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gap insurance

I am a disabled veteran. I bought a car from Wilmington Auto in Ohio. They found Peoples bank to be my lender. I did not ask for Peoples which is my bank as well. I got my car totaled. I took 3 weeks. Did all the insurance paperwork and gap paperwork. Some costing me money to overnight. I called about my Gap. The customer service rep says 30 days or longer. I mention the 1 2 3 steps and 3 to 7 days to pay off. She said no not for you. I asked for a supervisor. I have PTSD and depression. Imagine my thoughts. Supervisor named Simone answered. She stayed JM&A will not pay my claim. The dealership was not allowed to use my personal bank period. With me asking or not. Now it has to go to an analysts to review rejection and determine how to handle. I who paying. Probably the dealership. Oh they might take 3 weeks to tell them. Smh this outragous. Also I can stop.paying the loan but on me Simone states. I asked if I need Samone says no. I state I will leave a negative review. I am told they will drop me if not needed. Yes the company who wants they fees still but refusing to help. I repeat what she stated explaining she made a threat. She states no bit a review is a threat. I stated so if i post one the. No help. Samone says no but belame the dealership. Thos is horrible. Stay cleat of this company. I broke down crying while on the phone

  • Updated by Rich Weiss · Nov 07, 2019

    JM&A reversed decision and paid. I was persistent taking every avenue I could.

JM&A Group — gap insurance

278682 Gap insurance is just another scam. Funny how they easily will take your money. But heaven forbid you actually file a claim over 3 months of back and forth with the guys. And when...

JM&A Gap insurancegap insurance

I had a 2006 Toyota avalon purchased at Germain Honda Naples Fl
They are the ones who sold me this CRAP insurance policy, They call it a Gap insurance policy.

I owed 8500 on car

Allstate Insurance paid 4500 {for totaled car, they won't pay a dime more}
I now owe 4000

JM&A paid 1098, keep in mind I paid 900 for Gap policy, which means Gap is paying 198.00 bucks for my totaled car.

JM&A uses NADA clean retail to value car, No insurance company will pay that ever, they use basically blue book. This means if JM&A is your Gap company you get stuck paying Gap.

JM&A — gap insurance

My car was declared a total loss on July28, 2017. On July 31 I contacted JM&A regarding submitting a claim. I was told that I would have to file online, which I did the same...

JM&A Group Gap InsuranceUseless gap insurance

If you want to use and internet portal that does not work properly and then face the delays of the portals inability to review or confirm and then wait weeks for every kind of delay they can think of and think this is a good thing to pay for then have at it.
Totally useless coverage. Put the money you would pay for their warranties and gap insurance towards the purchase price of the car you are buying. Never again as they are a rip off.

JM&A Group Total Loss Protection Insurance — Not Paying Claims Fairly or in A Timely Manner

I worked at a Car Dealership and bought a car for my daughter. JM&A Group is the Gap Insurance company the dealership generally uses, so I paid for the protection. 3 months after...

GAP Insurance

I purchased a 2006 Nissan Sentra and my car was totalled. I never knew I had GAP Insurance no one told me. It turns out that I had insurance from JM&A group according to Capital one. Geico paid out 6000 for the vehicle which left a remaining balance of $3880. I put in a claim with the JM&A group and they made me send in all this ridiculous paper work. After weeks of getting all this information in they said they are not paying anything. I didn't even know I had gap insurance. I never seen any documentation. I am told because I have late payment they can't pay my car off. Gap insurance is a joke. They screw you and take your money. I definately would not used this company. JM&A sucks and I hope they read this message board. I am going to make sure everyone knows about the bad business they do.

  • Vm
    vmagee May 02, 2011

    JM&A sucks is putting it mildly. We went through all that paperwork baloney. It was such a waste of so much time and effort. They knew all along they weren't going to pay a dime. The other party's insurance paid out on the value of our car, which of course, doesn't come close to the amount owed. They know this and say there is no GAP benefit. The car is totaled and there is no money for a replacement. Thanks for nothing JM&A.

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  • Ra
    rafboricua2007 May 14, 2017

    @vmagee that's sucks i am going through the same crap every time i call to see the progress on my claim they tel me the same crap that it will take more time to resolve the case. right now i have a pending loan with my credit unio and they won't release it to me until they received a letter from gap saying they will pay for the remaining portion that they are responsible I'm wondering i can get a lawyer to put a law suit because is crazy there's a lot of people going trough this not getting anything from this JM&A group i think is time to find out information to see if the people can be suit. thanks for your story if i find out information about a law suit so you can be part of this

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  • Ca
    can11 Jun 11, 2011

    I agree. I spent about $70 faxing everything to them. was now informed that they are not paying anything on my claim! what the hell good are they? I still owe $10, 000 on a totaled car!!

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  • Th
    Thevoiceofreason Jun 18, 2011

    Common sense people!
    1) They WILL not pay any amount past due. - YOU should have to pay that, the car wasn't totalled when you were not paying for the car.
    2) The Gap policy specifically states you must maintain full coverage insurance for the policy to be in force. YOU should not have been driving around with no insurance.
    3) I would be willing to bet that all of you had ### credit before your car was totalled anyways so whats the difference? Also you have to sign 3 times for a gap policy . Next time read what you sign.

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  • Ra
    Ray Howard Jun 05, 2017

    @Thevoiceofreason So it is the car dealership that is the issue. They are the ones who are selling this crap and they must know what this company is like. I am owed $57 and they won't pay. Nothing past due and everything above board. They pulled out some crap about 90% of the NADA value. Check out the BBB site on them.

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  • Da
    Darrell Hayes Nov 04, 2018

    @Thevoiceofreason I will say it what bull shit.

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  • Ir
    IrisB Mar 27, 2012

    I am in the same boat, owing $5000 on a totaled car! JM & A refuses to pay saying that my car was finances way over what it should have been. They have the nerve to tell me that they can't provide a copy of the contract because they don't keep it and that I needed to contact the car dealership for a copy, which I never received. JM & A are total rip offs! Can't be trusted! Let's spread the word!

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  • Ra
    rafboricua2007 May 14, 2017

    @IrisB i agree with you we need to spread the word and make this people miserables it have to be a way to suit this people when i bought my car that they offer me the GAP i accept it because you never know but also the dealership also have something to do with it because they make everything look like is something that you must have

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  • Ra
    Ray Howard Jun 05, 2017

    @IrisB I am posting stuff on their Facebook page. I am asking for them to settle my claim on every post they put up. It takes me a second to copy and paste in the comments section.

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  • Sh
    Sharon K. M Jul 25, 2018

    @IrisB Yes jm&a group is a rip off! they make you do all kinds of paperwork faxing. I always thought the ones getting paid every hour by them was supposed to do something.
    My car was totaled january 23, 2018.
    Their excuse for not paying was my insurance didn't pay all their part. well allstate paid $22, 000 toward the $31, 000 loan. then on top of that I had gap in my allstate insurance policy that paid me $12, 000 toward a new car. that left jm&a to pay $9, 000. well they paid $4, 000 and said that's it leaving me the rest. my credit union kept putting the due date off because they were aware of my problem (I had purchased another truck loan through them). I have went back and forth fighting to get them to back their 150% guarentee and my car dealership helped me fight with them. finally the 3rd week in july ferman cheverlet (is the bomb) finally got them to pay it off in full!! praise god, thankyou jesus!!! do your self a favor do not purchase gap insurance through jm&a group. they should be sued and put out of business!!!

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  • Ta
    Tammy Ann Dec 30, 2019

    @IrisB They did the same thing to my daughter. Her credit score is excellent she always pays on time and the contract states ACV value and in reality they are valuing the vehicle at the retail NADA value not the ACV. This is how they are screwing people over by adding that additional cost and refusing to pay it. There are over 80 complaints with the BBB with this company and numerous review sites that this company is shady and underhanded and definitely screws over the clients that basically lost their vehicles in a total loss accident. They know exactly what they are doing and it is not right. Something has to give with this shady company.

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  • Cu
    cuznred Nov 12, 2013

    I just got screwed by JM&A as well, I paid 800 dollars for my policy when I bought a Hyundai Accent in 2011. My car was totaled in Oct of this year (2013). My insurance company paid me 12, 500 for the loss which left a balance of 1300 dollars. After all the paperwork BS which took weeks, they now come back and tell me that they are not paying out the claim as they state that my car was over financed. This my friends, is called insurance fraud, if that was the case they never should have taken my 800 dollars and I should get a full refund as they sold me a false policy that they never intended on paying on in the event of a loss. These people are as crooked as it gets and GAP insurance is a huge ripoff.

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  • So
    Solip Aug 23, 2019

    @cuznred Did you ever consider reading your contract? If you did, you would understand exactly the amount that was paid is what they promised contractually.

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  • Gu
    Guerline88 Apr 28, 2015

    These people stole my momey for nothing. My car is totalled. My car insurance paid over $16800. Now they telling they are not paying the $1544 balance . they are total ripoff. They made wait send them a bunch of paper. And spent my momey on fax and mailings. Now they are dwnying my claim. They should be out of business for running a scam.

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  • Ju
    Just Mad!!! Feb 04, 2016

    This company by far is the WORST!!! LEGAL ACTIONS SHOULD BE TAKEN FOR SUCH CRAP. The unfortunate piece is you dont know how things will be until you get into this type situation only to learn that you should have just kept your money. Like many of you, money spent on paperwork and they keep requesting stuff and then deny you. It was only $600.00!!! My claim with them cost that amount. Additionally, It not that you have jacked up credit either as my child had good credit and first time car buyer. Crooks will rip off anybody if they can and it appears this is what this company does. We now know that it's really not worth having Gap and especially not with this company. Car dealerships will tell you to get it (which we did) and briefly tell you it's in the event of an accident. However, they fail to tell you it may cost you your sanity in the end when they deny paying the claim.

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  • Lo
    lorinejac Jun 23, 2016

    Lorine Jackson
    I also filled claim with GEICO for my Volve 2019. I only received two $600 checks that was sent to Capital one. Capital One told me I still owed them$2000. GEICO paid $9, 999. I paid for GAP insurance with my car payment each month. I am very disappointed.

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  • Pa
    Paulije79 Nov 04, 2016

    I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe in 3/16 and I was in an accident in 9/25/16 (Not at Fault) My insurance company deemed my car a total loss on 9/29 and I contacted JM&A and filed a claim on 9/30. My insurance company paid 17128.59 of the 22223.89. Leaving me a balance of 5095.30 on 10/3/16. It has taken JM&A 31 day to complete my claim only to leave me with a balance of 2013.10. They deducted the taxes for the SUV on my loan and told me I am responsible for the taxes, they will not pay my deductible of 500.00 and although my contract says that if my vehicle NADA value is under 90% they will pay the difference (IT was over 90%) they deducted another 628.00 from the amount they are willing to pay. I purchased this coverage from Ganley Hyundai in OHIO and paid 895.00. So disappointed I filed a complaint with BBB and with our attorney general's office. I am also going back to Ganley they will have to resolve this issue as they were the ones that sold me the product. My coverage contract and it says and I quote “ Actual cash value means the total loss settlement including the value of salvage retained by you (if any) and sales tax paid or payable, plus your insurance deductible not to exceed $1000.00”. When I expressed how displeased I was with JM&A to their manager he said and I quote " At least you aren't paying back 5K". Worst company ever totally fraudulent and they need to be investigated. Ganley and other dealership should eliminate their ties to them as it makes them look just as bad.

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  • Ba
    backcountry101 Feb 10, 2017

    My car was totaled 4 months ago. JM&A sent me a letter stating what they were paying and that it was processed and the check was mailed out. It has now been 20 days and Wellsfargo still has not recieved a dime from them. I call every single day and they just tell me to wait. This is ridiculous. No claim should take this long.

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  • Ra
    rafboricua2007 May 15, 2017

    i purchase my 2007 Toyota Camry almost 4 years ago and in April 18, 2017 i got in to a car accident in which i was the one who got hit even the other driver admit to the police that it was his fault anyway at the time of the accident i still owe 12, 000 dollars in to my car because my interest was very high but the thing is the other driver insurance they decide to total loss my car paying only 6400.00 leaving me with a balance of 5600.00 and i say to my self where the hell I'm gonna get 5600.00 to paid off my car anyway somebody ask me do you have GAP and my answer was i don't know so i ask the dealership where i purchase my car and they told me yes you do so right away i filled a claim with JM&A group they start asking me for documents and i start faxing them everything that they want they was telling me that it will take between 3 to 5 days to received the faxes or emails send by me then i call them back to check the status they want more documents i did it again fax them the papers and email it to them same story it will take 3 to 5 days to received it and review it is being almost a month and i haven't hear a word from them and the sad thing is that i apply for a loan in my credit union to purchase another car they did approved my loan but unless i get a document or letter from JM&A saying that they will pay the remaining 5600.00 they won't release my loan the way i read other stories that are very close to my story and i don't think I'm looking for JM&A paying the remaining balance on my car that i just got total loss any suggestions out there i wonder if i can file a lawsuit against this people.

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  • Bi
    Bighank621 Jun 25, 2017

    Are there Any good stories about this company??? I need to know what to do right now. I just purchased a vehicle and read on the contract that i payed $800 for gap. Can/How do i cancel? Will i be reimbursed? Somebody tell me something please!!!

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  • La
    lazutanita Sep 15, 2017

    @Bighank621 Did you find any answer? please help11

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  • Do
    doreen dowling Jun 22, 2018

    SCUM!!! SCUM!!! CROOKS!!! Brand NEW CAR Totalled by a Drunk Driver!! Bought GAP Insurance throught this DISGRACE of a Company!! They paid $1, 895.23!! I have a BALANCE of 6, 000. Balance is my Responsibility. HOW CAN this HAPPEN!!!

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  • So
    Solip Aug 23, 2019

    @doreen dowling Do what adult people do. Read your contract. If you owed more than what the contract promised to pay, for example, you rolled a large negative equity amount into your loan, than it will not pay for both cars. There are limits to what people can collect contractually. Instead of screaming like a child, why not read your contract fool.

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  • Bi
    BigHank88 Aug 27, 2018

    Sounds like a 1000 people crying about JM&A not paying the remaining balance on their loan. They did on mines, mind you I carried full coverage insurance like a good driver did and made all my payments on time and in full like an adult is supposed to. I had my lender and insurance company send I all my documents needed for the claim and I stayed on top of them to make sure they did like a proactive person is supposed to and less than a month my remaining balance on my loan was paid off in full. Let me remind you folks GAP is not an insurance it is a form of protection to your finance loan. So instead of you whining and bitching like little kids, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DAMN CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN AN LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT 3 TIMES!! I'm sure all of your claims were not covered due to an exclusion in their contract, which cause them not to be able to pay out all if not some. And FYI did none of you crybabies pay for the gap coverage out of pocket, which is why if they don't cover your claim they cancel the gap and send the prorated amount back to your lender. You know it was finance in your loan so stop sitting up here acting like an Fortune 500 company that has no problem paying out on a claim owe you some damn money!!!

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  • Da
    Darrell Hayes Nov 04, 2018

    @BigHank88 You know something. I guess most people do not i guess. You must work for them. Hope you can sleep at night. Because of this type of bull some cannot.

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  • Mc
    mcarthurdw Apr 29, 2019

    I am waiting to see what happens. I sent in all the paperwork. My 2016 Honda Civic Lx was totaled due to a fire. I agree the paperwork is excessive, that alone would be reason enough for me not to deal with them again. I have no late payments. I will not play games if they attempt to no pay or short pay. I will file suit, simple as that. I will also file a claim with the State Insurance Commission. I have read through the contract very carefully. It does state very clearly that their obligation maximizes at 110 % of the value. Keep in mind also that almost all finance companies and banks offer optional GAP insurance, most consumers don't know this, if you feel like you were ripped off then by all means speak to a lawyer, file suit, and file a complaint with your State Insurance Commissioner.

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