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I am absolutely furious and this entire process, it has been extremely painful and full of delays and incompetence with the latest call being the most infuriating. We have been waiting for weeks to get the check released to pay our contractor. By the time anyone told us we had to go through this BS process all the work had been done and completed and we were invoiced by the contractor...First, the time it takes to get an 90% work completion inspection and the breakdown between what they agree is approved then to change their mind and schedule a second inspection is bad enough...then to say they will send us the check made out to the contractor and us as owners, to be requested by myself to remove us from the check and send directly to the contractor to save time since it has already dragged on for be told this was not a problem and it would be overnighted via Fedex directly to the contractor...then, incompetence strikes again, they do eventually get a check printed and Fedex to the contractor, only it goes to the contractor made out to us and NOT the, they tell us we have to submit a written note to them online stating we want them to make the check out to the contractor and send directly...only adding even more time to this ridiculous process leaving us having to tell an already frustrated contractor that this check will be delayed again...additionally, even the work completion inspector mentioned how incompetent this process is for them.


  • Jm
    Jmurphy Jul 15, 2017

    Dated 7 15 17. I experienced exactly the same unbelievably aggravating inexcusable incompetence (or perhaps intentional delay) from I wasted an extraordinary amount of time trying to recover insurance money from them to pay my contractor. I had to pay the contractor myself because the contractor walked off the job (all of which was a huge problem due to a pending divorce and the fact that I was waiting to get work done to list house). I was told I needed one document (a contractor license) then told the next day by a different agent that they would waive the requirement because Illinois doesn't provide carpenter licenses but was then told I needed one again and that there was no waiver in my file. I was later told that the contractor bid was rejected because we hadn't signed it, but when I sent it countersigned I was told it was illegible, then told it was fine, and then told again it was rejected as illegible. After that, they finally sent out an inspector who said my job looked great and was 100% complete. But ... one of their agents said they didn't have the report. Then they said the inspection wasn't complete and demanded a report from a date that there was no inspection . Then I heard from their inspection company that they talked to the inspector who confirmed the inspection wasn't complete but in the same message asked for the inspector's name and contact info (but she had talked to him????). Fortunately, I had the inspector send me a copy of the report and it looks like after many many weeks I may finally receive the funds. My mortgager is Citizens One. This stupid place is a third party administrator and should be investigated. Jennifer Murphy Park Ridge Illinois

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  • Al
    Alexander Alba Aug 17, 2018

    I feel the pain and similarities between the experience with this nightmare of a company ( ), which Freedom Mortgage has administering the release of funds for Hurricane Irma related repairs to my home.
    I have sent them all of the required and requested (& then complexity signed "corrected") paperwork, contractor proposals, estimates licenses, waiver of liens, and even paid in full invoices for materials and work I had to pay out of pocket because they had told me they would be releasing an initial disbursement of $40K, which was over a month ago.

    Instead, they set up an inspection to confirm the expenses I paid for were completed. The independent inspector they sent came out twice and concluded at least 70% of the repairs were completed. ICC fiddled around with the reports "Review in Process" for nearly a week before they started processing the first check disbursement check for only one of the many items already completed... During which time I upload more paid receipts, photos of more items being completed, and written letters requesting reimbursements, at least up to the 70% of the insurance claim settlement check I sent them. Nada, Zilch!

    While on the phone, I'm told the $13K check it is being made to the contractor, although I had already paid that invoice in full and had provided ICC documentation of signed invoice, W9, COI (Certificate of Insurance) and contractors lien waiver release for this this invoice. Whether it is pure incompetence or some sort of stall tactic that in some way benefits them, it is unacceptable!

    I requested for that check to be cancelled and to issue it to me along with reimbursement for paid store bought receipts I was initially told wouldn't require the additional documentation since it's from a store (e.g. Home Depot, etc.). I was told the request is being made. Another two weeks pass without any sort of release of MY insurance benefits claim settlement to repair my house nor reimbursement of none of the nearly $57K of receipts and paid in full invoices.

    Today, (August 17th) was told that my home sales contract states repairs would have to be 100% complete before they disbursement of any funds. Ridiculous, Absurd, Aggravating, Stressful, and infuriating to name a few non-explicit adjectives that are being experienced.

    Through all this, my mortgage payments have been made on time, I've maxed out my credit cards and emptied my savings account to get repairs completed as quickly as possible to prevent further damages to my family home and the very pottery being held as collateral for my mortgage... I'm now in a financial crisis because they have yet to release one dime and trying to scrap up funds to hire an attorney to assist.

    In the mean time, the level of incompetence and utter disregard for stress a loss encountered while dealing with ICC ( must be report. In the process of researching I came across your post and gather all of my documents to file complaints with the FTC, Consumer, and directly with Freedom Mortgage.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully it all finally worked out for you. It quite likely there are many more similar untold stories that mortgage companies need to be made aware of to stop these bullies that blatantly discard common sense and decency all while holding your insurance claims funds for repairs hostage. It's no wonder why ICC is eerily similar to "ICK", utter disgust!

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  • Te
    Teresa Mikrut Nov 18, 2018

    @Alexander Alba I am just starting this process with ICC and am already getting the run around. After they finally agreed that I had given all of the required forms, they completely fabricated that my home was a total loss and wanted blueprints of the new structure I was building. ????? At no place in the insurance adjuster's notes does it say anything remotely about the house being a total loss, and ICC has a signed contract listing the repairs to be done. Now, I'm told an exception has been put in for the blueprints, and I will have to wait another 3-5 days before a check will be issued. Why am I waiting when there was never a need for blueprints to start with? I am wondering what excuse they will come up with next. I tried to go to Suntrust Bank for help and was referred back to ICC. If there are any more delays, I am contacting a lawyer, the President of Suntrust, my congressman and anyone else who will listen. This is really poor public relations on the part of Suntrust, especially where is concerns victims of the recent hurricanes. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one having issues with ICC. I am on social media trying to find other people who are being maltreated by this company in the aftermath of these disasters. If there are enough of us, maybe we can get the media to shine a light on this problem.

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  • Vi
    Victor Bonilla Jan 08, 2019

    I'm having MANY problems with also. I send in invoices or receipts and they say they are "Not Accepted" yet in computer it doesn't say which one is not OK with them . I sent in one invoice along with the proof of payment which is paid from my CHASE account. They rejected it because the invoice said Pro line and not the same Co as the receipt on the Chase account t print out. They are a manufactures rep and sell many other products and run their business through a LLC. Chase expects a company to change the way they do business by changing their llc TO SAY Pro Line which is a product only. Chase is making this project a huge pain in the A*s!!!

    calling to complain doesn't do anything, A big waste for time.

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  • Da
    David Hyatt Jan 22, 2019

    @Victor Bonilla Steve Brooks, Executive Director, Chase Bank. 800-848-9136. DEMAND to speak to him. I didn't actually get to speak to him and was "accidentally" hung up on twice until someone from the executive dept. took my call. He was very nice however and waited on the line with me for over 50 minutes, which is how long it took him to contact someone at the escalation team from ICC. I told him "welcome to what we as consumers deal with every time we try to get answers!!" I have never experienced such incompetence in my life. As if losing our home to a hurricane isn't bad enough, you are treated like you're trying to steal your own money!! This whole process is preposterous, and something needs to be done about it! Not sure what, as big banks control the money, we're just pawns in the game.
    Chase is horrible, and I plan to refinance, probably a dumb move because they are ultimately all the same bunch of crooks! I feel a little better :).

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  • Ke
    Kedavis Aug 26, 2019

    @Victor Bonilla I’m in the same boat in Ohio . Chase won’t release insurance funds for repairs . They approve forms then deny them - day will overnight check then want a form that doesn’t exist . No one there as far as supervisors and even managers are willing to help . Feel sorry for anyone who has Chase and their lender . We had a tornado here and everyone else on my street who had other lenders had no problem getting their funds released . Their roofs are long fixed . This claim was filed in April and chase has held the check in escrow ever since . It’s now nearly September and I have sent every form under the sun and they still want forms that aren’t even listed in the packet . It is so unreal that NO ONE at Chase at any level is willing to help .

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  • Ab
    ABrownCrompton Jan 29, 2019

    I am going through this same process with ICC but have pennymac as my mortgager. Painting and flooring is all that is left to complete in my home. My husband and I have had to pay for roofing and drywall out of pocket because of how difficult they make the process. They require a contractor when the state I live in doesn't require a contractor license for drywall, paint or flooring. I've sent paid in full receipts and they ask for more proof that I paid.. Including bank statements which I provided. They refuse to reimburse us. Today I contacted the NC banking commission. We've been dealing with ICC since October 2018.

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  • Iv
    Ivigil Mar 12, 2019

    I can't even access the website It has been 8 days and when I call, I get dropped or sent to a different line. I'm appalled that Suntrust Mortgage would trust this company. I can't get the forms I need for my contractor and am scared to send the insurance check. I need to contact my banking commission.

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