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I recently purchased t shirt for my sons for school (08/04/19). Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size for my youngest son. I called less then 24 hours to see if there was any way to correct this mistake. They could not. I then requested to cancel the order so that I could reorder the shirts as we need to get them in time for school. They told me that it could not be done. Its already to late. That I had 10 minutes from the moment I placed the order to cancel it. The agent was not friendly in telling me this information which only frustrated me. I requested to speak with a supervisor and she denied me this. Later claimed she was a supervisor. My husband then spoke with her and she stated she was the manager.These lies only upset the situation more. I had to wait to receive (received 08/10/18) the order and return and reorder in store (08/11/18). I went to the store and started this process. The money was placed on a gift card and rang in with the correct sizes and was told that it would take another 4-7 business days to get the shirts. That I would have to pay extra to have it sent faster. About 6 hours after processing the order I received an email stating that they cannot verify funds and that I was to call within 72 hour or my order would be cancelled . I called (about 1 hour after receiving the email) and was on the phone for 1 hour and 16 min and spoke with 4 different people. All of which I was put on the waiting list each time I was transferred. Only for them to tell me they cannot make changes to my billing information at this time and to call back in 24 hrs to see if they can do anything then. The entire transaction for the new order was done in store by the sales clerk with a gift card. There should be no issue verifying funds. The gift card department even verified that the money was on the card. No one can seem to do anything because of the "system". My husband and I did not intend to wait till the last 1-2 weeks to get the school clothes taken care of but do to state of emergency in our area it was postponed. This experience with JcPenny's has been the worst and no one seems to be able to do anything to help.

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    So listen close you wanna give me [censored] about the process of my order go for it but DO NOT come at me about my love for my child. You know nothing about that. Me knowing his size or not has absolutely nothing to do with it. Kids do this thing called growing and so figuring out what fits best is normal. Brands and styles fit differently on people.

    Also, a supervisor and a manager are two different things. A supervisor has a boss called a manager. Different positions with different responsibilities.


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    Seriously garengg? Is this all you do? You comment rude ass trill [censored] on others peoples complaints to get off?! You probably live in your mother’s basement and jerk off to gay porn... you’re pathetic as [censored], go get a life

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