Just Answersfees taken out of my account

M Nov 05, 2019

I tried to contact your company to ask about a solar issue. I never got any reply from the Answer website except it kept asked me my problem over six times. I typed it each time only to get another new person responding each time.

I finally gave up. After giving up, I starting getting messages for complete details - far too late to help me. All were asking for details of my iss ue again and again. I typed it that many times but it was requested again each time. How many times can I write the same thing?

I then had $5 taken from my account and today I notice a $40 has been taken again. What for?

I intend to report your company to the AAAC unless I have the money returned. I got no service from you.

  • Updated by Mariahnas · Nov 05, 2019

    I have been to the bank and they confirmed the $40 has been taken and is a 'permanent transfer" and agreed with me that at no time you asked for my consent and there is no opportunity for me to cancel these payments.

    I am formally informing you that our Australian Government AAAC Agency are being contacted as we speak to fine you and to make you cancel these deductions, refund my $44.95 taken as no service was provided by your Company.

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