stay away. THEY WILL FIGHT NOT TO GIVE MONEY BACK- I WENT TO MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO GET THIS WORKED OUT, ON A 3-WAY CALL MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY COULDNT BELIEVE THEY WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING ON THEIR OWN. HOPE I GET MY 100% REFUND. DO NOT USE

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charged my credit card, did not deliver flowers

I ordered flowers on 12/30/2010 to be sent for a birthday gift. Just Flowers accepted the order and charged...

bad company

Do not order from just like so many other complains on this board, I paid for a service, and did not receive that service!

I placed an order with to have a dozen roses delivered to my son's girlfriend the next business day. They guarantee delivery, according to their website. However, this is not the case.

At 6:30 pm the following day (Day of delivery), I received a call from my son telling me the flowers had not been delivered. When I contacted justflowers, I was told that a manager had a left a message on my cell phone, asking me to call them back (The message was left at 5:00 pm). When I asked where the flowers were, I was told that they could not be delivered that day (Keep in mind it's already after 5pm), but they would deliver them the next day with an apology note for the recipient and then give me a $10 off coupon for my next order.

I said no! The "next" day wasn't her birthday. They should have been offering to deliver the flowers for free the next day. They were not fulfilling their end of the "service contract" we entered when they charged my credit card and failed to deliver.

It took me three different people and a lot of screaming on my part to get a manager to issue a "void" to cancel my transaction. I demanded the money be refunded to my credit card immediately, and the manager assured me the void would credit my card within one business day. I’m still waiting for that credit.

I lost gas money, I lost several hours of my time, I lost the nearly $80 that is being held on my credit card, and my son's relationship with his girlfriend was damaged due to the delay in his gift.

This company has to be stopped! There are many complaints regarding this company available from other consumers on the internet. I am more than willing to pursue legal action against them.

poor floral service

For complaints about just flowers, go to the top:

Corporate headquarters
Just flowers, inc.
Nelson garrett, owner
2127 westwood blvd 200
Los angeles ca [protected]
Phone: [protected]

  • Pi
    Pissed Off Customer75 Feb 22, 2011

    I used this company to deliver flowers to a family member who had just came home from the hospital. I placed the order over the phone and was told what kind of flowers would be sent and also that I was paying for the delivery to be that same day.
    The flowers arrived at the end of the next day and it was not the arrangement I payed for. I called and spoke to many people and finally a "manager", if you can call him that. He should've had the title "JACKASS"!
    I requested that at least half of my money be refunded to me, because it was the wrong order and it was a day late being delivered. He offered to give me a $10.00 credit on another order. I mean did he really think I was going to use them again?
    To make matters worse, he was extremley rude! I went back and forth with these idiots and got no where.

    I sent these flowers to someone who had just came home form the hospital and really wasnt able to go through the process of returning the flowers...nor was I going to ask her to do that! At the point that the company has made a BIG mistake, they should do the right thing for the customer at that point.

    No one at the place has a clue, and they all have no customer service. I have been on the phone with them numerous times and I am sick of the BS I'm getting from them. I tried called the number to the Owner listed: Nelson Garrett 310 446-6242, but it just rings! I will not stop until I get results! This is so horrible!

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no delivery

Family member passed . We were notified day before viewing. I called Just Flowers and ordered
Traditional Funeral Wreath for our family. I called them at 10:03AM. I was promised the
flowers would be at funeral home today as visitation is 7PM tonight. At 4:40 PM today I got
a calll advising they cannot deliver flowers until Sunday. I did not want them on Sunday.
She offered a $10.00 credit if Sunday would be ok. I repeatedly told her no. What started out
as a 149.98 arrangement, ended up 180.44. I told them to cancel the order and credit my
credit card. I called the credit card company and as of yet there has been no credit. I caslled
the company back and she said it would 3 to 4 business days to credit account. My credit card
company advised this could be done same day if they wanted to or even intends to credit
me. On line I pulled Just Flowers up and found all of this horrific scam they have and are
still pulling. Why can't they be stopped and or charged with scaming the public.

Our family is sickened over this as we are cousins and he meant alot to us.


won't stop email promos

After their failure to deliver flowers on Mothers Day a year ago I have been sent email solicitations relentlessly by I have clicked the "unsubscribe" text at the bottom of the emails many times but am still receiving them. I even called the company and in spite of assurances that I had been removed from this company's email list I still receive this unwanted solicitation. I will NEVER use this company again and will be sure to tell friends and neighbors NEVER to use them. They are despicable!

won't stop email promos
won't stop email promos

  • Ca
    Cassie16 Feb 03, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have asked Just Flowers to stop sending me emails and they won’t. I have unsubscribe so many times and the email are still coming. I will never order anything from them. They did not deliver flowers to my mom for Mothers Day after promising it would be delivered.
    What can be done to get them to stop.

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broken bonsai plant dish and figurines

I will never order from and will tell everyone I know about the terrible lack of customer service. This inept company will not even reveal the name of the owner or president of their company. I currently have a dispute in negotiation with my credit card company for refund of payment due to defective products being delivered. There is no point in going over the details, I can't take the additional stress. Suffice it to say, the last few days have been a nightmare in dealing with these people over the phone. They have no idea how to treat a customer. I am determined to find out who owns this company and give them a piece of my mind.

  • Kr
    Kristin Maxson Mar 16, 2010

    I got a scam virus from JustFlowers, it is charging my credit card $12 each month: Read this, even if you do not do it, just by viewing it, your credit card is stolen:

    As a member of Complete Savings you can claim your $20.00 Cash Back on your next purchase made at anytime you want through 1/7/2010 if you have not already claimed it.

    To get your $20.00 Cash Back, simply email your order confirmation from [email protected] to [email protected] within 30 days of making your purchase (online purchases do not require coupon to be mailed). We cannot open attachments in email, so please do not include attachments when you email your order confirmation.

    Or if you prefer, you can redeem by mail. Simply print and cut out your $20.00 Cash Back Incentive coupon and mail with your order confirmation to: Complete Savings - Cash Back Offer, c/o, Inc., P.O. Box 855, Shelton, CT 06484, within 30 days of making your purchase and include the email address [email protected] you used to join Complete Savings. Make sure your order number, purchase date and Complete Savings Member #: 27231553006 are included.

    Complete Savings will then send you a check for $20.00 to the address shown on the coupon. If you need to make any changes to your personal information, please update your Member Profile, notify us in the email you send, or write changes on your coupon if you redeem by mail.

    Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Your $20.00 Cash Back Incentive is good on any one purchase. This offer is non-transferable and limited to one per household.

    Thanks again for being a valued Complete Savings member and enjoy your $20.00 Cash Back Incentive!

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