Johnny Carino's Memorial Rd. Oklahoma Citywaiter yelled at us and flipped us off and refused to give us service.

C Aug 01, 2018

We were at JC for a celebration. My daughter, 40, and myself, 63. We had a booth in the bar. The waiter, NATHAN, gave us our drinks. Did not provide silverware, napkins, water, or plates. We asked him several times. He brought things one at a time. He slammed our plates down on the table. We had to ask for oil and vi gear for the bread. He let it sit on the bar in plain sight and then walked by and slung it onto our table. There was a couple - a preacher and his wife - who came in after us who received exemplary service. They were in the booth beside us. After he doted on them, we would ask for something. They told management we were yelling at him. We never raised our voices nor were we angry. We just called his name and asked for essentials. After forty minutes of him ignoring us, we got his attention and asked him when our food would be out. He shrugged his shoulders and said he never turned in our order. The manager came over as per our request and defended the employee. Saying there had been a report we were yelling at him. As the manager was at our table, NATHAN walked by several times laughing and pointing at us. The manager out in our food order and never apologized. When it was ready, NATHAN brought it in a to-go box. We said we were going to eat it there. He screamed OH MY GOD!!! Walked off and flipped us off. My daughter went to ask him about his behavior and he started screaming YOURE CUT OFF!!! Min you, my daughter had 1 beer and myself 1 glass of wine. We waited for the manager to come back and finally sent someone to get he so we could pay our check. We didn't want to be accused of not paying. She came over all huffy and said she had comped the check. We left traumatized and we left our food. And hour and a half of abuse. And last we checked, NATHAN is still working there. My daughter had never been to Carinos before and I was excited to take her! I go with friends and family at least 1-2 times a month and spend never less than $100. I need this resolved. I am still furious that I cannot ever go back to my favorite restaurant!!!

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