Jerome's Furniturepayment not refunded

A Jul 24, 2019

My wife and I came into Jeromes, the San Marcos location, late June in search of a mattress and we were sold on a $600+, not too expensive but a nice deal. The salesman wanted to close the deal so we applied for Progressive financing, got approved and were ready to move on with the sale. After nearly 2 hours we were told the mattress wasn't even in the store and that it was going to take another 3 weeks until it comes in, we decided to wait. I told the salesman and the person behind the counter that we do not want to pay for something we don't have yet and they understood, all they were going to do is order the mattress. The salesperson told the person behind the counter " we are going to give this(mattress cover) to them because I told them the matress was here and they've been waiting for so long". We didn't even want the protector but if it was given to us for our troubles and time, why not. On the actual receipt, the protector wasn't even listed because that's how it was instructed. A week later, we get a notification that an amount was going to be taken out from our account, I made my first call(to Peter)and they apologized and told me it was a mistake that they were going to fix it and get refunded. Following week I spoke to Alex and was told the same thing, so I came in the store and actually spoke to Alex and at the end of the conversation was told that we were going to get refunded with a clean slate "like it never happened" and for us to come back when that happens to try again. Almost 2 weeks later passed and I have been making all the phone calls to Progressive and Jeromes instead of the other way around and just yesterday was told that I'm getting billed for the protector that was not even on the list of charges. That is how they're trying to justify the withdraw that wasn't even authorized. I hope this will be resolved because a lawyer will be involved at the end of this transaction.

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