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A Jul 29, 2019 Review updated:

During check in for flight JQ771 I had both my bags weighed, which is fine that's expected. I had made sure that my bags where spot on before I arrived at home

When they were weighed my carry on which didn't include my purse was 7.5kg the lady said that was fine and then placed an already been weighed tag on my bad.

Once it was time to board, they wanted to weigh my bag again I told them it had already been weighed but they didn't care and they also made me include my hand bag. Needless to say I had to pay $60 for over weight. I didn't have the money. And had to call my boyfriend to transfer money 15 minutes before the flight!!!
They wouldn't accept cash either...

Needless to say I broke down crying trying to pay for something I had already checked I didnt buy anything or add any weight to my bag, but the included my purse. I'm so upset and I've been crying ever since. I feel it was wrong to do what they did weighing an already weighed bag and making me include my purse!!!

I will never fly Jetstar again and I will blog to ensure others don't aswell!!!


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    WAterandwandergirl Aug 05, 2019

    I just had the exact same thing happen to me! I’m beyond disgusted. They also cancelled my flight a couple hours before my morning departure and wouldn’t let me rebook another flight until the end of the day. I lost a whole day of holiday!

    Jetstar doesn’t let anyone post on their social media pages, for obvious reasons. It would be full of complaints. I’ve posted on my personal pages and tagged them. Have asked my friends and family to boycott them.

    Their “take it or leave’ it attitude is appalling. No compassion, no caring, not even a glimmer of customer service.

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