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22 inch gold plated box chain

Ordered a 22 inch chain and it was very difficult to clasp it together. Instead of having a circle to go into the clasp there was a long tube. I was afraid it would come apart when I was wearing it and would lose what I had hanging on the chain. Called them up and was informed it was defective. Sent it back for an exchange. Second necklace arrived the same way. When I called them customer service said that is how the necklace is suppose to be and they won't let me return it for refund. Terrible customer service and return policy.

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    Love$ Oct 13, 2018

    3 years ago, I placed order of 5 Pc's. Earrings in .925 Stering Silver. 4 Rings with CZ's very clear stones...very shiny too. Looks like a very good Real Diamond! I had NO PROBLEM. Too. Me Very Good Customer service Dept. I❤ DREAMLAND JEWELRY

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  • Lo
    Love$ Oct 13, 2018

    Love, DREAMLAND Jewelry!❤

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poor quality, shop elsewhere

184637 I purchased a couple rings from the and they all have broke within the first year, the warrenty is a joke (60 days from the order date), very cheaply made, very thin, bend easily...

customer service

I ordered on 6/12 & still have yet to receive my merchandise or a refund. I called the company yesterday & was told that for some reason that was one of the shipments that's held up in a post office in Los Angeles for some reason. I was told that a email would be sent to me & I would have to agree to terms then new merchandise would be mailed to me. When I received the old merchandise I would have to send that back. I'm still waiting for my email!

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    priyanka0147 Jul 11, 2017

    Well my experience with dreamland is quite positive and i prefer dreamland for retail shopping but for Wholesale i recommend anyway both are pretty good in customer service & Product quality.

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order that I placed

ordered some rings, too large, sent them back for smaller size, never did get my purchase nor a refund. Called BBB and I heard back from them and I was told that they Dreamland...

I'm not complaining about this company but rather, the person who wrote the scathing report against them. On the evening of 12/6/2016, I ordered 2 Sterling Silver rings on line from Dreamland Jewelry. This is the 2nd (but not my last) time I've ordered something from this company. The 1st time I got a .925 S.S. chain that was free-I only had to pay the shipping. It was a very nice chain which I later sold with a small pendant attached to it. This time I once again, received an offer for a free item which was a very pretty ring & I also ordered another ring that I liked. The shipping was the same price as if I had only purchased the free one. Today I received my order with both rings & I only used "standard shipping" for my order. So, I think the person who had bad things to say about Dreamland must have had a rare experience with them as both of my experiences with them went smoothly.

  • De
    debra french May 11, 2017

    I have ordered from Dreamland Jewelry for a few years now... I have so far never had a problem... Their jewelry has been authentic .925 sterling silver as advertised... As I read the two of you guys - ordered and the item later stated OUT OF STOCK...
    If an item is out of stock, the website won't let you order that item. I am a retail Boutique, I order from Dreamland Jewelry, as well as several other vendors, I so far have not experienced any problems with Dreamland Jewelry, and my customers have not expressed any concerns with their purchases from me. The shipping usually takes around 1 - 2 weeks which is normal for such a large company to work up orders & get them in the mail, then the postal carrier is most likely the reason that it is taking longer than expected...

    0 Votes — seller didn't provide help or orders on time

Scam, scam, scam. I have ordered large quantity of the beads from the website It was terrible, because the seller provided the day of the delivery, some...

customer service

I am not sure how Dreamland Jewellery can brag about their level of customer service, I haven't even received a "go to hell" reply to my numerous requests for help...

poor quality

I ordered 2 chains from them a few months ago, both rhodium. The silver colored rhodium plated sterling silver chain was put in a drawer for the few months and never worn...

Dreamlandjewelry.comno customer service

Order promised in 2-5 days. Shipped 7 days after ordered. No customer service, shipping refund offered.

sterling silver bails

Defective merchandise! I was sold defective sterling silver bails in nov. '10. I didn't find out they were defective until customers began asking for repairs on jewelry they bought from me in february and late april I checked all the remaining bails and discovered all of the bails had a crcak in the top loop. When I called customer service I was told it was just too late - after their 60 day return/exchange date and there was nothing to be done. I expained this was about defectively maufactured bails and shouldn't be restricted to the 60 day rule... It wasn't just that I didn't like them or they were the wrong size or color. I asked to speak with his manager or someone higher up and was repeatedly told that he was the only one I could talk to. After a few go - rounds (and I still couldn't believe there wasn't someone else to talk to), I was hung up on and my phone number was blacklisted so I couldn't even call back. Their necklaces may be nice but don't trust their jewelry components!

  • Sg
    Sgray Oct 24, 2014

    I was going to place a large order thru this company and had a coupon code that would not work. . Coupon said 10%off $200 or more but when trying to use coupon it says $250 or more and when i called the company they said the coupon was not put out by them so they couldnt do anything. . . Very shady company i will not be doing business with them!

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  • Ms
    Ms. D.T. Mar 06, 2015

    Do not know what those who are complaining are talking about...have ordered several items from 'Dreamland Jewelry' and upon receipt was soooooooooo very satisfied...have just placed another order from them and know for a fact it will be exactly what is time via phone had to contact them, the person was very pleasant which is very important, with the right communication nothing will ever, I have to 100% disagree with what you stated about them but am sorry you had an unpleasant experience.

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  • Pa
    Patti Wescott May 13, 2016

    I have ordered from Dreamland Jewelry several times and I'm so very pleased with the product and the quality that I am about to order more. I'm truly shocked at all these negative complaints. Perhaps in the years that have followed since the first complaints, they have upgraded the quality of their product? Needless to say, I'm very happy with all the rings and necklaces that I've purchased and will continue to buy

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  • Vi
    Virginia Owen Krueger Jul 21, 2016

    I agree with Patti W. I am also stunned by the furious customers who have given horrible reviews...Stunned.
    Some of the best customer service I've encountered. I don't know how big this company is... It's possible that enough people feel the way I do, that they've had to hire some new help. One or 2 of them may be troubled souls & not suited. But me - Lord! I only went to buy a temporary replacement for my wedding ring...BUT, I now have about a dozen lovely rings, earrings & pendants. One ring is a bit off & customer service was polite, gracious & just as you'd wish! I didn't expect Tiffany's service (where my orignal ring came from) at a place where I could repace it in essense, for under 13.00 - BUT I GOT IT! I couldn't read these trashing reviws and not resond! I hope anyone with an issue with them, or any company, will apprach them with the assumption that they are not out there to scam anyone...that they, as much as we all do, want to do the right thing. Sure, things went wrong, merchandise was defective - that happens ANYWHERE! The issue seems to be the customer service delivered by one unpleasant employee... possibly 2? But come on, please don't paint them all with poo! The women I've dealt with took time to really help me! Looked things up, made inquiries for me, and was very nice, on top of uncomplainingly going way out of their way to check on this or that, each time I've called - and having worked in customer service, I know what kinds of things are annoying & I DID THEM!

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  • Sh
    ShyC Oct 20, 2018

    @Virginia Owen Krueger I Too Agree With You Virginia. I Sadly Lost My Engagement Set and came upon Dreamland so I took a browse through. And I actually found a set sooo strikingly similar to mine I had and at least $15 dollars cheaper. With that fact I bought my birthstone in a ring. I love them! Im about to go on there right now and order more. I am completely flabbergasted at some of these reviews. As mentioned, Maybe there was 1 or 2 disgruntled employess but dont put the whole company down. I find the negativities on here totally apalling.

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  • Le
    Letsmakeamovie Feb 01, 2017

    Dose there sterling silver ring tarnished and is it real 925 sterling silver

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non delivery

I placed an order with them and have still yet to receive it. I have e-mailed them to see if the order has been sent out and have not heard anything from them as of today. I can not find a phone number for them so if any one has it could you please forward it to me @ [protected] I would so appreciate it. I ordered a chain from them for a necklace my daughter bought for me which holds ashes and even though the company she bought it from sent 2 different sized ropes for the vial I would really like the chain I ordered for it. On a good note though I did pay with PAYPAL so I can get my money back if I do not receive it.

do not buy from them

I placed a trial order with this company, the same time I placed an order with two other sites. The order coming from across country arrived before I even received a response to...