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My nightmare with Jetstar – why your readers should be cautious booking with Jetsar

On the 1st of May 2008 I booked two return tickets with Jetstar from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur departing on the 23rd of October 2008 returning 5 days later on the 28th of October for my brother and I.

On the 9th of July I received an email advising me that Jetstar were unable to accommodate my booked service and that they wished to speak with me as soon as possible. I note that whilst Jetstar claim they had tried to contact me prior to this via phone, I have voicemail both at work and on my mobile and, whilst I was in London at the time the email was received, there was no voicemail ever left on either my work or mobile phone.

Following on from the email received on the 9th of July, I had discussions with a sales representative based in Malaysia. After discussing the matter at length with the sales representative, I was told that I could receive a refund which would take 6 weeks to process or alternatively Jetstar would make other travel arrangements for me.

On the 18th of July, Jetstar took it upon themselves to book me tickets without my authority.

On the 22nd of July after numerous conversations with various sales representatives of Jetstar, I informed Jetstar that the tickets they had decided to book me didn’t work as I wouldn’t be able to meet my flights that were already booked from Kuala Lumpur to Penang return. I informed Jetstar that if they were going to book me tickets they may as well book me tickets that worked. I was informed that in order for me to meet my flights that were booked with the two other airlines, my brother and I would be required to take 6 flights. On the way to Kuala Lumpur, we would need to:

o fly from Sydney to Darwin on the 21st of October;
o wait 2.5 hours in Darwin;
o fly from Darwin to Singapore;
o spend 2 nights in Singapore (a total stop over time of 42 hours) of which I have subsequently been informed Jetstar would only pay for one nights accommodation; and
o fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and wait 4.5 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

This is in contrast to the original stop over time of 2 hours and 20 minutes in Kuala Lumpur and a total flight time of c.8 hours. Thus turning what was an approximately 8 hour total commute time to Kuala Lumpur into approximately a 57 hour commute time to Kuala Lumpur for a 5 day holiday.

I was also informed that instead of flying directly from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney 2 hours and 15 minutes after my Air Asia flight arrived in Kuala Lumpur I would need to:

o Spend 23 hours and 40 minutes waiting in Kuala Lumpur (accommodation for which I found out subsequently I would have to pay for);
o Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore;
o Spend 27 hours and 15 minutes in Singapore (again, the accommodation for which I subsequently found out I would have to pay for);
o Fly from Singapore to Darwin;
o Wait 4 hours and 25 minutes in Darwin; and
o Fly from Darwin to Sydney.

Thus, Jetstar had changed my return trip from approximately 10 hours and 15 minutes to approximately 63 hours and 30 minutes.

In total Jetstar changed my commuting time from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur return from around 20 hours to 120.5 hours for a five day holiday. I informed Jetstar on numerous occasions that I didn’t think this was acceptable and that it was my intention to take this matter to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.

On the 4th of August I rang Jetstar to ask about the proposed hotel accommodation they were going to provide my brother and I. I was informed that their holiday department would call me back and that this department did not have a phone number so I must wait for them to call me. I followed this up on the 11th of August and was informed that my details had been passed on but they had so many bookings that they were responding to them by date of booking and would come back to me in due course. The following day I received two emails confirming accommodation in Singapore for one night for my brother any I. Following this email I called Jetstar to ask where the confirmations were for the other hotels. I was told that their reservation system was down and I would need to phone back. When I asked if they could phone me back I was informed that they did not have an outbound phone facility. I also enquired whether the voucher was for one room or for two and was told that because it was the same confirmation number it would be for one room. I rang back later that day and was told that the representative would need to leave a note for their holiday staff and they would contact me shortly (I informed the sales representative that I had left a similar message on the 4th of August and that I would appreciate it if they could return my call and also if the sales representative could note my call and request in the file). On the 18th of August I rang Jetstar – and was told that they would need to call me back as they were not able to put me through to the correct department. I informed the sales consultant that I had rung numerous occasions including on the 4th of August and the 11th of August and had still not heard back from Jetstar so I would prefer to be put through to someone that could help me. I was told that this would not be possible and that an urgent request would be put through and I would be contacted shortly.

My phone call was finally returned later that day. When I asked why there was only one night’s accommodation I was told that I only had a one night stop over. When I discussed the dates and explained that I had to meet my pre-booked flights, the representative apologised for getting it wrong and told me that he would talk to his supervisors and come back to me. I also informed him that we would require two hotel rooms per night as were two adult males. The holiday department never rang me back. According to Jetstar’s internal notes, a representative informed me that they were only willing to pay for one nights accommodation despite requiring four nights accommodation. As such, I can only conclude that Jetstar thought it was perfectly reasonable for me to be out of pocket for three nights accommodation as a result of their change and note that I only found this out by reviewing their notes and was never officially informed.

After researching this matter, I discovered that on the 5th of June 2008, Qantas’s CEO, Mr Geoff Dixon made a public announcement stating that Jetstar would withdraw from its Sydney-Kuala Lumpur operation. As such, the cancelling of my holiday route was not due to bad weather, strikes or something outside of Jetstar’s control. Jetstar cancelled the whole route in order to take a more profitable route from Qantas and gave little consideration, given they intended to rely on clause 9.1 (c) of their Conditions of Carriage, to all the travelers who had pre-booked flights, paid Jetstar for those flights and were going to be out of pocket and inconvenienced as a result of Jetstar’s business interests.

Jetstar sold me two return air flights from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur on the 1st of May 2008. 35 days later, Qantas announced that this route would be cancelled and Jetstar was going to redeploy the aircraft that serviced the Sydney Kuala Lumpur route. 34 days after this announcement, (69 days after my ticket was booked and paid for in full) Jetstar informed me that I would not be able to fly on my booked flights. They refuse to provide a refund unless I accept that this is the end of the matter. They have attempted to claim that I have accepted an alternative route, which I deny I ever did, and have stated that if I fail to turn up to the flights they booked, I will forego the flight and will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.

Accordingly, I believe this is an example of Jetstar abusing its market power and failing to reasonably compensate consumers for its own commercial imperatives. I believe Jetstar’s behaviour, through the imposition of unreasonable terms and non disclosure of crucial conditions to my disadvantage, constitutes unconscionable conduct.
I note that I do not have sufficient annual leave to take a holiday of a longer duration. In addition, Jetstar have refused to offer any compensation for the inconvenience caused by increasing my total travel time for a total 5 day holiday from 16 hours to 120.5 hours.
I refer to recent newspaper articles in relation to V Australia recently cancelling flights. I note that despite V Australia cancelling a number of flights as a result of delays to the delivery of a number of aircraft, amongst various offers made to Virgin Blue’s customers, Virgin Blue offered to provide a “an alternative flight on another airline”. This is in stark contrast to Jetstar cancelling flights for business interests yet refusing to offer flights with other airlines.


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    brett Oct 20, 2008
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    great article justin! slippery little suckers...

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  • De
    Deloris Oct 20, 2008
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    Jetstar are a bunch of cowboys, with no respect for the passengers. They have canceled 3 of my flights within Australia by giving no more than 3 hour notice before the scheduled departure. I have no idea how they could win any of the awards that they advertise on TV.

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  • Bo
    Boggie Man Oct 20, 2008
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    Flights or Schedules May Change or be CancelledThe airline does not guarantee it will be able to carry you and your Baggage in accordance with the date and time of the flights specified. Schedules may change and flights may be delayed or cancelled for a range of reasons including but not limited to bad weather, air traffic control delays, strikes, technical disruptions, network changes and late inbound aircraft. Flight times do not form part of your contract of carriage with us. Please ensure accurate passenger details are provided in step 3 of the booking process so any changes can be notified. To the extent permitted by law, the airline excludes liability for any costs, expenses, losses or damages incurred by the Passenger as a result of failure to meet a schedule.

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  • Ju
    Justin Oct 20, 2008
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    Sure, under Jetstar's condition of carriage they can do this. But we must ask whether the vibe is right?

    Jetstar cancelled the whole route because they wanted to take a more profitable route from Qantas (as per the Qantas announcement made on 5 June. This is in stark contrast to V Australia which offered to fly passengers with other airlines in addition to other options.


    Passengers get new flights after Virgin delays
    Matt O'Sullivan
    October 3, 2008
    VIRGIN BLUE has been forced to reschedule
    thousands of passengers booked over the Christmas-New Year period after it delayed the
    launch of its long-haul carrier, V Australia, by three months.
    As foreshadowed in the Herald last week, V Australia's plans to begin flying between Sydney
    and Los Angeles on December 15 have been postponed until February 28 because of likely
    delays to the delivery of its first three aircraft due to a strike in the US.
    It is also a setback for the NSW Government, which had lauded Virgin's decision to make
    Sydney its international hub, saying it would attract thousands of American tourists and create
    1000 jobs.
    Virgin Blue yesterday blamed the delay on a month-long strike by machinists at Boeing's
    factories near Seattle.
    The aircraft manufacturer is still unable to predict when the strike will end and cannot
    guarantee the delivery date of Virgin's first three Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.
    Virgin Blue said it was contacting passengers booked to travel between December 15 and
    January 16 to offer alternative arrangements. It has also suspended advance ticket sales for
    travel between mid-December and February 28, in case the Boeing strike is prolonged.
    A spokeswoman said it would "not be leaving anyone in the lurch" and was "emailing and/or
    phoning all passengers booked to fly up to 28 February". She would not reveal how many
    passengers were affected, other than to say it was "many thousands".
    Virgin Blue's launch of its domestic services was delayed by a month in 2000, forcing it to
    refund thousands of passengers.
    The airline is expected to demand compensation from Boeing, but said the "impact of the
    serious delay" would be taken up with the aircraft manufacturer at a later date.
    The carrier has offered passengers who were scheduled to fly between December 15 and
    January 16 a full refund or an alternative flight on another airline. It has also offered
    passengers who change their flights to those from March 1 a $200 voucher for travel within
    Australia on Virgin Blue.
    The delays to the launch are expected to blow out Virgin's $70 million budget for V Australia.
    "Certainly it is going to cost them, not only in terms of money but in terms of customer
    sentiment, " said an analyst at Shaw Stockbroking, Brent Mitchell. "In some ways [the Boeing
    strike] might be a godsend for them in that it gives them extra time [to launch V Australia]."
    Virgin Blue's chief executive, Brett Godfrey, last month said V Australia did not expect to
    receive its air operator's certificate until early December - just days before it was due to begin
    Page 1 Passengers get new flights after Virgin delays - News - Travel - of 2 3/10/2008
    Australia's second-largest airline is already grappling with the high price of jet fuel and an
    economic slowdown. Last month its announced a 55 per cent fall in full-year profits to $98
    V Australia sold out a promotional $999 return offering from Sydney to LA within hours of its
    public launch in April but as of last week it had yet to fill the rest of the seats on its first flight.
    The carrier had planned for V Australia to offer 10 flights a week on the US route, compared
    with Qantas's 51 and United Airlines's 14. 3/10/2008

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  • Pe
    Peter Nov 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Another unhappy Jetstar customer -

    On the morning of the 18th October 2008 I flew from Brisbane to Cairns on Qantas flight QF798. I checked in 1 x suitcase and 1 x set of golf clubs.

    In the afternoon of the 20th of October 2008 I arrived at the Cairns Jetstar check-in counter with my suitcase and golf clubs for my return trip to Brisbane on JQ939. After placing both items on the weighing station I was informed that I was 16kgs over the allowable limit, and that I was going to be charged at a rate of $10 per kilo. That’s $160 to bring my golf clubs back from my short trip, the game of golf only cost me $99!

    I was NOT charged by Qantas on the way up, yet I get slugged $160 on my return trip. It would have been cheaper to book a new flight with Virgin. I have never been charged by Jetstar before to take my golf clubs with me, and I have certainly never been charged by Qantas or Virgin.

    I asked the woman behind the counter if there was anything that could be done for me, maybe waiving the fee for this one off occasion, or even offering me a discounted rate. I asked her what my options were, her reply “you can leave your clubs behind” what a stupid thing to say, oh ok, so I can leave them at your house and I’ll pick them up next time I’m in town? Get real!

    She was not forthcoming or helpful on any of these requests, her (Jestar’s) ‘take it or leave’ it attitude it appalling. No compassion, no caring, not even a glimmer of someone trying to help.

    I know what you are going to say “different airlines have different policies” and “it’s all in our terms and conditions”, well I can tell you; if that’s the line you want to draw in the sand I’m never going to fly Jetstar again!

    One last thing, let me give an insight into Virgin Blue’s customer service, they do everything they possibly can to help you, if you arrive 20min before your flight they do everything possible to get you on-board, if you luggage is slightly over they don’t worry about it, if you are transporting sporting goods they don’t charge you. So maybe, just maybe you could take a leaf of Virgin’s book and build on your ice cold customer relations because at the moment it stinks, it absolutely stinks!

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  • Ju
    Justin Nov 03, 2008
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    I think you have summed up Jetstar's attitude very well - "take it or leave it".

    In actual fact the sales representative that came the to the Consumer, Trader and Tenacy Tribunal even made this very comment when I was arguing that Jetstar undertook unconscionable conduct.

    SHAME on you Jetsar! When will you learn that you need customers to be successful? Your approach to your customers is atrocious and whilst you may think you can continue in this fashion, you can not!

    I know I won't fly with Jetstar again - pay a little extra for piece of mind!

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  • Sa
    Samuel Nov 06, 2008
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    Damn. I am facing the same issue with the flights from KL to Sydney and the Customer Service was not helpful at all. They are having a campaign I luv Jetstar or something - it shud be I Bloody Hate Jetstar instead.

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  • Ds
    dshe Nov 26, 2008

    In case you are thinking about flying JetStar, think again. The JetStar check-in counter enforces non-existent immigration policies. They very often refuse to issue boarding passes to passengers who do not have a return ticket or sufficient funds (the amount is determined at their discretion), even when their are no such immigration requirements at the destination. It is very unpleasant to be treated like a criminal at airport check-in. This allows JetStar can sell a few more tickets, and not be bothered about true immigration policy. Avoid JetStar!

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  • Lb
    LBG Dec 06, 2008

    Wow! I wish i had know this! I just had a similar nightmare today with Jetstar!

    Just like you i had not been contacted - they told me that this was because i live in the US and their call center was in Australia and they quote "did not want to wake me up in the middle of the night".

    They stopped flying from Honolulu to Sydney on Friday's and so just moved me to Saturday without letting me know.

    I am now out of pocket $200USD as i have had to find a hotel to stay in at the airport! I now have 2 days in an airport hotel...This is the LAST TIME i will fly Jetstar!

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  • Ke
    Keith Jan 27, 2009

    Flight out of Gold Coast on Jan 17, told their was a delay of 1/2 hour, 20 minutes told to board then left on plane for another 1 hr 15 . person over from me asked Hostess for a reason and if he could ring because we were going to be so late into Melbourne. Hostess gave him the greatest verble tong lashing Ive heard our seen in years. Guy 2 seats down told her to calm down and then he coped it Then they started to count the number of passangers took 12 goes to get it right no more Jetstar for me . Keith.

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  • Cn
    cn_ab98 Feb 06, 2009

    I will "never" fly Jetstar again!! I will no doubt pay a slightly higher price on any other airline. I live in Sydney and flew to New Zealand. First off I am 5'10" tall which is not that big and my knees had barley any room so I can imagine a taller person. The seat would only recline about 2 inches. Every single thing on the pane you have to pay for even COFFEE!!! We where delayed about 40 minutes sitting in the plane for some baggage delay...Do these guys have there stuff together?? I am sitting at the airport right now in Christchurch to go back to Sydney and I switched to New Zealand air to go back. As I sit here there is 2 delays of over an hour on 2 other flights...I am sooo happy I changed flights but the people here are pretty upset. It is only a matter of time before this airline goes under. What a sham lie on the TV about all this great service!!! Either retrain everyone involved or pay them better and get better quality of help. You guys get an big "F" from me!!

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  • Ch
    Cheungy Feb 18, 2009

    I had no problems with Jetstar fliights per se, but to cancel a flight, my god...

    I booked a flight from Singpaore to Macau which I unfortunately had to cancelled. No big deal I thought, the ticket was refundable and my company would reimburse me for the $100 cancellation / handling fee.

    As a budget airline, I accept that it may take them "3" months to process the refund (2 weeks to go, I am not holding my breath), but it was a complete nightmare trying to get an invoice for the $100 cancellation / handling fee.

    To get the invoice I had to call their hotline - at least 20 minutes wait every time - again I accept this as that's where my cheap ticket comes from (service that is not comparable to a full service carrier).

    HOWEVER, which I could not accept is that after three attempts and more than 90 minutes waiting on the phone, THEY HAVE STILL TO SEND ME THE INVOICE! The call centre operator every time says they will fax it, they will send it by email, they check my email address, AND STILL NOTHING!

    Low cost airline with service that is not comparable to full service carrier, with more hidden charges are things that I can accept - BUT SHEER UNPROFESSIONALISM AND COMMPLETE LACK OF SERVICE IS NOT.

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  • Gu
    GUAC2012 May 31, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Jetstar is terrible. I live in Darwin and have to travel to Asia for work. I have made two trips through Singapore this year. Both times the flights were late in each direction. Something to do with flight manifests and flight plans. On one flight they said the flight plan had changed and they didn't have the paperwork. Aren't these things supposed to be a little ahead of time.

    The planes smell badly. Especially in the tropical zones. They don't cool them enough. My theory is that they don't want to be asked for blankets.

    They also play terrible music, in an attempt to be "contemporary" but it only presents a theme of complete boganism.

    Everything about this airline is terrible. It is cheap and nasty. If I had a choice, I would never, ever fly them again.

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  • Se
    Sella Manian Jun 02, 2009

    JetStar Very bad Customer Service...
    I travelled with a friend from Perth - Adelaide on 29/05/2009 and returned on 1/06/09.
    We had two hand carry baggage which were weighed and checked by Jetstar staff at the check in counter. There were no complaints. At the boarding counter a cabin crew by the name Didler refused to allow us with a bag saying it was big. I was unhappy because;
    1. He was rude and didn't bpther to inquire/ check the size or suggest with an alternate solution. Left us helpless
    2. Didn't even look at our face to explain. All he said, " This bag is not going in my flight, that's my final call!!!" What the????
    3. Why we were not told during baggage check in??? Why my bag wasn't checked for the limit size before rejected into the plane???
    4. No help provided.
    I had to work my way by asking another staffs help and he suggested to put in luggage. If that was so simple why so much fuss and I don't deserve to be treated that way!!!

    In the plane, i did complaint to the cabin crew manager, I was expecting an apology for the cabin crew for being rude but all I got was, he turned away his face and didn't even greet us when leaving the plane,
    What sort of attitude is this?? Why need cabin crews if they're helpless. Do we need to be treated this way to travel on a budget airline?? I travel quite frequently (more than 8times a year, at least) and had never experienced such bad service!!! I rather pay more n fly with Virgin/ Airasia.. Better service

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  • Ga
    gail weir Jul 15, 2009

    My flight from queenstown to christchurch was due to weather conditions i was then stuck on a bus for seven hours to christchurch and was told nothing could be done for me i missed my international flight to Sydney so left with no where to stay and staff shaking there head there is nothing we can do for you so i hope jetstar are going to pick up the my hotel bill at sudima hotel.

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  • Gl
    Glendajoy Aug 02, 2009

    I was a passenger booked on Jetstar flight JQ818 on 31st July. This flight was cancelled without any notification of passengers booked online. 15 minutes after the schedule time of departure, equiries were made regarding the flight - there was no notification or indication on the flight departure board of this cancellation. After equiries, an announcement was made that the flight had been cancelled - report back to the check-in counter. 50-60 people invaded the attendant at the check-in desk, annoyed at such a plight. There was no PR involved, and this became a terrible situation. No apology from the company, and no offer of compensation. My sympathy went to the girls who were on the check-in desk.
    Personnel, after a long wait we were issued with a flight at various times with Qantas to our destination.
    Because of this, I personally lost a contract, and other passengers also had important dates.
    Why were we not contacted, and why wasn't the cancellation announced, Or why wasn't this identified on the departure board.
    I have heard they have a rite to cancel flights, but they also have a rite to advise their passengers.

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  • Cr
    crossroxy Sep 09, 2009

    Hey guys just went thru a similar situation but my girl was told the flight had closed mind u they had started checking her in but with bad attitude, then saying we were late(video footage from airport security has us in line then at the counter in plenty off time) then when that didnt work they tried to blame it on the luggage i was prepared to off load her case and take it home and return it to her on my trip to see her in a couple of weeks, but bang no flight. we are sure it was because we had a homophobic jetstar attendant who gave us a filthy look when my girl gave me a kiss on the cheek while waiting to be called up...and guess what we had to go see the supervisor he wouldn't come to us then i went to see him and got trashed out again by another jetstar staff whilst the supervisor had his ears [censored]ed listening to the argument from behind the glass then the counter then decides to roll up to international and still does nothing except make one comment, , yes you guessed it trying to stick up for his staff member saying she didn't say my partner would need to go on a later flight that night cause he knew damn well their was no flight that night but obviously she didn't...My hearing and my memory is very good jetstar just hope none of your staff ever have to get a loved one home to have a blood transfusion to keep them alive...just for the ones that are enjoying this here is the topping of the whole saga the flight was due to take off at 5.50pm guess what time the last family left the counter to board the plane now they still have to go thru customs yet here it is are you ready official time via airport security that was 5.42pm hurry you only have 8 minutes and the flight is leaving come on give us a break JETSAR...

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  • Ki
    Kinat Sep 09, 2009

    I have been flying across 'the ditch' (NZ - Australia) for some 30+ yrs and Jetstar have to be THEE most unreliable, incompetent, untrustworthy airline of ALL TIMES!!!
    The complaints board says it all, over & over & over.
    Up your game Jetstar or before long there will be NO Jetstar to complain about!!!

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  • Ba
    bajs5 Nov 11, 2009

    I had booked a plane ticket with Jetstar, found out i booked a ticket for my wife under my name, ( oversight on my behalf), tried to change it before i left for our honeymoon, and found out on the day of my wife'S return trip that the change of name had not gone through.
    They (jetstar) informed me that the change of name had not gone through and that it was too late too change the booking, i replied with it was a simple change of a data entry, they proceeded to inform me that they were not able to change the name on the ticket, and i would have to forgo my seat and buy another ticket at twice the price.
    I was not very happy about this and asked to speek to someone who could fix this, they informed me there was no one too speak too.
    This i thought was un-acceptable, but was told nothing could be done.
    At the end of it i had too pay the over inflated price of a seat i had already paid for, this cost me 3 times the price of the original fare.
    In my opion jetstar extorted money from me as they had me over a barrell, and they knew there was nothing i could do as i had to get my wife back to go to Melbourne for work.
    This i find un-acceptable and will never fly with Jetstar ever again as i find them extortionists.

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  • St
    stood Dec 13, 2009

    Jetstar sucks all together... poor customer service with pathetic excuses when it the wrong... Jetstar sucks

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  • Al
    alistephe Feb 01, 2010

    I got the directions wrong on the online booking screen, called and explained this to them, my flight isn't for another 3 weeks, but will they do anything about it? Nope, I have to buy a new ticket, on apprenticeship wages. Jetstar sucks big time.

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  • Ch
    Chris 2pha Brown Mar 07, 2010

    So dissatisfied with Jetstar I created a site devoted to it at:

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  • Ch
    Chris433901 Mar 07, 2010

    I was so dissatisfied with Jetstar on a recent trip I created a site devoted to Jetstar complains..

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  • Je
    jetstar sucks!! Sep 07, 2010

    Just don't take Jetstar next time, there are so many alternatives such as Tiger and Virgin Blue. Jetstar sucks!! cheap price with cheap quality of service!!

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  • Su
    Sunny4Blake Sep 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My comment is fairly simple: As they obviously do not care about customers and think that as long the fare is little they can do ignore every complaint (similar things happened to me as well) I decided to avoid them consequently and I tell all my friends to use alternatives. It works quite well so far. In the last couple weeks they lost at least 6 flights with me. I also know about one friend who switched as well! How bad Jetstar! Go on and have happy losses!!! You may learn one day at least to communicate properly with your customers??

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  • Je
    jerseyjack53 Dec 29, 2010

    Yeah, I really believe a lawyer who specializes in fraud has a gmail account. At least get a decent fake company email account that looks like a law firm.

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  • Al
    albertrc Feb 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello everybody
    I want to share the email i sent first of november when i flew with this company from thailand to sydney. This was our 9 week holiday in sydney and because a problem of the flight we lost 2 days between singapore and darwin. Coming from spain this was a really really bad situation and we had a very bad experience. I really appreciate if u read the email i sent to the company. I'm still waiting for an answer 4 months after. They only sent me an email telling me that they sent to my home (In spain) a letter with the answer. I've never got this letter and now i'm not patient anymore. I really want that everybody knows the truth about jetstar.
    Here we go

    Names of the passengers

    Albert r. , passport aaa02... (Spanish)
    Alexey p. , paasport 514... (Russian)

    The reason i’m writing you is to make a big complaint about the way we have been treated and all the problems this situation made to us.
    I have to say that this holidays that we supose to have in sydney become a nightmare “thanks” to jet star.

    First of all english is not my mother language because i’m spanish so i hope u will undernstand all this email.

    We choose to fly with jet star because i flew with this company before and never had any problem. We went to thailand for 3 weeks and we booked the flight from puhket with jet star because was the fastest way and cheap way to come here. So we decided to spent 9 days in town to see my friends. We did all this planning almost 2 months ago being in barcelona (Spain).

    At that time our friends planned some tours with us (Plans that were cancelled since the moment that this nightmare started lansing in singapore).

    As well, because i heard that the melbourne race cup was happening the same day of our arrival (We supose to arrive 10am in the morning) i was planning to cover the new and take some pictures in many pubs and places in town to show to spain (Through the magazine i work as a freelance). My boss was excited with this idea because being spanish for us australia is a very very far land so the idea to make this editorial to talk about this event was very exciting for my company and for me as well.

    Our flight jet star jq28 was delayed 1 hour in phuket. After almost 2 or 3h flying we landed in singapore where more or less we were locked in the plain for “some problems”. After all this time trying to sleep with a horrible pop rock music playing on the speakers of the plane very very loud we got the new that we had to jump off from the plane and stay in singapore “until new notice”.In total i think we spent into the plane waiting for news until 3 or 4am. I can’ remember because i took a sleeping pill and the whole thing become a big nightmare.

    We have been moved to one of the big cold waiting rooms in singapore and 2 ladys they start to reasign the flights of the people that were going to melbourne and other cities in australia via sydney. To arrange all of this they’ve spent probably 2h when the rest of the passengers we were waiting to go to a hotel or to be reasigned to another flight.

    After almost 7h (Without food, any hot drink, beds and any kind of help) our turn arrived and we were assigned to a new flight to darwin for the same day (It was 9am when they gave us the “good” news) and then they said we should go to immigration to get the stamp, check in sheraton hotel and wait there until the afternoon.
    Try to put yourself in our place, feeling sleepy, cold, hungry, tirad and then after more or less 9h waiting we were told that we had to stay few hours in singapore in a fancy hotel and then fly to darwin, when our final destination was sydney.

    Everything seemed to be easy but actually it become worst. We went to immigration and they blocked my friend alexey because he didn’t had any visa to get into the country because he is russian and noone from jet star pay attention to this very important date. So i cancelled my entrance to the country and we went back to the waiting room where a lot of people were still waiting to get their reschedule flights and hotels.

    They told us to wait, again, wait wait wait, and after 1h one guy left us at the ambassador transit hotel in the same terminal. We check in there and we tried to get some food (As we were said we got the food free 15$).
    The food was crap, of course we couldn’t go to the sheraton to spend our time in a nice fancy room and with a nice meal. We had to stayed in this hotel which was having some renovating areas and in our room we had all kind of noises of machines working and some men working. So, we couldn’t sleep in total more than 3h.

    Was a nightmare. After 9h waiting awake without food, any place to sleep and waiting for news we end up in this horrible hotel with a lot of noise.

    We asked in the reception of this ambassador hotel if they could find our luggage because we wanted to change our clothes and they said that our luggage was safe somewhere in the aiport and they recomend us to levae it in that way.

    At 4:30pm we show up at the terminal in the area c to get our boarding pases to darwin, still not knowing yet if we will arrive at some point to sydney (Our final destination). We asked there for any voucher for food and they said that we don’t get any food, it was not their fault. It was not our fault either to be stucked in singapore airport when we should be doing sightseeing in sydney.

    So after fighting for almost 1h for our rights we went back to the food court and we got this wontoon noodle soup which was ok but believe me, we were expecting something better. Not this cheap asian food in this horrible food court.

    Anyway, with our stomachs with some food we went back to get our boarding pases and they put us in a new issue, the had their doubts about the australian visa that my friend had in his passport. So we had another kind of fight to prove that the visa was fine and made it in spain 2 months in advance, which cost to alexei 75€ (For the 9 days that we supose to spend here).

    So when the lady realized that the visa was ok then she gave us our boarding cards. We asked again about our luggage and this lady said that our luggage was in the plane to darwin so we thought that we could change our clothes after this flight

    The flight to darwin was another annoying moment, the plane was very tinny and we didn’t had enough place to put our legs and take a nap and also the seats were not reclined seats. So we spent 4h without sleep and without food or drinks because we had to pay for it.

    Anyway, i didn’t mention until now that i was taking some medication because i had flu days befote so i asked to one of the air hostes for a bottle of water and we show the paper with the whole “free voucher for food and phone cards” and she didn’t gave me any bottle of water. So i was very angry. I had to swallow the pills without water (We had our water befote entering in the plane but u must know that all the liquids are to be left going into the plane). My other medicine (Liquid bottle for the cough was in the backpack)

    We arrived safe to darwin and we went into the terminal finding out that our luggage wasn’t there. So we had an another exciting surprise to add to add to all the things that already happened.

    We cross the immigration, we got our stamps and we made our statement with jet star about our lost luggage.
    We had to make an another lane to get the details for the hotel that we supose to spend few hours and then to know in which flight jet star put us. We had to wait for everything. I think it was around 4am when we went to bed that night.

    Before 10am we had to be awake to get our “free 15$” breakfast and u can imagine how hungry we were. So we went to the room and we had a new surprise. The breakfast cost 16.50$ and we didn’t had any coin or note because the night befote the exchange currency was close. So we had to ask to the people having breakfast if they could borrow us 3$. A little bit to much of embarrasing.

    Anyway, tired because we didn’t had any good rest in the last 2 days we went back to the aiport and we took the qantas flight from darwin to sydney, which arrived 30min later but it was ok for us, at least we arrived to the city. The last surprise was that only one of the bags arrived with the plane so we’ve spent another hour more or less asking and trying to find the other one. Actually was in the jet star booth in terminal 2.

    Our friends were threre waiting for us and we finally could start our holidays here.

    We have lost 2 days of our holidays here and we want to have back the money that cost us this flight. For us was not worth it to come here, spend the money and spent our time from airport to airport waiting for news. Also become a problem for our friends that arranged many things here in the city, as well, i lost the change to make the pictures i suponed to do of the melbourne race cup the same day of our arrival. We hadn’t been treated correctly in singapur and i can undernstand the the plane had a breakdown but ur obligation was to put us in another direct flight to sydney with ur company or another company. I wouldn’t be wrinting now this email (That took me almost 2 days to finish it) if we get here at least 4 or 5h in delay. But we are talking about 2 days delay. And at the moment we can’t turn back time and we already lost 2 days of our trip here.

    On the letter that we got in singapur ur company said that we got money for calls (We didn’t get any cent to make any call) , money for food and as well 100$ for the next flight that we could buy on the company.

    For us this voucher don’t work, we live in spain and we don’t come here so often to use it and anyway, 100$ is nothing if u compare the cost we had to come to sydney from spain. Jet star is not a company we have in spain so hope u undernstand that we are not locals from australia.

    I attach my phone number in sydney until the 11th of november [protected]
    I also attach my friends number’s that they were planning our trips here so maybe u can speak with them as well.

    Brigitte t. 006140...
    Geoff w. 0412...

    We are flying again to bangkok the same 11th via melbourne. I hope this situation will not happen again because we have on the 13th a flight from bangkok to barcelona…so we can’t be through this nightmare again.

    Hope to hear from u very soon and hope u will take ur time to read this email and to gave us back our money and i wish u could give us back as well our time but this thing is impossible.

    Looking forward for ur soonest reply
    Albert rigat albert. [protected]

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  • No
    not impressed with Jetstar Jan 14, 2012

    I booked a flight withe Jetstar and because of healthe issues I needed to get a earlier flight back to Adelaide to Melbourne on the 10th January I contacted them and requested to reschedule the flight, thee person in the contact centres English was unexceptable for a call centre and I could not understand her. I told her to cancel the flight and to refund me. I received a email on thee 14th january 2012 confirming my flight on Sunday 15th january 2012. I rang them and told theem if they could not refund me for the flight could theey please change the booking to my partners name in which theey replied theat could not refund me even theough it was theeir error, they said theey change thee name but it was going to cost me a furtheer $160, I had already booked the seat, , how can they justify making me pay more???? They are to be honest a joke of a company and they need to teach their call centre employees compassion and above all to speak English!!

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  • Fr
    Frank Debrincat Jan 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was escort by 8 policeman out of the plane and I just want to share my recent bad and humiliating experience with Jetstar Asia.
    My name is Frank Debrincat and I'm a very tall person, and the problem I have when travelling is fitting behind a standard seat.
    In the past when I sit behind a standard seat I generally bruise myself and aggravate the person in front of me because my knee is pushing into their back, and also they never can reclined the chair because my leg are too long and in their way.
    The way I solve this problem is I generally go 3 to 4 hours early before the flight leaves and ask for a complementary exit aisle, and when the air line see how tail I am, they usually give it to me unless they are booked out which you can understand. By me having a exit aisle seat it is a necessity not a luxury requirement.
    I caught a flight 3K551 on Wednesday 9th of January 2013 Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City, as usual I check in at least 3 to 4 hours early, and ask a complementary exit aisle, and even it's in their policy you have to pay for it, it's common sense to help me being too tall, and that's why it's called customers service, and yes the air check in lady and the air hostess was very helpful and went out of their way to help, I wish I remember their names for the excellent service they have done.
    Then I caught a flight back 3K558 on Friday 25th of January 2013 Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore 16 days after from the last trip from Jetstar Asia. As usual I come early and request a exit sit as it's a necessity for me so I don't bruise myself, and it's a duty care to myself as a customer. I was told we will let air hostess to help me out, because it's the only way they can do it because of the Jetstar Asia policy not to give a exit aisle sit unless you pay for it.
    So when I got to the plane, first thing I have ask the manger air hostess Christina to help me out on a exit aisle seat, and her remark was rude and would not help me, I found this very surprising, air hostess genially go out there way to help, especially if it's the manger. So highlighted how I get bruised in the past, and again never care about my situation one bit, she was really not concern about me at all and I was getting a very bad attitude from her.
    When I couldn't get anywhere with Christina, I just highlight to her have it your way, but I will not have my leg behind the seat, and I will not cause myself to be bruised. I also highlight to her you must help me because it's your duty of care. But Christina was only worry about me sitting down on my seat so they can get ready to fly the plane.
    So I sat on my seat with my leg sticking out the aisle, the plane took off and then I was sitting about 4 seats behind a exit seat, and it was empty, so I ask air host name JJ and show him my problem, and he was concern about my situation, so he ask his manger Christina for allowing me the exit seat for more leg room, but she will not allow this.
    JJ told me he was sorry but his boss Christina will not allow him, he also told me if he had it his way he would of gave me the exit seat, but he must listen to his boss, and I respected his passion. Christina wanted to put my leg behind the seat and I refuse to cause harm to myself, and I will not move leg and plead for her to give me an exit seat, but never got far.
    Christina then got me a letter from Michael the Captain of the plane for me to move my leg, and I ask her to get the Captain and see my seating position and in his right mind he would see how silly you are being but all she was worry to serve the letter so then she can call the police when the plane land.
    At this stage I didn't know what to do, Just take matters in my own hand and just move to the exit seat, or harm myself and just put my leg behind the seat. I decided neither, I believe I'm in the right and Christina is only discriminating me, if someone was pregnant, or on crutches or in a wheel chair surely the air line will go out their way and give them a exit seat, this is their duty of care to the customer.
    So the plane landed and every one stood up ready to go out the plane, and Christina made announcement for every one please sit down, and being tall I saw the police man was coming towards me, so I pick up my hand luggage and was escorted out of the plane, there was another 7 police men waiting for me with guns and machine guns. I was so scared and humiliated by the whole air line crew and passengers and felt like I was a terrorist by all the police over me.
    I was ask to give them my passport, and go on the other side of the concourse, then I was surround by all 8 police men, Christina told the police man what I have done at this point of time, When she was talking I showed the police men photo's of my position of how my legs where. Then the police man told me why did you do what you did on the plane.
    I told the police man that I was not going to hurt myself for no one, and if this a crime please lock me up, I also told him that Christina should have not got the police involved and she abused her authority. I also told him Christina had a duty care for my safety and commonsense to help me. Also that if someone was pregnant, or on crutches or in a wheel chair the air line would of help them. That I was not violent or abusive or trying to harm anyone's safety. That my passport show's I have travelled allot and I have been in Singapore in the past and never cause trouble and I had no intention to cause trouble. Top it up Jetstar Asia gave me a compliantly exit set 16days ago on flight 3K551 on Wednesday 9th of January 2013 Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City.
    Most of all I really believe in my heart that I never done anything wrong, and I was looking after my own safety and I have never been so scared and humiliated in my life like this.
    I guess the police man saw where I was coming from, and saw the photo's and agreed this was unnecessary to get him involve and advised me to make an official complaint to Jetstar Asia. I was then free to go and gave me my passport back.
    I believe that Jetstar Asia has made a very poor decision of putting Christina as a manager, and she has very poor people skills and cannot think out of the square. She also was power hungry in a very bad way and it got to her head, it's a shame that one person it has to ruin my experience with Jetstar and I have used their service in the past so many time's because I'm in business and have lost count how many times I have use Jetstar.



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  • En
    eng81157 Aug 01, 2016

    Disregard of Customer’s Flight Safety and Poor Service Quality
    My family and I, comprising of two adults and a 24.5 months old toddler, made a trip from Penang to Singapore on 6th Jan 2013, and flew with Jetstar 3K-676. Before takeoff, we requested for a child safety belt, as a precaution that our child may refuse to sit on her own. (In our flight to Penang, AirAsia gladly came to our assistance without questions asked)
    Jetstar’s flight attendant rejected our request, citing that it was against safety regulations and we were unable to protect the child if there was turbulence or emergency. Despite our explanations that it may be difficult to plant our child in a seat by herself should she throw tantrum, the flight attendant refused to heed our call for help.
    While the takeoff went well without a hitch, it was during landing when our worries came true - our child refused to sit by herself, in spite of our efforts to placate her. And without a child seatbelt, my wife had to hold our toddler in her arms tightly throughout the landing attempt. This is a clear violation of safety regulations! While we are thankful there was no turbulence or emergency event that would have posed considerable danger to our unbelted child, we are appalled with Jetstar’s insistence of sticking to regulations, at the expense of a customer’s safety. We are also equally puzzled when Jetstar made claims to guarantee that customer’s safety is always the airline’s highest priority
    Upon return, we emailed Jetstar our feedback twice, on 9th and 29th Jan 2013, and received an email guaranteeing a response within 15 working days. By 1st Feb 2013, we have still yet to hear from Jetstar. It was after only reporting to Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, did the airline bother to reply by 6th Feb. In its explanations, Jetstar demonstrated it values bureaucracy above passenger’s safety and we were unsatisfied with them.
    After this harrowing experience, our family will never fly with Jetstar again and share this story in hope of warning all who intend to fly with the airline.

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  • Ca
    cassa Aug 01, 2016

    firstly where are the aussie plane crew on all 3 flights we had international hostesses they were rude did not speak to you and looked so bored . We have flown a lot of places also on other airlines and had nothing but excellent service. If Jetstar are going to employ other nationalities PLEASE educate them to be polite and greet people. The next thing I would like to complain about is why all of a sudden we can fly to an overseas destination carrying duty free alcohol but in Bali we are not allowed. I think Jetstar even though are cheap air fares should also consider the passengers. But then I suppose you fly cheap you get cheap. But I would like to know why no duty free alcohol on board back to Sydney. PLEASE get the crew to at least look happy and please reconsider on board duty free alcohol.

    Carol Smith

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  • Ju
    Julie Richardson Aug 01, 2016

    return flight Adelaide to Sydney 12th November 2012 booking reference AEN6YH flight no JQ763 1.10 pm . On way to airport received text message at 9.44 am re; flight delayed to 2.55, my husband Warren and myself waited at airport for 1 1/2 hours collected boarding passes and decided to call in on people we barely knew who happened to live close by, Warren has Parkinson's disease so needed to lie down for a rest. On return to airport at 2.10pm, with no further text from Jetstar we found the flight AGAIN delayed to later that evening approximately 5.55 pm, more waiting, no word from Jetstar. Plane finally left at 6.30pm after more delay, consequently I complained to steward by name of Tamer the fact that we had to travel from Sydney airport by train to Central station (ticket no's [protected] & 929) then another train to Wyee station (ticket no's [protected] & 931) arriving at Wyee at 11.15 pm therefore rand grandson to pick up from station. I find this service absolutely appalling and would hesitate to fly with Jetstar again. Please reply to this letter as I am unsure if I am using the computer correctly also we did receive notice by email of the delay but as we were in Adelaide, did not have access to computer .
    From Julie and Warren Richardson, 150 Squires Road, Wootton NSW 2423

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  • Ev
    evan hutagalun Aug 01, 2016

    Me and my friend supposed to be fly to Singapore on Friday, Nov 19, 2010. During check in, I got confirmation that the flight would be delayed for 30 minutes. And offcourse it's ok. My nightmare then start, after 30 minutes delay we heard another delay for 30 minutes with non sense explanation, the flight from Singapore turn to base. And then it takes 2 hours to decide to cancelled the flight. and the worst is they take another hours to decide how to accomodate the passangers. All decision have to ask approval from makes the passangers handling very late. Fanally, we got the accomodation on 5 o clock in the morning! It was very clear that this company do not have any procedures to take care their passanger when the flight is cancelled!

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  • De
    Despip Aug 01, 2016

    First and last time we will fly with JetStar.

    My name is Despina and this is my Jetstar story:

    As my husband and I were checking in to a flight from Sydney to Hawaii (after waiting in the line for 2 hours, and having been on a delayed flight from Melbourne to Sydney - which they also don't connect flights!!) I was told by the lady at the counter that my visa application did not match with my passport number. In normal circumstances, an airline would check you in and then advise you to re-do the application which only takes 15 minutes online.

    But in Jetstar's case, we were told they could not check us in unless we re-applied. The second application went through within 20 minutes, and we made our way back to the counter. At this point we we're then told we could not get checked in because the flight had closed! So after being short staffed and allowing us to wait in a line for 2 hours, then refusing us check in for an issue that was resolved within 20 minutes, we were told we could not board!!

    I'm currently 5 months pregnant and they were unwilling to assist us. My husband and I were even happy to board the plane and have them send our luggage the next day. They still refused this.

    Their response was that they had already delayed check in by half an hour because the queue was so long (not our issue - and there was multiple flights boarding at the same time) and they had already closed the flight while the advised us to re-apply for the visa!! I was extremely disappointed with this response. The flight had another half hour to departure and they were very unhelpful. They then just booked us onto the next flight out to Hawaii on the Monday night (two days later) and advised us we would need to organise our own accomodation.

    They have proven themselves to be disorganised, delayed, lacking any sort of customer service and at times downright rude!

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  • Mr
    mraggatt Aug 01, 2016

    JetStar is a waste of time and money. My wife and daughter are flying to Sydney out of Avalon today. We booked the flight to coincide with my daughters nap time (she's 16 months old). The flight has been delayed by an hour. The attendant at the check in said "That's not very long, they're normally 3-4 hours late!" My wife asked why there wasn't a late notification, the reply; "Oh, an hour isn't late enough for notifications". An hour is a long time with a cranky kid. An hour on a plane with a screaming kid is an eternity.

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  • Si
    sitela johansson Aug 01, 2016

    very very sad because my staff is for the weeding but its too late now

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  • Wa
    wally kuczma Aug 01, 2016

    went to book a flight to cairns with voucher they gave me because they cancelled my flight in november 2011, booked on line went to purchase ticket and screen went blank. Not been able to get anything on the screen i rang jetstar, on the phone for over an hour without anybody answering i gave up and hung up. Decided not to fly with jetstar to much of a head [censored], Well done jetstar, two flights two [censored] up

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  • Si
    sitela johansson Aug 01, 2016

    loss my baggage the last month the 25th of april already email last two weeks, call the airline but still no response.i loss my baggage at sydney, i pay full fare from auckland to sydney plus the overweight .the claim number for my bag [protected] and the invoice for paying the overweight is0011425.
    please contact me as soon as possible ph [protected] or [protected] to sitela or mino johansson email address [protected]
    thank you

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  • Ga
    GARY LOVE Aug 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



    ON ARRIVING AT HOBART, I PICKED UP MY LUGGAGE AND THE -------------- FRAMED ARMY PHOTOS WERE SMASHED & ###ED. ... I WANT A CALL FROM SOME MANAGER ### TO EXPLAIN WHY ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

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  • Sa
    safaritrack Aug 01, 2016

    Having spent 45 minutes waiting patiently in the main line up of people at Brisbane Airport for my Brisbane to Darwin Flight, a message was heard over the loudspeaker asking all persons who had not presented themselves for checking in for my flight to go straight to the first available check in they could find at the nearest counter. By this time, I was standing only two yards from the exit from the main line anyway and the people in front of me then quickly walked to the check-in counter to present themselves. I then proceeded forward, as I was next in line and went to the next available check in counter, as all persons for my flight were being called through. The Jetstar employee at the check-in counter (who had no current customer in front of the counter or waiting for them) greeted me by saying to me "which line up did you come from?". I replied to the Jetstar employee by saying "the main line up, where I have been waiting over forty five minutes and I am on the Darwin flight". The customer service officer then said to me "you should not be here, this is for other flights, you should go back and wait in your line up as this is not for you". I insisted that I needed to get on the flight as it was well inside the time of being under fives minutes to boarding . The Jetstar employee then mumbled a few words in reply to the effect that next time I travel I should be more careful about which counter I come to. I collected my boarding pass from her and told her that "next time I travel it will not be with rude arrogant pigs like you ~ if you are so worried about where people are coming from and which line up they present themselves from, you should employ someone to better organise your crowd control and also learn to communicate better with your customers as without your customers you may not have a job next time".

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