Jetstar Airwaysflight cancellation

To whom it may concern,
My sister and I booked a flight on Jetstar to Honolulu on the 1st of October. We arrived early for our flight. We then waited in the airport for five hours for our flight to take off, with virtually no information on why our flight was delayed. Many people asked if the flight would be cancelled but the crew continues to make announcements saying it was not. They finally told us that our flight was cancelled because a crew member was fatigued. Because of our flight cancellation my sister and I missed our connecting flight from Honolulu to San Francisco. Instead of giving us another direct flight to Honolulu we then had to wait another night and then take a flight to Sydney, wait the whole day and take another flight from Sydney to Honolulu. Despite asking many times for help getting another flight from Honolulu back home or even an upgrade to better seating we were given no help or compensation. Instead my sister and I had to spend hundreds of dollars for another flight. We talked to different people both at Sydney and Melbourne. The agents we talked to at Sydney seemed to think that the agents at Melbourne could have transferred us to a direct flight to San Francisco through Quantas ( a sister brand of Jetstar) if they had been so inclined. Instead of implementing this simple solution our travel time increased two days and cost us hundreds of dollars. Needless to say that we are extremely disappointed in the service that Jetstar provided and would like compensation for having to waste three days traveling and having to spend hundreds of dollars, which as students is very hard earned money that is needed for other purposes.

Oct 01, 2019

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