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I special ordered 4 yards of drapery fabric (Robert Allen manufacturer). When It came in there was 4 1/3 yards. Joann's policy is to cut off anything over what was ordered and keep it for themselves. They then sell the fabric as a remnant, which is 100% profit for them. The manufacturer has the right to cut extra fabric at their discretion for the consumer which should not be any of Joann's business. Joann's has no monetary investment in my special order and is not giving it to me for free, the manufacturer is the one giving it to me. I fussed with the store manager about this but his mentality was if I didn't like it tough! I have always hated Joann's with their inferior fabric and their imported junk. I could see what was coming when they went across the country, years ago, buying up most of the fabric stores. I will do my best to not patronize this chain. Their staff is underpaid and overworked. Have you done your research? If you check prices at other stores and compare them with Joann's you aren't really getting the discount advertised. Their regular prices are higher than other stores for the same item so your coupon isn't really what you think you're getting. My wish is that as consumers we had the backbone to stand up for our rights and stop shopping at this chain. We deserve better fabric and better customer service.


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    GoldOpals Opals Aug 19, 2011

    You got what you paid for. The end

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    defalucy Aug 19, 2012

    I work at a Joann's and I HATE when people decide to walk in at the last few minutes to get something cut, let alone foam! Don't come in so late next time!

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    joepublic5346 Dec 09, 2012

    Dear defalucy. You have your job for one reason and one reason only because customers like her purchase from your store. If you do not like your job then there is someone who will respect the customers while surely providing better customer service than you. Quit now.

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    lollipop25 Sep 24, 2013

    if you only ordered & paid for 4yds of fabric, then why should you be expecting to get the other 1/3 for free? now, the warehouse manager is supposed to double check the fabric when it comes in to make sure there's no discrepancies, and if more yardage than was ordered is sent, they are supposed to have it cut off and sent back to the manufacturer BEFORE the customer is called. however, if the manager was not there or available when it came in, and the customer was called, then it is up to the customer to get the extra fabric cut off, or they have to pay for that extra yardage. joann's doesn't get 100% profit on remnants. even if they did, most remnants only come out to a dollar and a half. and joann's is not allowed to restock and sell fabric that is only available through special order, they have to mail it back to the manufacturer.

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