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To whom it may concern. I've been an employee at jcpenney for about 4 years now and I'm very disappointed how jcpenney treats it's employee during the holidays. On thanksgiving day we work a full days and not being able to enjoy thanksgiving dinner with family and to top it off jcpenney manager give us these cold sandwiches to make up for it. What upset me the most is around Christmas time the managers and supervisors get together and exchange gift and do secret Santa's but leaves all the employee out of it. This upset me because in the beginning I was told that I was joining the jcpenney family and that we are all in this together but since I've been there all I see is an elite cliques involving the managers thinking of themselves and not the other part of the JCP family. Many of us feel that it's unjust that your doing something for yourself but not thing about all those that work in the store. I mean are we not worthy to have that treatment around Christmas. All I'm asking for is fairness in the workplace. JCP is the only workplace I know that does do or give employees anything during the holiday.

Thank you, and happy holidays.


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      Dec 17, 2017

    If you're working for Pennys, you should be thankful you're still employed. It may not be the same next year.

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  •   Dec 17, 2017

    I thought the same; they’re closing hundreds of stores, be grateful you have a job. Not all families celebrate Christmas and expecting your co-workers to do gift exchanges is crazy. $20 may not be much to you but others need it for family gifts, food, heat, rent, gas, etc.

    In Massachusetts our stores are closed on Thanksgiving by law. Holidays are regulated and they can’t open unless a convenience store, and then, specific hours. Holidays are meant for families to gather. May be outdated in our century but many families appreciate the day off with pay. Time-and-a-half or greater if you work over 40 hours a week is law.

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