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L Sep 03, 2018

Good morning/afternoon

I have just returned from a short holiday to Thailand (16/8/18 to 1/9/18) travelling Jetstar.
I have travelled to the same destination with Jetstar a few years ago and was very happy from start to finish.
I am sorry to say that my experience with Jetstar on this instance has been disappointing. It was the departure from Melbourne airport (Tullamarine). Our return flight was on time and in fact one hour earlier arriving back than scheduled.
The story begins on 15/8/18 I received an sms advising me that our flight has been delayed. We were originally leaving 16/8/18 @ 2.50 pm Melbourne airport, Melbourne time. It was rescheduled to leave 8.40 pm almost 6 hours later. On that I notified the Hotel in Thailand I would be arriving later. That meant we lost one day accommodation and could not be refunded.
With this in mind I got to airport 2-3 before flight leaving. I proceeded to self-service baggage area and followed procedure for my check-in luggage. The machine showed an error with no explanation. Attempted 3 times but still not moving. I then looked around for assistance and from distance could see a service/info desk with two female staff unattended. I could not leave my luggage to get help. I then looked at other travellers who they too were requiring assistance for same error. It appeared machines were not working. I managed to hail a Jetstar male staff member who came over touched a few buttons, allowed my luggage to move slightly then come to a halt again. He then said "I will be back in a minute". He was never to be seen again. The stress and frustration was too much. I was travelling with a friend got them to try their luggage same problem. I then asked him to mind my luggage and proceeded to the service/info desk. Told the two female Jetstar staff the problem and seemed disinterested. Finally a male staff member called out by a frustrated traveler finally came to the rescue and assisted not one but all travellers in the queues.
We check our Jetstar app for updates on our flight and discover our flight was delayed again and again. I walked back to the same service/info desk where both female staff were talking with one another and advised them why is it delayed again. To their surprise were not aware and asked how I got this information. I advised them not by sms by the app. They then rang someone/somewhere and confirmed my information was correct. I then asked would they let all passengers know or at least change the original boarding time as was still displayed on board incorrect.
It wasn't until I approached them again and on the third delay that they changed it to 8.40 pm. To add fuel to the fire it delayed once again and we finally boarded around 9.25 pm. However board was still displaying 8.40 pm.
To sum it up I was incredibly disappointed with lack of customer service, at no time did they come out to tell us of first, second… delays. At no time did they change boarding time except once when I told them.
The total of this trip has cost me:-

One night's accommodation unused $140 (lost 1 day of trip)
$35 AUD paid to driver in Thailand as was waiting at airport to pick us up and not there. We were not made aware of any delays to notify Hotel to cancel or rebook driver.
Most importantly poor quality of customer service from baggage to boarding.
I attempted to claim delays via my travel insurance to no avail.
I have travelled to Thailand once before and my flight was delayed and instantly we were advised of delay and reason and given option(s). In this instance Jetstar failed to communicate, update messages, send any new sms messages of delays until myself and other passengers advised them.
I do understand it is a budget airline but they have a ‘duty of care' to all passengers and to assist in main areas eg: baggage where it is a very busy built up area. There should be staff at all times at arms reach as the airport constantly announce not to leave your luggage unattended. Makes it very difficult to juggle luggage and get assistance and get back to the end of the queue again.
More compassion and assistance in all areas especially where travellers of non-english background were present and required assistance more than myself.
My flight was JQ17 and returned JQ18.

bad customer service

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