Joss and Mainpick up of carpet to be returned

S Nov 02, 2017

On 9/17/2017 I ordered a carpet, isabella ivory rug. After receiving the carpet we decided to return it to joss and main. I followed instructions for submitting a return by contacting estes trucking co... I was told that the pick up would be the very next day. As instructed we left the wrapped carpet in the driveway with bill of laden attached to carpet. I kept calling joss and main daily to let them know carpet was still in driveway. Finally after several more days estes called saying they were at the house but didn't see carpet... Turns out they went to boston ma to pick up rather than randolph, nj. Really? Now that was a major screwup. Contacted joss and main again and they changed carrier to nonstop... It is now one week later and still no carpet pickup. Remember, this carpet has been sitting in the driveway for 2 weeks. What!!! Have a ever heard of worse service? At this point i'm hoping anyone passing by will take the carpet and I will never deal with joss and main again. I'm not calling anymore... I'm done. Buyer beware about returns... Not worth this intense aggravation.

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