SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / fake rings advertised as high end jewelry

Feb 12, 2019

This place is a total rip off they advertise the jewelry one way and then when you get it is something fake. I bid and won a 14kt solid gold ring with a lab created diamond. What I received was a plated ring with a cz not the same thing they need to look up what a lab created diamond i... / gold diamond ring

Aug 25, 2018

The ring I got was extremely thin, the tag comes saying genuine diamonds, I took it to be tested and the jeweller said the stones were Moissanite not diamond. Told a lie about what I was actually being sold. Would like a refund from this fake company they should be made to...

Jewelryroom Auction / jewelryroom auction

Jun 06, 2018

Jewelryroom AuctionI bidded on a $700.00 sterling silver chain and won the bid. And when I receive this chain I actually started laughing I couldn't believe the gall of these people it was fraudulent advertising oh that item for sale. This chain was no $700 chain I looked it up and priced it for $15 it'... / scam!!!

Mar 12, 2018

Jewelryroom.comThey completely robbed me! I ordered a 4.16 carat diamond uncut. Won the bud. Paid for it. Then what I received was a tiny little pebble out of a driveway or something. This is redicoulous and they will not get away with this. I am reaching the bbb and my lawyer. I've emailed and done eticket and just get ignored!!! I will not allow this to happen. / Scam

Jun 05, 2012

I've tried to make a bid on a lot at this website but pop up suggested that my account is in $600 debt and therefore I'm unable to make any bids, this is ridiculous, I haven't used their service at all, how can I be in debt? Looks like fraud to me...