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My boyfriend has monthly payments for life from a slip and fall and decided to cash in to receive one lump forward 3 years...still no money, needed a lawyer to help him out, that didnt work, went to court JG wentworth lawyers never showed up, now they say some company in hartford connecticut has the funds...all this time, lost wages, courier service fees, lawyer fees, and STILL NO MONEY...HE CANT GET THE Money he is entitled to and his monthly payments stopped. Meanwhile they are earning interest on his 300, 000 dollars...WTF is that all about if anyone can tell me how he can get his money back email me..[protected]


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      Jul 21, 2010

    I am still dealing with this company...unfortunately. I am trying to sell part of an annuity to them, and have gotten nothing but lies. First, I was told things would be done by the end of almost end of July, and nothing. Since the court approved me selling the payments to them, I have gotten nothing but lies and run around. Was told that funds will be cleared 48 hours after the judge rules...that was 10 days ago. Then I was told there was a paper missing from my files, and within 2 hours of them receiving that paper, funding would clear. They have had the paper for 36 hours now, and still waiting for the funding to clear. This is in violation of something known as the good faith law. Funding hasn't been approved, and no money from them has been paid to me so far. This company is no better than Peachtree Settlement Funding. I STRONGLY recommend finding a different company to deal with. I am about to cancel the contract with them, and find another company to deal with myself.

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      May 01, 2012

    i have sold an annuity payment to Jg Wentworth and had no such problem. Perhaps your problem is due to your own personal error with the banking account. good luck with that
    Nice try JGWENTWORTH-LESS Common practice to rebut without rebutting, but if they where so good, they could rely on word of mouth, instead of mass advertising.

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      Apr 20, 2015

    non of these complaints that i am reading dont have anything to do Jg Wentworth.. almost all of them seem to be that people just don't know how it yourselves a favor and leave your money where it is and take your monthly payments no matter how long it takes to get it all ...its better to get something every month for 10 or 20 years than trying to get a lump sum like the rest of the people and then you're broke in a few weeks or months with the same me its not worth it when a little patience you can get 100% of your money over time

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