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Petplan Pet Insurance Complaints & Reviews

PetPlan Insurance / pet insurance

Apr 30, 2019

Uses tactics to deny claims and has not paid a single claim. Beware of this insurer. I adopted a rescue dog who was in excellent health. My dogs see the vet for all their shots and regular checkups and bloodwork to ensure they are healthy with no problems. Just after I adopted my dog he wa...

Petplan Pet Insurance / rate increase

Feb 21, 2019

I have had pet plan for 4 years . I filed a claim today and called to change my address . I had moved from the city to the country, a much better area. Was told my rates would increase due to the move. Can't tell you how upset iam we are retired on a fixed income and that extra $10. A...

Petplan Pet Insurance / breach of contract and theft

Oct 30, 2018

PetPlan not only refused to pay for services outlined in their contract but they also used deceptive practices to continuously to charge my credit card for policy payments for a period of 7 months after my dog died and the policy was canceled. When I finally inquired about the unknown...

Petplan Pet Insurance / unreliable insurance, beware

Sep 18, 2018

i have adopted my pet by november 2015 and immediately got a plan with petplan. i have NEVER requested anything from the insurance since i adopted my pet. this year i had two vet bills for a swallen leg ( from january 2018) and an ear infection ( from august 2018 ). after uploading all...

[Resolved] Petplan Pet Insurance / euthanasia claim denied

Jul 07, 2017

My dog's Petplan policy specifically stated that euthanasia would be covered if it resulted from an emergency condition. My dog began bleeding profusely from the urinary tract and we immediately took him to the ER at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Sorrento Valley. A scan showed he had...

Petplan Pet Insurance / Insurance rate hikes

Mar 05, 2017

I have had insurance with Petplan for about 5 years. The rate last year was $582.24 for the year, $200 deductible (per condition) and a 100% reimbursement. In November, my cat was diagnosed with cancer, and in January, 2017, my premium increased to $1, 235.16, $500 deductible (per...

Pet Plan / Changes in costs

Jan 19, 2017

My dog has been insured with Pet Plan for over 10 years. Just received a letter that my month premiums were going up ten fold, and my Annual deducible was going from $200 per condition to $500 per now my annual costs will be $2, 400 per year premiums plus the deductible. The...

Petplan Pet Insurance / Reimbursement for veterinarian visit

Nov 14, 2016

I took my ACD to the vet in August where she was diagnosed with Valley Fever. They took xrays and blood tests. The insurance company has repeatedly told me they need a history from the vet. This is the only time the dog was ever seen for an illness. She is not even two years old. The vet...

PetPlan Insurance / Collects Premiums with NO Intention of Ever Paying Claims!

Jun 03, 2016

For many years this company has been telling prospective customers their cats and dogs need not get an animal physical for coverage, or to be covered if they get sick later. You are told there is a 2 week waiting period during which there is no health coverage. It sounds fair, you think...

PetPlan / Insurance

Feb 12, 2016

I'm very disappointed to discover that your company is deceptive. My recent claim for allergy-related testing was denied based on the the fact that my puppy was seen for a hot spot one month before his insurance policy was activated. Hot spots DO NOT always indicate allergy problem...

PetPlan Insurance / Rejected claim

Nov 05, 2015

Petplan is a complete SCAM!!! DON'T BUY INSURANCE FROM THEM!!! I have had Petplan for over 4 years and have submitted 3 claims that they put me through the ropes just to get paid. I don't even go through this kind of hassle with my own personal insurance!! This time my dog had Valley Fever...

Petplan USA / Scam Artists

Oct 31, 2014

After paying for this insurance for 1 solid year, totaling over $500. I called to get a quote for coverage on my sick dog and they told me i needed to provide a Vet routine check up from at least 1 year prior to signing up! I said, "Excuse me??? Wouldn't you ask for that prior to...

PetPlan / Bad insurance

Jun 13, 2014

I purchased PetPlan insurance in June 2012. For my 2 dogs an adult male basset hound and puppy pit bull the cost was $392.70 ad $311.96 per year. After 4 claims for the basset hound being denied they deemed him "lame" and would not pay any claims having to do with his legs including a cyst...

Pet Plan / Turned down on Claim


I never had insurance on my previous dog and he was a healthy 16.5 year old when he passed away but when I got my new puppy decided to take out insurance with Pet Plan - having had him for a year the vet contact them regarding a claim regarding a hernia and some dental work. They now have...

PetPlan Insurance / Defrauds customers


I purchased my PetPlan dog plan on June 9, 2009, pre-paid for quarterly coverage and was charged after the 24 hour hold on June 10, 2009. A few weeks later Brewster began experiencing urinary issues, so on June 24 I took her to our local vet. Thus, it is important to note that the vet...